Everything About Old Fashioned Curtain Rods

Are you a fan of old fashioned stuff to decorate your home? There are many types of old fashioned curtain tools including curtain rods. I suggested some types of old fashioned and antique curtain rods in different colors. For the types, you can choose café sash-rods style for curtains which are longer than your actual window while crystal clear rods are perfect options for those who want transparent colors.

You can also find some tips to prevent your curtain rods from sliding for a perfect look. For instance, you can check your curtain rod size if it is correct sie or not.

Also, you might need to hang your brackets wide in order to try locating the curtain rod brackets close to the ends of your curtain rod. I hope you will make your decision clearly after reading this one in terms of choosing old fashioned style curtain rods or not!

What Are the Types of Curtain Rods That Is Old Fashioned?

There is no only way type of curtain rods. As well as a traditional and old fashioned style together with a modern one, you can find other types of curtain rods. I will list five of them with you.

1. Café Sash-Rods

The first option for curtain rods types is known as café sash-rods. It is possible to use this product for a specific type of curtains. 

In other words, you can use this type of curtain rods for curtains which are longer than your actual window. However, it is different than the old fashioned style in terms of size.

That means, café sash curtain rods are larger in circumference because they are designed well in order to stick slightly out from your wall while the other types are designed to lay flat against the surface.

2. Spring Rods

The second type of curtain rods is called spring rods. It is one of the popular ones, which is also known as the spring tension rods.

It is famous for being the easiest in order to install among all the other curtain rods type. The reason behind this is that it is just easy to install without any need for hardware to use.

Apart from that, you will be able to hold themselves up through the springs pushing the ends of the rods outward. Therefore, you can mount directly to the window sill and molding. 

You should take into consideration it is being heavy or light when you buy curtain rods. The advantage of this product is that its fabric is not too heavy because it relies on pressure, which means there is no need to hold it onto the surface because of its being too heavy or bulky.

3. Magnetic Rods

The third type is the magnetic rods. Those who prefer more decorative options might be interested in it. 

If you are not professional to install curtain rods, it is an easy choice for you to install by holding itself in place with the help of its magnets.

However, this type of curtain rods is costly than the other types since you will need to have metal window sills installed to make your curtains rods work better.

4. Sash-Rods

The next one is one of the thin and decorative options, which is named sash-rods. This type of curtain rods is designed to place slightly above your window. It is important for your curtains to hang slightly up to the bottom. It is also okay to have curtains that are longer than the windows.

5. Crystal Clear Rods

This type of curtain rods is quite original as it has transparent color making it super decorative. 

The transparent color gives a sense of enchanted appearance although you can not realize anything from a far distance. Hence, it seems like there is nothing from far, but actually, when you come to closer you see its shinning. 

If you want to conceal curtain rods for any reason, it is a perfect option for you. You can easily conceal your curtain rods by using this type. Moreover, you can find this type in many different styles such as spring tension, and sash-rods in different color options.

Do You Know How to Keep Your Curtain Rod from Sliding?

Do you know the reasons why a curtain rod can slide? There are certain reasons. For example, it is possible to slide because of the fact that your curtain rod might be too short or its brackets are too narrow. In addition to these, it can be because your curtain rod is too long, your curtain rod brackets are too wide, and lastly, your curtain rod is not supported enough.

To reduce this reason reasoning sliding, you can extend your curtain rods about an inch or two past the curtain rod bracket on each end so that it can create enough space between the curtain rod brackets and finial. 

It makes you unable to mount the outside ring clip of each curtain panel in the area you want to create, and therefore you can use your curtain rod bracket as an anchor for the outer curtain ring.

Secondly, you can prevent the sliding of your curtain rods by strengthening the curtain rods. The optimal way is to support your curtain rods every 30 inches. Otherwise, you might have some problems. It is always better to support it by using a center support curtain rod bracket so that t can eliminate sagging, drooping and even collapsing.

Also, you should check your curtain rod size if it is correct sie or not. It is needed to maintain the right size to prevent separating in the middle because of being too short. Also, it is better to sure about its appropriate length and thickness for your window decoration.

Lastly, you need to hang your brackets wide in order to try locating the curtain rod brackets close to the ends of your curtain rod. It makes you sure about the sliding problem of your curtain rods. AS an example you need you to arrange it 84 inches long in the center if your brackets on the window are around 83 inches apart.

Is There Any Chance to Transfer Your Old Style Curtain Rods?

For your old or old fashioned curtain rods, there is a chance for you to transfer them into a new looking one. All you need is just a chalky finish spray paint and drawer knobs. It will decorate your curtain’s design totally. If you think you have some ugly curtain rods, this way suits you!

You should be careful to spray-painted the parts of your curtain rods’ part where everyone sees. Also, you should remember to spray paint your curtain hanging hardware. It is very practical and easy to transfer your curtain rods into other colors of your favorite.

Where to Find Antique and Old Fashioned Curtain Rods Options?

In this section, I have collected the five most popular old fashioned curtain rods selection from the Amazon website. 

1.Curtainsville: One Adjustable Gold Antique Brass Window Curtain Rod

The first option for you among antique style curtain rods is from curtains Ville. The pocket includes more than curtain rods. You will have one adjustable rod, two round head shape finials each rod, and all installation hardware when you order this product.

