Curtain to Keep Heat and Light Out: Blackout Curtains

Is it possible to keep the heat out by using a curtain? Have you ever heard about blackout curtains? A blackout curtain is a curtain type produced using 3 layer quality material to keep the light and heat out of the room. Let’s examine these wonderful curtains together.

Blackout curtains keep the heat out of the room. Blackout curtains are the only curtains you can choose to completely darken any environment you wish. The fabric used in blackout curtains is 100% light proof. The reason for this is that the fabric is woven in layers. At the same time, it provides complete darkness in any environment with the anti-flammable coating layer, opaque layer, and finally the polyester layer. It cuts the heat at a high rate as it does the sunlight. In addition to different color options, there are plain or silvery fabric options. It is preferred at home and workplaces for different reasons.

Blackout curtains are preferred by those who live on the ground floors who prefer their privacy, especially at night, by the parents who want to ensure the sleeping pattern of their babies in the summer, where the house is on the south side, the sun is very hot and light, or in the workplaces such as school and office, especially when they want to make a presentation in the dark environment. Aesthetically speaking, patterned tulle blackout roller blinds in the living room, guest room, or bedroom have taken their place among the popular products that are frequently preferred in recent years.

What Are Blackout Curtains That Keep the Heat Out?

The curtain-type known as the blackout curtain has a light cut feature. Blackout curtains are an ideal type of background curtain for those who do not want to be exposed to daylight or the light caused by the penetration of street lights at night. It is possible to experience pitch blackness in the middle of the day with these curtains. Those who want to remove the heat at any time of the day, those who do optical, chemical, electronic works, such as professional photography, film bath, etc., those who want to capture a clear image with a projector, those who have migraine pain, those who work on a computer or watch a movie need a dark environment. In such cases, blackout curtains will be your biggest help.

If you want the light that seeps into your bedroom with the sunrise in the morning to interrupt your sleep, if you are one of those who work at night and sleep during the day, or if you like to sit at night and sleep during the day, you can experience the night in the middle of the day with blackout curtains and have a great sleep. The darkness of the room where babies and children sleep makes it easier to fall asleep and sleeps longer. The darkroom is one of our most important supports in extending daytime sleep and solving the problem of waking up early in the morning. Here, blackout curtains have been produced based on this need. Blackout curtains are a magnificent type of curtain with an opaque structure that prevents the environment you are in from cooling in the winter months and from being hot in the summer, except for the feature of cutting the uncomfortable light.

When buying a blackout curtain, the most important factors you should pay attention to in terms of the curtain’s function are that the curtain length should be at least 50 cm below the window sill and that you should measure at least 50 cm beyond both the right and left sides of the window. In fact, the larger your blackout curtains, the more functional advantage it will provide. One of the well-known mistakes is that blackout curtains should be black or dark, but blackout curtains fulfill the same function no matter what color they are, not necessarily dark. With blackout curtains that you can choose in any color you want; Experience the night comfort in the middle of the day, the warmth in the cold of winter, and the coolness we all need in the hot weather in the summer.

Detailed Information About Heat Remover Blackout Curtains

If you want a part of your home or workplace to be pitch-dark and to stay cool on hot days, you should look at blackout curtain models. These curtain models, also known as blackout background curtains, can be controlled with the help of a chain or spring or with remote control. As the name suggests, it makes the environment in which it is located almost completely darkened. It is a modern, functional, and durable curtain-type that blocks the light entering a space by 90 percent or more. The ones in the style of roller blinds consist of a special finished fabric, a pipe on which the fabric is wrapped, a lath that allows the fabric to stand properly on the skirt, and an operating mechanism. It is prepared from fabrics coated with a non-flammable finish as a safeguard against fire. Blackout curtains can also be produced in the style of a curtain to be attached to the cornice from its special fabric. However, blackout roller blind models are more preferred.

