Eyelet Curtains Size: Are They a Standard Size or Not?

Eyelet curtains, that is also known as ring top curtains, are one of the curtain headings. You can use them with curtain poles. There is no standard size of curtain eyelets. You can find a variety of curtain eyelets in many sizes to suit all curtain pole diameters, which can be listed as 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 66mm.

For example, 25mm curtains eyelets can be found in 1.7″ inch for 44mm outer diameter, and 0.4″ inch for 11mm overall length. Also, it is possible to find a 50mm curtain eyelet 50mm internal hole with 2″ inch, and 80mm metric and inch with 3.15″ for outer diameter.

The curtains size of panel width is determined by the window size width. For example, if your window size from 100cm to 140cm, curtain size panel width should be 120 cm with two panels.

Apart from that, while 165 cm curtain size panel width with two panels is needed for windows size width that is from 120 cm to 180 cm, it should be 300 cm curtain size panel width with two panels for windows size width which is from 280 cm to 400 cm. 

What Are the Advantages of Eyelet Curtains for Your Home Decoration?

You might think that eyelet curtains are unnecessary parts of home decoration but you should know that they will be very helpful to give a much softer and wider fold for your curtains. 

It is better than to have curtains with other header styles since they are not only easy to hang but also easy to take down especially for those who are alone to take care of curtains and other stuff alone at home.

It gives you a great opportunity to wash and change your curtains easily. The other advantage is that eyelet curtains need require less material, and therefore they can be bought for cheaper costs when you compare them to other curtains such as the one with traditional types of header. 

You can find many types of eyelet curtains with a wide range of different fabrics, colors, and styles. Hence, it will be easier to decorate your room and windows according to your taste. It is also possible to use eyelet curtains in open homes for interior home decoration and magazines. 

In terms of flexibility, there are many popular eyelet curtain types with easy and flexible features for a dress up and a dress down. Even being flexibility is a strong reason to choose curtain eyelet because it lets you have an easy replacement process without any zips and knots.

I ensure you about the fact that your curtain regardless of its style can look absolutely stunning with an eyelet header if you choose the type correctly and measure the size perfectly. You can find many ideal curtain eyelets for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedroom rooms.

How to Decide the Correct Size Eyelet Curtains for Your Windows?

It is not a random choice to decide the correct size of the eyelet curtains for your windows. You should meticulously measure it and choose accordingly. First of all, it is needed to measure your window width to arrange the rest accordingly.

It is strongly recommended to take double the width you already measure so that you can determine the total curtain width you need easily for your windows. 

Sometimes people prefer using just one curtain. In this case, it is needed to pull that one to one side, and so the total width of this one curtain will be around the number you have just measured.

After that, you will need a pair with a total width. It should be around the measurement you calculated already. It is okay to have twenty percent smaller or bigger as long as it fits the size you measured. 

The reason for the importance of a correct measurement is that if you make it bigger, you might need bigger curtains, which means you will need the more folds for your curtain. Needless to say, it will result in a different appearance with the fuller and crowded look many do not appreciate.

The next step is to measure from the top of your window to the floor of the room. it is necessary because the rod will be hanging out this window. you will also hang the height above your window, which depends on the length of your curtain. 

That is why you should be pretty sure about the correct size of your curtain. It is always better to have a length of 2cm and 3cm greater than the size you need for the height from the top of your rod to the floor.

Therefore, your curtain eyelets will be sewn 2cm or 3cm below the top of your curtain for a better looking. You family members and guest will love the new look of your windows after that!

Here are some examples of hang eyelet curtains panel size:

The curtains size of panel width is determined by the window size width. For example, if your window size from 100cm to 140cm, curtain size panel width should be 120 cm with two panels.

Apart from that, while 165 cm curtain size panel width with two panels is needed for windows size width that is from 120 cm to 180 cm, it should be 300 cm curtain size panel width with two panels for windows size width which is from 280 cm to 400 cm.

Do You Know How Wide Eyelet Curtains Should Be?

Depending on your curtain eyelet positioning, you can take the fullness ratio as 1.35 and 1.55. What does it mean? That means you have to arrange the total width of your curtains for a 100 cm curtain pole as this: for the fabric, it should be 100 cm x 1.35, so you need 135 cm of fabric. For the curtain width per one curtain, the size should be 100 cm x 1.35 / 2, which means 67,5 cm of fabric.

This measurement is just an example for you. You have to measure your own curtain width and height size carefully to have the perfect outcome when installing your curtains with eyelet curtains. 

Everyone takes a different aspect as a priority. If you want curtain fullness as the initial purpose when installing your carpets, you should know that the relationship between the length of the curtain track and pole and the amount of fabric are about the type of your curtains in different styles and colors.

It is always better and advantageous to consult with the seller where you buy your curtain and other tools needed for the installation in your windows.

