Which Curtain Is Best for Living Room: Unique Curtain Models for Living Room Decoration

We are here with the most unique curtain models for living room decoration. When we examine the most elegant curtain models and living room decor suggestions, we recommend using the patterned flat curtain in the living room decoration, and if the seat fabric you use is flat, we recommend using the patterned curtain. You can choose dark curtain models for your light living room decoration and make your living room decor models magnificent. Now let’s examine the most stylish living room decor suggestions together.

For example, curtain decor with rainbow colors adds vitality to the living room decor model designed with soft colors. The curtain model, which is used with the combination of yellow and gray colors, which are used in home decor models and are in harmony, will add vitality to your home. If you want a calm and peaceful home decor design, you can benefit from all shades of blue. The curtain model designed in blue and gray will add fresh air to your living room decoration. If you support simplicity in your home decor models, you can complete your living room decoration with self-patterned tulle without using background curtains. It will look brighter than your home with the double-breasted curtain model, which we often encounter in living room decor models.

You can also make your living room decor models very remarkable with roller blind models that have been in great demand in recent years. We think you will like the decor model, whose living room curtain and carpet color are used in the same tones. You will be able to catch the elegance you want in your living room decoration with the patterned curtain model prepared to add liveliness and movement to the living room decor model furnished with light colors.

Most Popular Curtain Models in Living Rooms

The living room is the most elegant area of ​​the house. The most important details that make this room cool and unique are its curtains. For this reason, I have prepared a great article for you about the most popular living room curtain models of this year. In this article, you can learn about the most popular curtain models and tulles of this year, and you can get decoration ideas on how to harmonize these curtains with your furniture.

  • Double-breasted curtain models for classic living rooms

Double-breasted curtains consist of two types: mechanism and manual. Double-breasted curtains can be opened to the left and right with the help of the mechanism inside. These curtains, which you can open or close as much as you want, can stay in the desired setting. On the other hand, manual double-breasted curtains must be opened and closed manually. You can also fasten these curtains with the help of a rope. You can complete this curtain with various beads and curtain accessories that you can adjust to any length you wish. You can complement it with double-breasted curtains, patterned and embroidered tulle models, which are especially preferred in large and scenic living rooms. If your curtain is flashy and heavy, you can also use only white or off-white satin blinds.

  • Economic decoration ideas, roller blinds

Curtains for living room models and prices change every year. Changing prices, especially in line with the direction of fashion and trends, can range from $ 100 to $ 5-10 thousand. Although the prices of velvet double-breasted curtains vary according to the square meter of the area to be used, they are generally higher than other curtains. Among all curtains, one of the least costly is roller blinds. Although more preferred in office windows, these life-saving curtains of small living rooms are economical and useful. You can also find these curtains that do not even need tulle in the collections of living room roller blind models, in any color and model you wish.

  • Curtain decoration of a sports living room

If the expensive living room concepts where the gilded armchairs flirt with the large oil paintings with gold leaf don’t seem nice to you at all, you have a sporty style. Curtains and tulle that have been used for years in warm averages where convertible sofas are combined become the most useful models. Curtains in colors you can choose according to how much light your room receives and the color of your furniture become a living room curtain decoration that will remain innovative every period.

  • Modern living room curtain models

In a modern decoration, the choice of curtains will be completely different. Self-patterned fabric curtains used in classical decoration will be replaced by tulle curtains. Lacy tulle curtains will give an emphasis on modernity in a very good way.

  • Classic living room curtain models

If you have a classic living room decoration, you can choose your curtain from self-patterned fabrics. The appearance of self-patterned fabrics will give the desired stylish result more than enough. We should also remind that the curtains extending to the floor are also very important.

  • Patterned living room curtain models

Patterned products have always been a nice option for a quality curtain model. While it is possible to add a different atmosphere to the environment thanks to the pattern detail, we can also say that it is an important advantage for you to get rid of the mediocrity. It is also worth remembering that the pattern detail will add a more intimate look to the living room.

  • Curtains from the Far East

Japanese curtains are a system created by moving long, large, and showy fabrics with a certain mechanism. Japanese curtains are highly appealing thanks to the drawstring system. These curtains can make your home look different. Wider shows are compatible with your space and decoration. Different materials can be used in its construction. It can be made of tulle, as well as wicker and asphalt. It is very easy to clean because the blinds are bigger than curtains.

  • Color selection in living room curtains

Color choice is also of great importance when choosing curtains of the living room. The colors that are popular in living room curtains now are burgundy, green, brown and shades, beige, red, and golden yellow. While it is the first choice for those who want to get a modern image of beige and red from these colors, it will go to classic living room decorations in burgundy, green, brown, and especially gold. Therefore, when choosing colors, first of all, it is necessary to consider the general decoration in the living room.