It is an ideal alternative for places that receive a lot of sunlight. It is often preferred for bedrooms and children’s rooms. It is a very useful option for people who have trouble falling asleep or want a deep sleep without being disturbed by light. It is also suitable for police officers, doctors, and musicians who need to work at night. It can be used in laboratories, classrooms, study and meeting rooms and hospitals where no sunlight is desired, and in places where slide shows are held. The black color is more preferred, but there are different color alternatives such as brown, gray, blue, green, yellow. If you need heat and light-proof curtains for your living or working environments, blackout curtains will be the ideal option for you.

We recommend you to be skeptical of alternatives whose prices are well below average. Poor quality models may lose their dimming feature before much time passes. Blackout curtains made of poor quality fabrics can also cause an unattractive odor in the environment. If you want to use your curtain for a long time without any problems, you should consider the fabric and mechanism quality as well as the price. If you want the place where you will use the curtain to be in total darkness and not to leak even a small piece of light, you should also pay attention to its dimensions. Curtains that are exactly the same size as the window or those that extend slightly to the sides may leak light. When taking measurements, you should not forget to pay attention to elements such as window sills and radiators. As a type of roller blind, its cleaning is not much different from the cleaning of such curtains. But it should not be washed, because washing it may damage the special PVC coating of the curtain. You can follow the steps below for cleaning the blackout roller blind:

  • Set up an area that is large enough for the curtain to spread out without folding the fabric and that you can move freely.
  • After gathering the curtain completely above, remove it from the side mounting legs along with its pipe.
  • Gently spread over the area you’ve set to erase.
  • Carefully wipe the curtain using a foamy, slightly damp sponge or cloth, then rinse.

Blackout curtains can be cleaned occasionally without removing them. You can attach a suitable apparatus to the vacuum cleaner and carefully move it over the curtain, paying attention to the low suction power. Again, by being careful to act gently, you can wipe your curtain where it hangs. Another alternative is to give it to a reliable company that can do curtain cleaning. Let’s repeat once again because it is very important: The Blackout roller blind should never be washed. If you have chosen a blackout curtain attached to the cornice, you should get information from the place of purchase for the cleaning method. It may be possible to wash and iron classic curtain style models.

Are you one of those people whose sleep is easily disturbed and is disturbed when daylight enters their room in the morning? Do you think your child needs to sleep more, deeper, and you think providing complete darkness in their room might work? So, you should definitely review the blackout curtain models. Bedrooms with much sun can be uncomfortable in the morning. Some people are particularly sensitive to this. A well-measured blackout curtain completely blocks the sun’s rays, so your sleep is not interrupted. Blackout curtains are frequently used in meeting rooms, cinema and theater halls, some parts of hospitals, classrooms, and laboratories. Blackout roller blind, which is an ideal alternative for all kinds of presentation and show spaces where the environment is desired to be dim and cool, can also be used with other mechanism curtain systems.

Fabrics Used in Blackout Curtains to Keep the Heat Out

I will try to briefly answer your questions such as what is the blackout curtain, what kind of fabric is it, where is it used, what is the difference, what are its types. First of all, blackout is 2 types. The polyester material used in the roller blinds and the material used as fabric – backing. Blackout fabric is a type of fabric used to cut light coming from the glass. The technique used in the roller blind is the technique called plastering. The back of the Standard Roller Fabrics is covered with sun-resistant material and light transmission is prevented. Brand quality changes can be seen. So how is blackout different from other fabrics?

In standard fabrics, threads are woven vertically and horizontally. (Weft-warp) Blackout fabric is different from these. There is another black layer inside. It is like a combination of 3 different fabrics. There is a black layer in between and a colored layer at the top and bottom. To achieve this, horizontal and vertical weaving cannot be done as in standard fabrics. It has its own weave in the form of knitting. While touching it this way, it should not compromise its casting at the same time. Blackout fabric can be used wherever we don’t want the light to be. This type of fabric, which is generally preferred in bedrooms, can be called the best. It contributes not only to light but also to both heat and sound insulation. Pleated and double layers are recommended for sound insulation. We can hear you say it is a cure-all medicine. but you will feel the difference when used correctly and quality is not compromised.

