How Curtain Design Should Be: The Tips of Curtain Selection

When you want to make a new touch for your home, changing just one curtain will change the atmosphere of the house. If you have decided on this, you should first look at the general view of the room you want to change and know what its style is. Before starting the home decoration, will you continue with only curtains or will your furniture also change? Because you need to pay attention to this when choosing your curtain. In the selection of curtains, the walls are as important as the furniture. For this, you need to be a little more sensitive about the colors or wallpapers used on your walls. There are a lot of models and varieties of curtains. For this, it is necessary to choose the curtains suitable for space.

The curtain is one of the items that make a house look the most stylish. Therefore, curtain design is very important. Thus, your curtain should be in harmony with the room you choose. In terms of design, the curtain you choose must definitely support the general appearance of the room. If your window in the room is small, then a model that can get more daylight should be preferred. It means, in such windows, the choice will usually be tulle. Dark colors in curtains are only for the living room, so you should not create a gloomy and heavy environment by choosing dark colors in your room. Curtains have a very wide range. You also need to consider the season to be decorated. For example, more chirpy colors can be preferred in summer.

Curtain Design: What Kind of Curtain to Choose

As the functionality increases in curtain design, aesthetics decreases. That’s why balance comes to the fore. A correct curtain design should be made considering the harmony of the curtain with the decoration, its use for needs, covering, and ease of cleaning. Although the curtain is usually located in the final stages during the decoration phase, if possible, its design should be considered with rough lines and if there is a renovation, it should be prepared in advance on the ceiling and wall. Though, leaving the curtain business to the end is a factor that facilitates the selection of fabric and model. After seeing the whole decoration, it becomes easier to decide whether it is a classic or modern design or what kind of fabric we should choose.

Window structure is an important factor for the curtain design and model. Floor windows, french balconies, guillotine windows, wide and high windows, opening wings, and balcony doors play an important role in curtain design. For example, folding curtains cannot be applied to windows that do not have sufficient space between the opening wing and the ceiling. There should be at least 30-35 cm between the window and ceiling. It is better to prefer panel (Japanese) or fabric curtains instead of folding curtains for windows up to the floor.

You can choose two types according to the wall color. First, fabric and tulle preferences can be made in wall colors. The second is that you use contrasting fabric and tulle. In the first option, your curtains are not very obvious, but give the impression of depth and softness in your home. Contrasting tones make your curtains more distinctive. Apart from the color of the walls, parquet, furniture, lighting systems, and carpet are also important factors. Sitting group, sofa, dining room group, in short, all furniture models in your home are effective in choosing curtains. When choosing curtains with modern designs along with your modern furniture, you should choose designs with classic furniture and classic models.

In modern decorated homes, you are more likely to come across metal accessories than wooden accessories. Therefore, models designed with metal curtains can be preferred. Japanese, panel, folded, and stretch curtain systems are among the designs that can be preferred for modern decorated spaces. Ready-made curtain groups are among the modern curtain systems. The best example of these; Venetian blinds, vertical, duet, silhouette, pleat, and roller blind systems. Another advantage of ready-made curtain design is the convenience of use together with the affordable prices.

How to Decide on the Right Curtain Design

You can choose curtains designed with gold, brass, bronze curtain accessories in classically decorated areas. Fabric selection can be made according to the furniture and upholstery model. Curtain accessories, fabric preferences, and decorations are among the factors that determine curtain design. Fabrics that can be used in classical spaces; shiny or semi-dull silk, taffeta, organza, and similar options. Carpet, metal accessories, lighting, furniture models, fabric accessories are also among the important factors. Folded, background, wing, slice, balloon, stretch, Japanese, panel, and many similar curtains are called “fabric curtain”. Therefore, it is especially important what kind of curtain you will make when making fabric curtains.

In addition to folding curtains and tulle/fabric curtain models attached to conventional rails or rustic, Japanese curtains are also frequently preferred curtain designs. Mechanism depths are too high in Japanese curtains, the mechanism cannot fit into the plaster curtain space. Even if it fits, it is damaged by getting caught on the window or door handle while the curtain is opening and closing. The Japanese curtain is more suitable for wide and floor-to-floor windows. French balconies, glass gallery facades, partition applications (eg to divide the passage between the kitchen and the living room in studio flats, for the division between the room and the meeting room in the workplaces) are good examples of these. When the Japanese curtain is folded aside, it occupies a place of 50-60 cm. If there is not enough space on the edges, it will cause a loss of image in your window. These curtains have their own special fabrics. Using these fabrics prevents the band edges from curling and waving.