How Should Be the Selection of Curtains for the Living Room?

When decorating and renovating the house, the curtains, like every decoration element, should be renewed, and the curtains, which are the symbol of the house, should be represented by making choices according to trend curtain models. Curtains can be considered as a mask of a house or as covers that prevent sunlight from entering the house. Since the identity and usage purpose of each room is different in home decoration, this becomes very important in the curtain selection. While a thin tulle curtain is preferred for a room with a small window size to receive more daylight, dark and thick curtains are preferred in a living room with large windows or only glass on one wall. With the choices that you will make for the purpose of use, the quality of life, and comfort level of the room will reach higher levels. In the following paragraphs, we are looking for answers to the question of what should be curtains for the living room. First of all, the decoration trend you intend to apply while decorating the living room is very important. Curtain choices should be made according to the answer to the question of whether you will be inspired by a trend or reflect your own style.

Since curtain models are spread over a wide range, factors such as the width of your living room and the characteristics of the season you will decorate will guide you in the selection of curtains. First of all, if you are going to prefer a trend of decoration, you should apply the preferred curtain models in the fashion trend by revising them for your living room. Even if the model has been determined, small revisions with the choice of colors and patterns will offer you the opportunity to have a wonderful curtain. If you are going to make a decoration that will reflect your own style, you should choose one of the background wing curtains, Japanese partition curtains, country tulle curtains, french tulle curtains, cornices, and ranso curtains. These curtains, which are among the most preferred curtain models in the world, are also models that will add value to your living room in terms of aesthetics. Apart from these curtains, you can also choose among roller blind models that will add elegance to your home with their visual features and aesthetic stance. You can find roller blinds in the pattern and color you want among roller blind models, as well as you can choose a curtain that suits your taste and style among many curtain models such as vertical blinds, folding curtains, mechanism roller blinds, blinds curtain models.

Another answer to the question of how the curtain should be for the living room depends on the data such as the window on which the curtain will be used or the facade where the wall is located and the width of the window. The fact that the curtains along the wall in the room with a large window can create a gloomy interior inside the room. In this case, special modeling should be done on the curtain ceiling and it should be ensured that the curtains have a stylish appearance. If the facade where the room is located receives light from a single facade or more, the curtain thickness should be determined according to these data. All these choices should be made in light of the budgets allocated for the renewal of the curtains. Making the choices that will take place at the top of the price-performance curve without going beyond the budget you allocate for the curtain model will both keep your morale high and contribute to the highest level of visuality of the room where the curtain will be located. The prices of the curtain models or roller blind models have a wide range. The main reason for this price range varies depending on the quality, color, and pattern of the textile product used as a curtain and the mechanism of the roller blind.

Curtain prices are calculated in meters for roller blinds and in meters for other curtain models. For roller blind models, the meter price varies between $ 40 and $ 120 for an average quality curtain, while the price of meters for textile curtain models varies between $ 30 and $ 100 for an average quality curtain. If you prefer a normal curtain, unlike the roller blind model, you have to choose a tulle curtain and a normal curtain model. You will need to calculate tulle curtains as well as curtain sizes, as you will be using tulle curtains during the day and in the evenings or when the sun is heavy. The price of tulle curtains is also calculated in meters and meter prices vary between $ 40 and $ 130. Online stores offer special curtains for you to choose the living room curtain model. If you have not decided on the curtains you will use in your home and you have difficulty in choosing, you can choose for the living room curtains with peace of mind by examining these curtains.

Most Preferred Living Room Curtains

  • Curtains suitable for general colors

Since living rooms are the living spaces where we host guests and spend time with our friends, we should choose curtains suitable for general colors in the choice of living room curtains, and choose the curtain model that gives peace to the room with its positive energy. The overall color harmony of the furniture in the room with a curtain in lilac, fuchsia, or pomegranate flowers will both fill your room with spring breezes and will gain the admiration of your friends with color integrity and contrast.

  • Sunshade curtain models

Choosing a curtain model, which is also known as sunshade curtain among the curtain models, with its dark colors and thick fabric that does not permeate the sun, will prevent your living room from getting intense sun. You can make the interior of the living room bright with a thin tulle curtain, and you can adjust the luminous intensity inside the living room by pulling the blind curtain you wish. In the selection of curtain fabric, the patterns that give the curtain nobility and complement the curtain in color will enable you to have a very stylish and impressive living room curtain model.