To install this curtain rod, this product is not something that will push you into trouble. It has an adjustable length steel rod that can be easily extended from 3ft to 5ft. It will make the installation process easier.

Apart from that, your curtain pole can easily accommodate your window size without any need for the measurement of the exact dimensions. 

As well as the tools inside the pocket listed above, this product comes with all mounting hardware including screws, anchors, and mounting brackets. All will help in the installation process. 

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this product offers you a return option within a month. When it comes to material type, it has a rustproof metal rod made of premium quality steel. It is important because of it ha a high potential to hang medium weight jacquard curtains and heavy blackout drape.

The price of Curtainsville: One Adjustable Gold Antique Brass Window Curtain Rod product is $30.90. It has just a reasonable price which you can afford for perfect home decoration. 

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details: https://www.amazon.com/Curtainsville-Adjustable-Expendable-0-9-1-6M-diameter/dp/B07HJHGNJY/ref=sr_1_9?crid=3IQ4JCQDEYD93&keywords=old+fashioned+curtain+rod&qid=1573395089&sprefix=old+fashioned+curtain+ro%2Caps%2C303&sr=8-9

2.KAMANINA 1 Inch Curtain Rod 36-72 Inches, Round Finials, Antique Silver Drapery Rod

This product has a telescoping structure, which makes it unique among other types. If you want an authentic and old fashioned atmosphere in your room and windows, here is the correct address.

This product has the potential to extend your curtain rod easily from 36 to 72. It enables you to adjust your curtain rods in different sizes.

It is a perfect choice for your windows in your kitchen, bedroom, and your living rooms.

Also, this product has a weight capacity of up to 22 pounds, which is capable of holding heavier fabrics. This is a great potential to fit grommet curtains and ring clips curtains.

With its adjustable brackets, you can find in the package, you will have a projection 2.65-4.1”, which provides adjustable space between your walls and window fabrics. By having so, it provides to avoid obstructions and give you more choices to divide your curtains.

You can easily have a visually and special appearance, and match your windows of multiple house styles whichever your taste offers you.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details:https://www.amazon.com/KAMANINA-Curtain-Finials-Antique-Drapery/dp/B07S99WHDR/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3IQ4JCQDEYD93&keywords=old+fashioned+curtain+rod&qid=1573395089&sprefix=old+fashioned+curtain+ro%2Caps%2C303&sr=8-2

3.Decopolitan Marble Ball Double Curtain Rod Set, 72 to 144-Inches, Antique Silver

This product will create an old fashioned atmosphere on your windows. It is available in two adjustable sizes. They can be listed in 36-72, and 72-144 inches options. Its main panel front rod has a 1-inch diameter, and also the back rod has a 5/8 inch diameter.

In addition to the panel part tools, you will have mounting brackets, screws and drywall anchors, and therefore you can easily install this curtain rod in a very short time. Lately, this product is just easy to adjust length design for a custom fit.

It has just a reasonable price which you can afford for perfect home decoration. The price of the Decopolitan Marble Ball Double Curtain Rod Set is $49.99.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details:https://www.amazon.com/Decopolitan-Marble-Curtain-144-Inches-Antique/dp/B07VK2KKJ1/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3IQ4JCQDEYD93&keywords=old+fashioned+curtain+rod&qid=1573395089&sprefix=old+fashioned+curtain+ro%2Caps%2C303&sr=8-3

4.Rod Desyne 13/16″ Corner Curtain Rod, 48-84 inch, Antique Brass

This curtain type is famous among designers who love the old fashioned atmosphere. It has an alluring style for your home decoration. 

This product includes a 3/4″ inch diameter adjustable pole, which extends 48-84 inches. The package has two brackets, a corner connector, and mounting hardware. In terms of material, it is steel giving a perfect appearance to your window decoration.

It has just a reasonable price which you can afford for perfect home decoration. The price of Rod Desyne Corner Curtain Rod’s product is $62.99.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details:https://www.amazon.com/Rod-Desyne-Corner-Curtain-Antique/dp/B07HSPCW17/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3IQ4JCQDEYD93&keywords=old+fashioned+curtain+rod&qid=1573395089&sprefix=old+fashioned+curtain+ro%2Caps%2C303&sr=8-6

5.Montville Filigree Ball Curtain Rod, Antique White

For white lovers, here is an option with its feature of being a durable steel rod with has 5/8″ diameter. Furthermore, it has a telescoping rod design that is adjustable for a custom fit together with mounting brackets and hardware.

There is no need to get worried about the installation period if you are just an amateur. All the tools included in the package when you order will help you to install easily in minutes. The instructions inside also will help you in this sense.

It has just a reasonable price which you can afford for perfect home decoration. Yet, if you order it from Turkey, you need to pay some extra money. The price of Montevilla Filigree Ball Curtain Rod product is $19.99 but you also need to pay $20.29 for shipping and import fees deposit if you order it to Turkey.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details:https://www.amazon.com/Montevilla-Filigree-Curtain-Antique-White/dp/B07HXVWVTJ/ref=sr_1_11?crid=3IQ4JCQDEYD93&keywords=old+fashioned+curtain+rod&qid=1573395089&sprefix=old+fashioned+curtain+ro%2Caps%2C303&sr=8-11

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