We came to the most important question “is it fabric or a roller blinds?” Visually, you are of course the person who will decide on this matter. But if you ask our opinion from a technical point of view. We believe you will get better performance from Fabric Blackout. We generally prefer roller blackout in corporate environments. In short, you should choose roller blind blackout for visuality and fabric blackout for usage and performance. Of course, color is important, but we want to get performance. What should be done for this? Color does not matter for roller blind blackout. We can choose colors that suit our environment. Color has great importance in fabric blackouts. As the color gets lighter, the performance decreases due to its weaving. That’s why we should focus on the darkest colors. If the dark color bothers you; You can use Blackout as a primer.

Advantages of Using Blackout Curtains

In addition to light impermeability, blackout curtains contribute to a quieter environment by reducing sound penetration into the room and also better thermal insulation by preventing cold/hot from entering. Light seals provide a comfortable sleep experience, especially for those who do not want to wake up early. In addition to reducing noise from outside, they also assist in cutting off cold or heat. Thus, you will reduce heat loss. Real woven blackout curtains that are not coated with PVC do not collect dust. They can be washed easily, they do not require ironing if you hang them when they are damp. With the extra coating layer, the blackout primer can block sunlight.

It is often used in bedrooms so you won’t be disturbed by sunlight. Compared to the standard lining, the blackout liner is made from a thicker material, which means it can be helpful in thermal insulation and noise reduction. Blackout and dim curtains have different features and advantages. Dim-out allows most of the light in the room to be blocked, unlike the whole block of the blackout curtain. Some of the advantages of the Blackout coating are:

  • Superior control over the light in a room.
  • Reduce street noise entering the room – perfect for helping your kids sleep.
  • Complete privacy.
  • Keep it warm during the winter.
  • Keep away from the heat in summer.
  • Uninterrupted sleep – perfect for night shift workers.
  • Protection of furniture and carpet from sun fading effects.

Real woven blackout curtains do not smell or crack. For this reason, the blackout curtain you will buy should consist of three layers, two surfaces are glossy and the middle layer is black; It must be light proof. Blackout curtains do not look stylish when sewn with pleats. In addition, the costs will increase as there will be more fabric consumption. Instead, if the window width is 3 meters, 3.5 or 4 meters of finished curtains should be preferred to keep it draped. Blackout curtains should be washed with special detergents at low temperatures without using softeners. It should be hung in a damp way, without waiting for it to dry completely.

Benefits of Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are met with increasing interest around the world. There are many reasons for this interest. The important advantages of blackout roller blinds and their affordable prices are the main reasons. Blackout curtain is used to completely block the light entering the environment. There may be different requests in your choice of blackout curtain. You can read the highlights of these below.

  • Thermal insulation

Since blackout curtains do not let sunlight in, they provide thermal insulation in the room. When the sunlight cannot enter the room, the room does not get hot. Thus, blackout curtains that you can easily use in hot areas in summer provide you with great advantages.

  • Quality and Uninterrupted Sleep

The human body detects light and programs its body. An organic clock mechanism, which we call the biological clock, detects the time of the day and calls the body to start sleep or wake up. If light enters the environment during sleep, our brain will perceive this incorrectly and try to keep the body alive. The blackout curtain applied to the bedroom will eliminate this possibility as it blocks the light completely. In addition, young children are sensitive to sleep. A small factor makes them wake up. A child who sleeps in a room darkened with a blackout curtain will sleep deep and uninterruptedly due to both light insulation and sound insulation.

  • Privacy

Some curtain systems cause your location to be seen when the lights are on in your room or practice space at night. For example, while sunscreen is not visible to the eyes looking inside during the day, it may not be at night. In these cases, the blackout roller blind is the definitive solution, it blocks the image completely. In some cases, blackout curtains are used in pairs with other mechanism curtain systems. It opens at night.