  • Wide curtains

If you have a large living room or a large window, all you need to do is choose a curtain in proportion to the room dimensions. Since your curtains are wide, you should choose curtain accessories, hide the cornice part with plasterboard wall, and design a fairly flashy curtain. The colors of the living room curtain model and the colors of the cornice area should complement each other, and you should make a perfect design with accessories.

  • Roller blind models

In recent years, fabric curtain models have been replaced by roller blind models. Since roller blind models are being used quite widely, the variety of patterns and colors is very high and the number of models for selection is quite high. Since the roller blind is the curtain model that opens and closes easily and reflects the sun in the amount you want, it will be an ideal choice as a living room curtain model.

  • Partition roller blind models

You can make roller blind models in different sizes, or you can choose as partitioned. You can create a special model in the living room by combining different sizes of roller blinds, you can open the area you want, make it bright, and keep the living room ideally lit by keeping the area you want to be closed.

  • Straight roller blinds

If you will choose roller blinds as a living room curtain model, you can choose a patterned and semi-panel roller blind or you can choose a straight roller blind. Like a projection screen, the roller blind that goes down from above and hangs as much as you want also acts as a camouflage that hides the window and its surroundings when it is fully lowered. The price of the flat roller blind model, which you will prefer in the same tone with the ceiling color, has similar prices with the half-panel roller blind price.

  • Tulle curtains

If your living room is facing a sun-free facade, all you have to do is to choose a double tulle curtain instead of choosing a thick curtain so that your living room gets light all day long. If you want to create a living room that is insulated from the outdoor environment in the evening, you can choose two tulle curtains, one of which is dark black, and use the aesthetics of visually contrasting colors in your living room.

  • Fabric curtain models

Another curtain model you can choose for the living room or hall is the background fabric curtain model. Although the meter price of the background fabric curtains, which are a dark and thick fabric as well as tulle on the outer surface, are high compared to other curtains, as a fabric feature, it gives your home magnificence as a living room or living room curtain model. You can choose such a curtain model and turn your living room into a palace hall and win the admiration of your guests and friends.

  • Curl designed curtain models

One of the living room curtain models are curls designed ones. In order to add a little color to the simplicity of the curtains and make them flashy curtains, the upper parts of the curtains are transformed into an aesthetic structure. You can also consider it as an accessory of the curtain, as the part with the curls is located in a completely separate section from the curtain.

Living Room Curtains: Varieties for Every Style

One of the places where we spend the most time among the four walls of the house is undoubtedly the living room. Areas such as the kitchen, bedroom usually stand out with their functions. The living room is one of the places where we host our guests and socialize by meeting with family members. So the living room needs to appeal to the eyes as much as it is functional. How you decorate the living room is largely up to you. Because you can organize your own living space just how you feel comfortable. However, if you want the living rooms to look more stylish and beautiful, there are some things to consider. The harmony of the furniture with each other, such as color selection, focal point, or style you will use in decoration. The subject we will discuss in the following paragraphs is the curtains. Decorative curtains, just like the walls, can make a notable difference in the appearance of a room.

Curtains have different features according to the places they are used, and they vary both visually and functionally. As for the curtain model, you should understand the curtains that are separated from each other in terms of fabric and structure. For example, tulle and fabric are used in the construction of roller blinds, which are very popular today. Because it is easy to clean, it can be used both in the living room and in other rooms. As a structure, it opens and closes with a pulley system. Another curtain model is rope curtains. We would have seen that such curtains used to be used in balconies and kitchen doors. Today, rope curtains are used frequently in living rooms with different color options. The prominent feature of the rope curtains is that they are reaching to the floor. The rope curtains used for special places such as saloons are generally patternless and monochromatic, but they look extremely stylish due to their shimmering structure.

Other curtain models include zebra curtains, blinds, and background curtains. Zebra curtains provide practical use just like roller blinds and therefore have become popular. There is a rope next to the zebra curtains that we often see in the bedroom and living rooms. Through this rope, curtain gaps are opened and closed. Thus, it can be used both day and night easily without having to fold the curtain. Roller blinds do not have gaps such as zebra curtains. However, it can be used together with tulle curtains. We can see dark-colored examples with light-colored models of roller blinds.

The first model that comes to mind when it comes to curtains is traditional tulle curtains. It has been widely used since the past. Although it mostly has light tones like white, we can come across colors and patterns in more modern curtains. Tulle curtains are generally produced from different fabrics such as cotton and polyester. The price of the fabric increases with quality. For sewing, there are pleated and shirred tulle curtain models. Tulle curtains are used with sunshade. The sun visor has two functions. The first is not to be exposed to a high amount of sunlight, especially in the summer, and the second is to protect the privacy of your living space when you get dark and turn on the lamp. The blinds are attached to the back of the tulle curtain and are made of thick fabric. It is mostly white and cream-colored and produced from satin fabric.

