Where Can I Get My Curtains Altered?

Changing some features in curtains’ fabric, shape, length, heading, or hem is called ‘curtain alteration.’ To alter your curtains, there are two methods: you can either do it individually at home or send your curtains to a tailor or a company for professional help. Both methods will allow you to adjust your curtains while saving money.

Curtain alteration will help you mold your curtains to the best shape. Altering curtains is an umbrella term and generally includes shortening and lengthening, reducing and adding width, relining, styling headings, customizing, and general repairs.

Throughout this post, we will help you decide where to get your curtains altered and offer two methods for that. Before explaining the two ways to get your curtains altered, let’s answer a basic question to better understand the altering process.

What does it mean to alter curtains?

To alter is quite a common word. It may mean anything about adjusting. When it comes to altering curtains, it is mostly about rearranging the curtain size or width. However, it also includes relining, restyling headings, customizing, and repairing. It is all about what you are going to change or what you need. Curtains are one of the most essential home accessories that you always need to think twice about. So you should consider what you want to change in your curtains and why you want to make this change.

Where can you get your curtains altered?

Most home furniture shops like IKEA offer customers any alteration and adaptation service for their curtains after buying. However, if you haven’t purchased a new curtain, you need to consider other options. In general, you have two ways to get your curtains altered and it is either by yourself or with the help of a professional tailor or company. Let’s look at them one by one.

  1. Altering curtains at home

DIY projects are mainly about believing in yourself. Altering your curtains on your own will give you freedom and creativity. Most of the altering types are very similar to each other. No matter what, you will need some fundamental tools in each project and these are:

  • Sewing machine or double-sided fabric tape (if you don’t want to use a sewing machine)
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Seam ripper
  • Iron

After that, all you need to do is search for how to alter your curtains at home in the way you want. We have compiled six different curtain alteration types for you.

Curtain alteration types and how to alter curtains at home?

The way you alter curtains changes according to what you want. So, first of all, you should decide what you are going to change in your curtain. We have compiled six altering types for you and already, mentioned some of them. Even so, we will examine them one by one.

1. Changing the length

Changing the length means either shortening (hemming) the curtain or lengthening the curtain. You should decide what you are going to do. You will cut or add fabric to the curtain to get a shorter or longer curtain.

For shortening, you can do it either by cutting and then hemming the edge or folding the bottom of the curtain and then sewing it.

For lengthening, you can do it either by sewing a piece of fabric trim or unhemming the bottom part.

2. Changing the width

Changing the curtain width is a very similar process to changing the length. Now, we will deal with the curtain’s left and right sides, not the bottom side. You will cut or add fabric to get a larger or narrower curtain.

To get a larger curtain, you can do it either by stitching another panel/s in the same length and color or adding a piece of fabric trim to both sides.

To get a narrower curtain, you can do it either by cutting and then hemming the edge or folding the sides and then sewing them.

3. Adding lining

This is a crucial sewing process. A lining makes a curtain more sturdy as well as heavy. To adjust the best weight, choosing the best lining or fabric is quite essential. After choosing the appropriate fabric, the next thing to do is to cut it according to the size of the curtain and sew it.

4. Styling the heading

The transformation can be made between every type of heading such as eyelet, pencil pleat, tab top, triple pleat, double pleat, goblet, rufflette, and so on. Bear in mind that it will change how you hang your curtains and the way they look because if you restyle the curtain heading, the number of columns will differ.

5. Customizing

The customization will give your curtains a more lively look according to your taste. For example, after adding accessories, recoloring the fabric, and even attaching decorative trims, you will see how minor things have significant effects.

6. General repairs / Others

Other than these five altering types, your curtains may need some general repairs. This can be used for some repairable tears, unstitched parts, broken headings, or anything that is outside of all these alterations and is possible to be repaired. For torn curtains, if the torn piece can be sewn, it is sewn; if not, it is patched from the back.

  1. Altering curtains at a tailor or company

If you want to avoid dealing with all those steps, you can get professional help either by visiting your local tailor or calling a company. They are even going to help you to get the best measures before altering your curtains. It is extremely practical because sometimes, measuring precisely could be a supremely annoying process.