If you want to use a curtain fabric, not your own fabric, the tapes should be sewn double and adhesive interlining should be applied to the edges of the tape to remain inside. In this way, the fabric edges will not rotate and you will have an aesthetic looking curtain. You do not have such an application chance for Japanese curtains applied with tulle. Instead, you can starch the tulle tapes with spray colas. If the Japanese curtain will be applied for the house; For example, using it in a single window instead of using it on all windows in the hall and combining your curtains designed differently with the same fabric gives more aesthetic results. For example; Japanese curtains can be used with the folding curtains, especially in the glass window up to the floor. Using Japanese curtains throughout the hall causes the area to look like a workplace.

In the selection of rustic curtains, if you use wooden or metal pipes in windows with plasterboard (plaster curtain) or a similar curtain, it will look like a curtain has been made on the curtain. In fact, it is to remove the plaster or to cover the bottom with a plaster cover. Our other recommendations for rustic curtains are; Rustic measure should be taken as the width of the window, and the walls should not be covered all along. The rustic applications should be avoided in places with low ceilings. Otherwise, you will be printing the place and making it smaller. High ceilings are more suitable for rustic curtain applications.

Curtain Design and Fabric Selection According to the Space

The decoration and purpose of the environment also determine the choice of curtain and curtain design.

  • Living rooms

For example, in areas used as living room, hobby room or game room, tulle, and fabric options with dynamic colors and patterns should be used. This recommendation is even more important for areas with modern lines. You should be able to enjoy your hobbies, as activities such as watching TV, painting, reading, playing games, and similar activities are usually carried out in these areas. In order to enjoy this pleasure, the right curtain design and color selection are as important as furniture. The practicality of use of the curtain, its ability to meet your needs, are among the details that need attention. Shader-type sunshade curtains can be used to prevent light reflections while watching TV or reading a book. A roller blind is an ideal option for this function. Its practical use, whether it can be collected above when you want, are among its advantages. Shaders are located behind your fabric curtains.

  • Baby and children’s rooms

If blinds, roller blinds, and folding-type mechanism curtains are preferred in baby and children’s rooms, attention should be paid to the length of the rope and chain. In order not to cause suffocation, the ropes and chains of your curtains should be set at a height that your child cannot reach. For quality sleep, blackout blinds or fabric type blinds should be chosen. The colors to be preferred should help your child’s healthy development. Curtains should be designed in window widths, this contributes to the room’s appearance.

  • Teen rooms

When it comes to curtain design in young rooms, ease of use, color, and pattern are important. Most importantly, young people in the room can find their own traces. Therefore, it should definitely contribute to the selection of curtain-type and color. Curtains should also serve this purpose while working, reading, or having fun. Roller blinds, wooden blinds, blinds, or folding curtain-type mechanism curtains are among the suitable options. Since these types of curtains are made in the width of the windows, they also contribute to the wide appearance of the room. In order to increase functionality and aesthetics, tulle or fabric can be used up to the floor, in two pieces on the right and left in the width of the window. As we recommend in all bedrooms, blackout fabrics should be used as lining or blinds for quality sleep.

  • Bedrooms

If your bedroom isn’t too big, use window-width curtains. In this way, you will show the area wider. The invisible interior is also important in these areas, so the permeability is important in the curtain. You can solve this problem with a depressing liner and blinds. Among the roller blind options are fabrics with blackout features. In bedrooms; Aesthetics and functionality should be together and the design should be made accordingly. Slice, pendant-type curtain decorations can be used in classically decorated rooms. However, if your room is narrow, half curtains with window width and mechanism are more suitable instead of curtains to the floor. The most important detail is the integrity of your curtain and bedspread. So choose curtains in combination with your bedspreads.

  • Kitchens

As curtain design, kitchens are areas where we can be freer, designs where covering is not at the forefront unlike bedrooms, and even designs that do not block sunlight should be preferred. As the fabric selection, depending on the proximity of the window to the sink or stove, easily clean fabrics should be preferred if necessary.

Design Tricks: How to Find the Right Curtain for Your Home?

Choosing curtains is like choosing clothes for your home. We have to choose by considering all of the relevant questions. We need to focus on many factors, from the type and texture of the fabric to the length of the curtains, the style of the rooms where the curtains will be used, and the window sizes. Framing windows with long curtains can add charm and personality to a room. Due to the unique design considerations and the wide variety of options, choosing the right style can be a difficult process.