  • Sound Insulation

Blackout curtains closely follow universal technological standards. Sound insulation is an important criterion for blackout fabric. Thanks to its special structure, the curtains have the ability to absorb external sound. In this way, a quieter environment is provided.

  • Definitive Solution to Sun’s Harmful Effects

An environment protected by blackout curtains means that the harmful effects of the sun are completely avoided. You will protect your belongings that can be damaged by sunlight, especially textiles, furniture, and devices.

These are the main advantages of blackout curtains. Apart from these, they can be used in complete darkness in environments used for professional purposes such as projection. As a result, a blackout curtain is a modern and durable curtain system with numerous advantages. You can choose any of the blackout curtain series with either mechanical or manual options.

Blackout Curtain Cleaning

The usage areas of blackout curtains are quite high. Therefore, this type of blackout curtains have options with different colors and patterns. Photographers or users who want to use it in an experimental environment generally prefer solid colors, while users who want to darken the home environment can choose colorful and patterned models. Curtains that work in the form of roller blinds ensure a dark environment by cutting sunlight in high amounts. Due to the thick structure of the curtain, it prevents the cold coming from the exterior in winter and prevents the hot air inside from going outside. Blackout curtains can also be used with screen store curtains in cases where the screen store curtains cannot cut the sunlight sufficiently.

Blackout curtains can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner without removing them from their location and while on the mechanism. With vacuum cleaners with adjustable suction power, it is possible to adjust the low suction power without moving the curtains. In order to clean more thoroughly, cleaning can be done in an area where the curtain can fit. Cleaning the curtains is carried out by removing it from its mechanism. It is important that the curtain is not cleaned directly with water in order not to spoil the thick structure of the curtain. Cleaning or wiping the curtain with the help of a damp cloth or sponge will protect the thick structure of the curtain. Another thing to be careful about while cleaning the curtain is to clean it by preventing the curtain and its fabric from breaking or folding. For this reason, it is extremely important to clean Blackout curtains, especially in a wide and empty area.

FAQ and Answers About Blackout Curtains

The wider the windows of our living spaces that invite the sun inside, the more spacious and healthy a home is. However, in some rooms of large houses that receive excessive sunlight, it is also necessary to block the sun and the light coming from outside. Especially in bedrooms, it is very important for health to create a completely dark environment at night. At this point, the type of curtain called blackout or blackout comes into play and completely closes the large windows in the rooms of the house, which are desired to be protected from the sun, light, and noise, especially in bedrooms.

Blackout curtains are made of opaque fabric, specially produced with the weaving technique and yarn type, and can create the desired dark environment inside by blocking all the light that can penetrate when the curtains are closed. These curtains are often used in hotel rooms, bedrooms, and in the multimedia room for moviegoers or in the living room with a TV. We can say that blackout curtains have become widespread in home decorations in the recent past. Therefore, there are many questions about the useful features of blackout curtains. I will try to answer frequently asked questions on this subject in the following paragraphs.

  • Can thick curtains be used as blackout curtains?

First of all, let’s start with the difference between thick curtains, also called background curtains, and blackout curtains. Today, it is a common illusion that blackout curtains are thought to be only dark-colored background curtains. However, background curtains are produced and used only to protect the privacy of your home after dark and the lights inside, regardless of their colors and patterns. Background curtains can be produced from many different fabrics and with many different weaving techniques. Background curtains of all colors can of course protect your room from the sun to a certain extent, but no matter how dark it is, it cannot completely block the sun. In order to do this, the curtain must be sewn from blackout curtain fabric. Of course, dark curtains can make sunlight a little more bearable, but they’re not the same as blackout curtains. Real blackout curtains are produced with multiple layers of fabric, special weaves, and advanced technology that can make a room dramatically dark. The fabric types in which blackout curtains are produced do not only prevent the sun with the darkness of their colors, thanks to the density of the weaving and special coatings, they provide complete blocking of the sun and create a completely dark environment inside. In other words, the dark color of an ordinary background curtain does not turn it into a blackout curtain. However, you can do the opposite, that is, you can use curtains made of blackout curtain fabric as thick curtains.