Here are some well-known American companies you can contact:

  1. Stoneside Blinds & Shades: Stoneside is the number one American window treatment company based in San Fransisco. This distinguished team is here to help you with anything about your curtains. This company pleasing its customers with its innovative and honest visions since 2010, can be what you need. You can visit their website for more information.
  2. The Great Curtain Company: Based in Austin, Texas, The Great Curtain Company has been offering a wide range of curtain alteration services for over 25 years. According to what they said, “The Great Curtain Company is the only custom window treatment store in Austin to accept customer’s own materials.” Since alteration is mainly based on the customer’s own materials (you can also see it as COM), this company would be one of the best choices if you live in the same district. You can visit their website here.
  3. Cheung’s Tailor: Cheung’s Tailor is a boutique shop serving its customers with tailoring and alteration services in Minnesota since its inception in 1991. Even though they largely deal with dresses and clothing, they offer satisfactory curtain alteration services, especially on stitching, restyling, layering, and hemming. You can get more information on their website.
  4. Stylish Windows: Stylish Windows is one of the best companies offering great custom window treatment results. This family-owned business serves New York City and the metropolitan area. They deliver the exemplary services of an experienced team at a very reasonable price. You can see their website here.
  5. Louisville Blinds & Drapery: This Kentucky-based window treatment company offers a great deal of different treatment and repair services. Louisville is known for its custom-made blinds and draperies. It should not be forgotten that they work meticulously and quickly. Also, its factory-direct-to-public vision can be helpful for you anytime. You can visit their website for more information.

Why do you need to alter your curtains?

It is very important to be aware of the cause before deciding which adjustment to make. Even though many reasons can be listed, here are the most basic reasons for curtain alterations:

  1. Moving to another house: Unfortunately, the window sizes of every house are not the same. Some may be longer and some may be thinner. If you want to continue using the curtains you already have and use them in a room in your new house, curtain alteration would be the most suitable and affordable option for you. You should use one of these curtain alteration types: lengthening and shortening or widening and narrowing, depending on the situation.
  2. Buying new curtains: When you buy a new curtain, sometimes the measurements may not be exact. Since this is a very common situation, it can be said that this is the situation where curtain alteration is used the most. For this, you may need to use one of the lengthening, shortening, widening, or narrowing options. Although the size and the color are correct, sometimes you may not be able to find a curtain in the style you want. For this, you can use changing the heading style, which is a very simple alteration option.
  3. To give a boost to the curtains: This means that your current curtains have features that you both like and dislike. First of all, you should determine what you like in your curtains and what you want to change. For example, it is very likely that you like the pattern and color of your curtain, but you do not like the style. For this, you have to change the heading style. If you complain that your curtains hold a lot of dust and get dirty quickly, you should shorten your curtains. Or if your curtains are very thin and do not provide enough privacy, then you should add a lining. These are just a few of the many other reasons. One of these situations may be suitable for you as well. If not, it’s important to find your cause by looking at your own situation.
  4. Your curtains may need repair: Curtains wear out over time, especially from excessive use and sun exposure. If you still love your curtains and want to continue using them, it is very important to talk to a professional about what they can and cannot fix, especially for old curtains. It can be patched, the seams can be strengthened by going through the stitching lines again, the part exposed to the sun can be renewed by changing the lining, and the heading can be strengthened depending on the situation.

What are the benefits of altered curtains?

We can list three general benefits of altering curtains:

  1. Saving money: It is, of course, a cheaper process because you pay for nothing new. You have already had the curtain. It just needs a little bit of polishing, that’s all. The expanses change according to which company you work with and what amount of work your curtains need. But if you plan to alter the curtains on your own, it will cost much less.
  2. Small changes have big effects: You may ask some questions such as “Why should I change the curtain size or width?” or “What difference can changes made to the heading of the curtains make?” After finishing the curtain alteration, however, you will see the big effects of the small changes in the long term. For example, if you shorten the curtains, you will realize that it collects less dust and stays clean for a long time. If you change the heading, it will fit better to the curtain rod and the room so on and so forth.
  3. No more problems: The alteration is needed mostly after moving to a new house or buying a new curtain. It may not fit in the new window area properly. So you have to change some things in the ready-made curtains. After altering, they won’t create any problems. So you will use them with peace of mind.

Recommended products

In this part, we have added some recommended products available on Amazon and IKEA.

VILMIE LINJE Curtains, 1 pair, white/dark gray, 57×98 “

Here is a classic rod pocket curtain with a yarn-dyed pattern on both sides.

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Sewing Machine for Beginners, The Dream by American Home, 15 Built-in Stitches, Great for Refashioning Clothes, AH700

This easy-to-use sewing machine is a good one to use for any curtain project.

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SYRLIG Curtain ring with clip and hook, black, 1 1/2 “

In restyling the heading process, you may need curtain clips like that.

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Lepushom Curtain Rods for Windows 22 to 48 Inches Adjustable Single Drapery Rod (1.8-4 Feet) 3/4 Inch Diameter Single Window Curtain Rod Set with Twisted Cage Finials, Black,1 Pack

Here is a modern-looking black curtain rod.

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Last Word

Today, we talked a great deal about curtain alteration. Curtain alteration is an umbrella term including shortening and lengthening, reducing and adding width, relining, styling headings, customizing, and general repairs. This is an affordable and creative way to change the curtains. Yet the most important thing is where to get your curtains altered. For that, we offer you two ways, either at home by yourself or at a company professionally. No matter which way you choose, altered curtains will boost the look of the room, and the problematic curtains won’t cause any trouble.

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