If you want to add a splash of color, increase privacy, create darkness, and add a layer of insulation to windows, you may want to use curtains. Striped panels let you control the temperature and the amount of light filtered in a space, while a basic cotton lining protects the fabric, but still allows for a diffused glow. An insulated backing helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and the blackout liner is ideal for bedrooms as it doesn’t let any light filter out. Let’s go through a few helpful tips for choosing curtains that fit your home.

When choosing curtains, you should narrow down the style options and decide what the purchase purpose is. If you want the room to be more colorful or want the light to enter through the windows, deciding on this purpose first will help you eliminate the alternatives. When choosing curtains for your home, you should take care to choose the ones that fit your needs. If you want to enjoy natural light, you can focus on transparent fabrics as they will maximize natural light for you. However, if you are hypersensitive to light or want more privacy, you can resort to tighter textured curtains.

If you are wondering how to choose curtains according to the room, it is usually better to choose lighter curtains for the living room or hall that allow light. Similarly, if the question of how to choose curtains for the bedroom comes to mind, opting for a heavier fabric will allow you to create a little privacy there. When it comes to colors, the best curtain colors for the living room are optical whites, blue, and grays that will complement most colors. Even if you decide to change your furniture a little that way, you won’t have to reinvest in curtains that could affect the color scheme. It is equally important to choose a window curtain color for your bedroom. When it comes to choosing curtains for the bedroom, you can go for earthy tones like beige, brown, or pink as they make the space more comfortable.

The Effect of Functionality on Curtain Design

One of the other important points is getting the right size. Before guessing the length and width of the window, it is important to consider how far the curtains want to hang from the window frame. If you want to add height to the room, it’s best to hang these coverings slightly above the frame. These extra extensions also block light from the window, allowing you to darken the room whenever you want. If the room has a low ceiling, you can opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains. It will create the illusion of a bigger room. However, the shorter length is also a good choice if you want to prevent the fabric of your curtains from ruining. Shorter curtains do not touch the ground, and this is the secret to their durability.

Curtains directly affect the whole look of your home. Windows are daylight filters for your home. Decorating your windows with stylish and practical curtains also helps you adjust the light that flows into the room. Thanks to its transparent texture, the advantage of the curtain is that natural daylight illuminates the inside, while the outside cannot see your home. Often times, you may find that tulle window curtains are paired with thick curtains. This adds a unique edge to window decor. You can always pair the thick curtains with a light, pastel back from the same palette to look harmonious. The combination creates a unique point of attraction in your home. In addition, while you can use transparent curtains during the day, you can block the interior from the exterior with thick curtains during the night. If you are considering both tulle and thick curtains, you can use them with light and neutral tones, and with a thick curtain of any color.

When choosing a curtain, you have to make sure you pick the right color. Curtains visually take up a lot of space, so it’s important to carefully consider what kind of color and pattern you want. When choosing curtains, you should also consider the colors used in decoration along with the walls and floors. Our recommendation to you is to purchase quality fabric curtains with colors and patterns that are valid in all periods. So you don’t have to refresh the curtains as often. Curtains take up a lot of visual space and have a significant impact on the appearance of the room. If you want your curtains to blend seamlessly with the decor, you can go with options that have the same hue as the walls. You can choose more vivid shades of red, blue, pink, green to emphasize the color scheme in your home with shrink curtains.

If you want the room to be more dramatic and energizing, these colors might be your best choice. However, if your room is sensitive to sun exposure, it is better to avoid these colors. In addition, if you have a brown carpet in the room, you can choose brown curtains. There are also cool, soothing colors such as lilac, pastel, teal, purple, and pink that can give the room a relaxing feel. If you want to turn your room into a beautiful retreat, you can choose these colors. The most important step in decorating your home with colorful curtains is to make room for it. If you think the home needs happy, positive vibes, you can try them by offering big, smiling colors like bright yellow or orange.