Tulle curtains that are exposed to intense sunlight, especially at noon, may turn yellow and fade over time. Sunshade protects tulle curtains due to its thick structure. In addition, it is washed in the washing machine and hung directly without the need for an iron. These features also make the sun visor useful. Another model to be added to tulle curtains is background curtains. Background curtains, which are used for decoration purposes rather than functionality, are located at the edges and make the window part more elegant. Unlike tulle curtains, background curtains are preferred in vibrant and dark tones. In this way, contrast is provided between the curtains. The function of the background curtains occurs when watching movies. Background curtains are useful to make the living room dark during daylight hours. The last curtain model is blind curtains. Blinds, consisting of tapes parallel to each other, mostly adapt to modern decoration.

It is possible to change the air of a room with curtains, which are an important decoration item. Especially the living room curtains are chosen carefully compared to other rooms. When you buy curtains, you should pay attention to the curtain size and dimensions. Curtains used in almost every room, except for the bathroom, can be very diverse. As the curtains offer different options as models, the quality of the curtains also depends on the fabric. The properties that determine the quality of a curtain are the structure, model, fabric, color, size, dimensions, and brand, respectively. Therefore, the price of the curtain changes depending on these features. However, as with every product, the price increases as the quality increases.

Living Room Curtain Types Appealing to Every Style

  • ​Tulle curtain

The most common curtain model we encounter in living rooms is tulle curtains. Traditional curtain models are generally light-toned such as white and cream color and have various embroideries on them. Tulle curtains used in living rooms can be made from different types of fabric. For example, lace curtains are also classified as tulle curtains. Tulle curtains can be used in living rooms decorated in a modern, minimalist, and classic style while you do not use too much and have patterns. While you prefer a more waxing model for a hall furnished in a classical style, you should use plain tulle for minimalist salons.

  • Balloon folding curtain

Tulle curtains can have different sizes as well as embroideries. For example, you can find tulle curtains and short tulle curtains that easily extend to the floor in the market. However, there are tulle curtain models that can be folded just like roller blinds. Balloon folding tulle curtains like plain folding are very functional and aesthetic. Balloon folding is not suitable for industrial or minimalist living rooms as it has a romantic effect. You can easily use such curtains in modern, classic, eclectic, and country salons.

  • Zebra curtain

This curtain model can be used easily in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms. Its intermittent structure filters the sun’s rays and at the same time ensures that the interior is bright. Zebra curtains offer a wide range of colors. There are also patterned zebra curtains. However, white or beige color is generally preferred. Since these colors are neutral tones, they adapt more easily to furniture. Zebra curtains suit the halls decorated in modern, minimalist, industrial, and Scandinavian styles.

  • Roller blind

The roller blind is no different from the zebra model. You can even see roller blinds with zebra-like gaps. However, the best known is continuous, straight, and foldable curtains. Roller blinds can be transparent as a structure. There are also patterned, colorful, and plain roller blinds. Although the most used model is plain, patterned roller blinds can make a big difference in terms of decorative. A floral patterned roller blind, as in the example photo, adds a romantic atmosphere to living rooms decorated in rural style.

  • Background curtain

As we mentioned before, the main purpose of the background curtains is to increase the visual appeal. Background curtains are located on both sides of the window and are mostly colored curtains. As for the fabric, it has a bright, flashy, and thick structure. The color of the background curtain should match the character of the living room. For example, consider a red and white living room. In this case, the curtains are inevitable to be red and white. This kind of curtains is used especially in classical style. It is not for the modern and industrial style.

  • Sunshade

The background curtain makes the tulle look better in terms of decorative. The sunshade is a type of curtain that stands out with its fully functional features. It is produced from thick fabrics such as satin to reduce the effect of the sun’s rays and for the same reason as it is white. It does not attract much attention, as it is located behind the tulle. There is no need for a blind for roller blinds and zebra curtains, but the blinds provide great convenience when using tulle curtains.

  • Colorful curtains

So far, we have taken a look at the curtain types. In order to talk about the effect of curtains on decoration, we need to open a separate title for colored curtains. Because, just like painting the walls, using vibrant colors on the curtains creates a visible difference. Colorful curtains are ideal for a pleasant and spacious hall.

  • Curtain accessories

There are various accessories that can be used other than the curtain models. These vary depending on how the curtain is hung and the way it is gathered. Especially, the background curtains have very special accessories. Because background curtains are used for decorative purposes and usually need to be collected. Therefore, there are stylish apparatus to collect the curtain.

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