  • Can I convert my existing curtains into blackout curtains?

Yes! Moreover, it is very easy to do this because the curtain manufacturers who specialize in blackout curtains produce not only ready-made curtains, but also blackout liners. You can achieve blackout curtains without having to change your curtains by sewing these linings, which will make your ordinary thick curtain blackout features, or by adding them with the help of special clips.

  • Are light colored blackout curtains as effective as dark-colored ones?

Yes, if we are talking about real blackout fabric. As we said, the main factor that gives the blackout curtains the ability to block the sun is not the darkness of the colors, but the weaving and coating technology, so light blackout curtains can make the room completely dark, just like the dark ones. However, the main point you should pay attention to here is the quality of the blackout curtain you will choose. A blackout curtain with a poor quality coating may not function properly. Of course, keep in mind that there may be dark and thick curtains sold under the name of blackout curtains and check the fabric quality of the blackout curtain you will definitely buy. However, if you are sure of the quality and that the fabric is indeed produced with the blackout technique, there will be no difference in terms of blocking the sun between a white blackout curtain and a black blackout curtain.

  • What are the roller blinds

Roller blinds, one of the most prominent curtain models of recent years, are frequently preferred for their practical use, especially in workplaces and modern hall decorations with high traffic. Of course, roller blinds can be produced from many different types of fabric; Of course, among these fabric types, there is also blackout fabric. Blackout roller blinds are frequently used in meeting rooms of workplaces where presentations are made. However, if you want to use this kind of blackout curtain in your home, you may want to think again because although these curtains can provide complete darkness in terms of fabric, their structure that fits the window can cause light to filter from the edges and thus, according to the window designs and the width of the curtain assembly, a hundred percent dark environment may not occur. Therefore, although these curtains are very stylish and practical in workplaces and living rooms, we recommend you to choose traditional recommended curtain models, especially in bedrooms.

  • Are the color and pattern options in blackout curtains wide?

Blackout curtains are quite functional in certain aspects and are the curtain types produced and acquired for specific purposes. However, this does not mean that blackout curtain models are not stylish at the same time. Today, we have a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and prints manufactured with blackout fabric weaving techniques, and we have a wide range of options in terms of color and pattern. Therefore, you can provide both function and aesthetics together by using blackout curtains instead of your background curtain.

  • Do blackout curtains also provide heat and sound insulation?

Although the main function of blackout curtains is to block light, it is possible to say that they are very effective in heat and sound insulation. For this reason, blackout curtains can be used to provide more effective warming, especially in regions where the winter months pass, or to reduce street noise. In addition, of course, blackout curtains can reduce the temperature of the house considerably by blocking the sun and therefore the heat in the summer months when the most sweltering heat is experienced such as July and August.

  • Why should I choose blackout curtains in the bedroom?

Blackout curtains create a healthier atmosphere especially for bedrooms because experts state that one of the most important things for sleep hygiene is that the room should be completely dark during sleep. Melatonin hormone, which is secreted during sleep in the dark environment at night, is a hormone that is essential for both our physical and mental health; It makes us feel good mentally, creates a healthier sleep pattern, balances our appetite, and protects the cardiovascular system. And in order for this beneficial hormone to be produced at a healthy level, a completely dark bedroom is required. Therefore, experts emphasize that there should be a dark environment in your bedroom, but it is not useful to wait for the sun to set in today’s modern world thanks to street lights. Blackout curtains are very necessary for bedrooms in this respect. Of course, these curtains, which will prevent the contact noise coming from the outside to a certain extent, also prevent your sleep from being interrupted. So if you want a healthy sleep pattern, we recommend that you have blackout curtains in your bedroom.

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