Some Curtain Eyelet Option from the Amazon Website

As mentioned above, there is a variety of options for curtain eyelets in different sizes. I have listed some of them you can find online on the Amazon website easily. You can choose the most suitable eyelet curtain rings to decorate your windows and rooms better. You should check other colors and type options to find the best one for your taste.

1.Ivilon Drapery Eyelet Curtain Rings 

You will have 14 small drapery eyelet curtain rings with a loop eyelet for panel pin hooks when you order this product. While it is 1.4″ size of the inner diameter of the ring, the outer diameter 1.7″. Apart from that, this product is made of strong metal, and therefore it is just easy and convenient to use.

Being decorative and premium metal make this eyelet curtain ring product more durable plating for your long-lasting.

It is just easy to use by sliding your curtain rings onto your rod and hang your drapery. You can find many color options as well as the type of poles such as cafe rod and window curtain rods for daily usage.

Lastly, it has three main styles for you to use. They can be listed as loop, eyelet and clip drapery pin. You can gracefully decorate your curtains with this lovely product.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details: https://www.amazon.com/Ivilon-Drapery-Eyelet-Curtain-Rings/dp/B07B2LWHJ1/ref=sr_1_21?keywords=curtain+eyelets&qid=1573045962&sr=8-21

2. 32PCS Curtain Grommet, DeSS Curtain Eyelet Rings Clips

The second type of curtain eyelet rings clips is one of the famous ones for using this plastic ring which simply clips together. The reason that makes this product popular is it is being easy for daily usage.

Whilst the inner measurement of the eyelet ring is 41mm/1.6″, the outer dial is 2.8″. These two main parts have the features of snapping fix eyelets. In other words, there is no need for any special tools.

There is a big advantage in making this product special. To illustrate, this feature gives a great opportunity to make the eyelet ring slide smoothly and protect the curtain rod.

You can use this curtain eyelet rings clips as a great accessory for your window curtain rod, window curtain ring, shower curtain ring, as well as the locker room door curtains ring.

The price of 32PCS Curtain Grommet, DeSS Curtain Eyelet Rings Clips product is $18.99 and it is $20.45 for shipping.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details: https://www.amazon.com/Curtain-Grommet-Diameter-Curtains-Backpack/dp/B01LW6GV5H/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=curtain+eyelets&qid=1573045962&sr=8-3

3. Curtain Eyelet Rings Nanoscale Low Noise Roman Ring 

This 32 pieces matt coffee curtain eyelet rings is the last option I have selected for you. While the size of the inside diameter is approximately 4 cm/1.6″, the outside diameter is approximately 7 cm/2.8″. If it fits your curtains, you can decorate your windows such as your window curtain rod, your window curtain ring, your shower curtain ring, and your locker room door curtains.

It is okay to use these eyelet curtains for curtain rod with 1-3/8 inch diameter.

It gives you strongly a guarantee as one of the durable products in terms of not losing its color. Also for the material, it is perfect compared to metal and nickel one.

You can also choose this product in order to smoothly slide on the curtain rod so that you can protect the rod with low noise.

The price of Curtain Eyelet Rings Nanoscale Low Noise Roman Ring product is $18.99.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details: https://www.amazon.com/DeSS-Curtain-Grommet-Diameter-Nanoscale/dp/B07PJVMXP2/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=curtain+eyelets&qid=1573045962&sr=8-1

Do You Know the Difference Between an Eyelet Pole and an Ordinary Pole?

When you search about curtain eyelets, you will encounter some other options. The comparison between an eyelet pole and an ordinary pole is one of them. 

For some reason, you might feel like to choose an ordinary pole. However, you should think twice before making your last decision. While you can find an eyelet curtain poles, it is also possible to find a metal curtain pole in the same wide range of sizes and colors.

What does it mean? It gives a great opportunity to cut and customize in order to measure the size, which comes in the same package when you order from the Internet.

However, eyelet curtains that are also known as curtain ring top, might slide directly onto a curtain pole without any need for additional curtain rings.

Therefore, in this sense, it is than normal metal curtain pole packs in terms of removing the cost of the curtain rings since you do not have to pay for extra. 

For this and many more seasons, you can find the pros and cons of two options. You should think about all these factors twice and make your decision to buy it. The style of curtain heading is an important factor to take into consideration.

Here is an example. Just assume that you have a 35mm metal curtain pole. It is possible to slide your eyelets onto the pole. Yet, there is something you need to be very careful about. You should tightly squeeze them in order to operate properly. 

It is needed to create resistance for your curtains. Otherwise, you might face some problems in terms of getting them to move along the pole, which has a big and high potential to damage your curtains and then its pole. 

This condition might be changed, yet, if your curtains are one of the dress curtains because they do not need anything to be drawn. In other words, it is okay for dress curtains to be left as in a sitting position without any need of detriment and investment in a new pole for you.

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