Curtain Selection Among the Home Curtain Design Models

Curtains are one of the pieces that are left last during home decoration and purchased with the least thought. However, curtains, the most important element of decoration, are incredibly effective in determining the character of the space. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right curtain for good home decoration. Pay attention to the effect of the curtains in the space and how they are brought to the fore in your favorite decoration examples. Because it is the curtains that show the decoration. You can understand the decoration style of a house just by looking at its curtains. You should pay attention to some issues when choosing curtains, which is one of the first noticeable details as soon as you enter a room. Quality curtains are expensive. Therefore, you should decide on the function and style of the curtain you will buy before you go out for curtain shopping. So, what should be considered when choosing a curtain? Here are the things to consider when choosing home curtain models:

  • Choosing the Right Curtain for the Room

The mistake most people make in choosing curtains is to like a curtain and place the same curtain in all rooms, regardless of whether it is compatible with the decoration of the rooms. In fact, each room needs a different curtain. For example, models with children’s themes and without exaggeration should be preferred for the curtains for the children’s room. Or while it is important that kitchen curtains are transparent, it is necessary to choose a light-tight fabric for bedroom curtains. That’s why you should be sure to look for separate curtains according to the type and use of the rooms.

  • Useful Curtain Models

Before purchasing curtains, as you should before all decoration purchases, ask yourself the question “What would I want it to do?” Or “What should the product I buy do?” The answer will reduce your options and prevent you from deviating from your goal while shopping. After all, curtains should have more than adding aesthetic value to space. And not every curtain is suitable for every function. For example, blackout curtains for the baby’s room completely darken the interior, making it easier to sleep during the day, while kitchen curtains should have a light and air-permeable fabric.

  • Privacy

One of the most used curtains in homes is white tulle curtains. Tulle curtains add a spacious and elegant look to the home but are not enough for privacy. In cases where privacy is important, such as if your home is very close to the neighboring building, it would be more appropriate to use roller blinds that protect your privacy while taking the light inside. You can also use sunshade curtains in your bedroom for privacy, and you can choose mechanical curtains in your bathroom.

  • The Need for Light and Darkness

Another important issue when choosing curtains is light transmittance. The amount of light transmission will vary according to the type, fabric, and color of the curtain. For example, blackout curtains in the bedroom completely block the light, providing a dark environment for daytime sleep, while in the kitchen you can direct the light as you wish through blinds and vertical blinds. In situations that do not require privacy or in windows with views, you can add an elegant elegance to the environment with tulle curtains. In short, before shopping for curtains, you should pay attention to what time of day and how much light your windows receive.

  • Curtain Fabric and Material Selection

There are many types of curtains in the market with many materials and fabric types. In fabric curtains, it is imperative that you choose quality fabrics for the curtain to look quality and to last for a long time without aging. Of course, the fabric you choose should be easy to maintain. In addition, very thick fabric curtains cause a rough appearance, while very thin fabric curtains wrinkle very easily and their pleats do not fall on the floor properly. For this reason, when you hang your curtain, you should choose a quality fabric with the right thickness to make it look elegant and smooth. There are alternatives of wood, metal, and plastic materials for blinds and vertical blinds. Blind curtains can be preferred for kitchens because they are not stained and easy to clean. Also, keep in mind that while roller blinds and zebra curtains are convenient and stylish, cleaning is a bit tedious.

  • Curtain Color Selection

Before you decide on the color of the curtains, you should pay attention to which front your window is facing and how much daylight it receives. Since the windows facing south will be exposed to too much sunlight, the curtains will fade over time. For example, a silk curtain that looks very luxurious when first bought can quickly fade due to the sun over time, turning into an ugly curtain in dull colors. For this reason, you should prefer sun-resistant color curtain fabrics or use sunshades on windows that receive direct and abundant sunlight. Also, when choosing a curtain color, you should choose different tones that match your furniture and wall color but do not overwhelm each other.

  • Curtain Models Suitable for Decoration

One of the most important issues is the harmony of the curtain model you choose with the decoration style of your home. Curtains are pieces that directly emphasize the decoration style of homes. For this, the model, material, and color of the curtain you choose should be compatible with the other items in the room. For example, you should not use mechanical curtains in a classic decoration, or a velvet curtain stretching to the floor in a modern decoration will be incompatible. In addition, when determining the size of the curtains, you can choose a pleated curtain touching the ground for a traditional look, and a less pleated curtain a few inches above the ground for a modern look. Remember, too, that long curtains create the perception of a high ceiling.

When choosing home curtain models, a frequently pleated curtain touching the ground should be preferred for a traditional look, and a less pleated curtain should be preferred a few centimeters above the ground for a modern look. Finally, we recommend that you draw the dimensions of the window areas and the curtain measurements you want on a piece of paper before shopping for curtains. Remember, choosing the right curtain adds a professional look to the decoration. I hope that the tips I shared on choosing home curtain models gave you an idea on how to choose a curtain.

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