Do You Wonder Whether or Your Curtain Rod Finials Can Be Interchangeable?

If you get bored about your curtain rod finials, here is a piece of good news for your curtain rod finials that are interchangeable, which allows you to decorate your windows in many ways. However, you should know how to to change your curtain rod finials how to install your curtain rods over blinds. Do not worry; you will find the answer here, which will make your life easier.

Apart from that, I strongly recommended you some interchangeable curtain rod finials from the Amazon website. I hope your home decoration will be glorious with your own choice of curtain rod finials.

What Is a Curtain Rod Finial?

Curtain rod final is selling in markets as an element marking the top or end of some object, which is used for decoration. They can be made of a variety of materials such as metal and wood.

These tools used as a decorative ornament on curtain rods will be a piece of furniture you never give up.

There are different types of curtain finial. They can be listed as return rod which is known as one of the u-shaped rods that curves toward the wall is ideal for a streamlined, double curtain rod, cable rod, and sidewall mount. You can find other types when you search for it.

Is It Possible to Be Interchangeable for Curtain Rod Finials?

The answer is yes: there are curtain rod finials that are able to be interchangeable. For example, you can find some of them on the Amazon website and many more markets. Do you have any idea how to change your curtain rod finials? These steps will help you:

It is better to know first what you need as necessary tools. You can access each easily, so please do not change your mind about installing curtain rod finials by yourself when you see some tools unfamiliar to you.

In order to change your curtain rod finials, the things you need can be listed as a flat-file suitable for metal, a pick. Although a pick is not from the must tools you need when changing your carpet rod finials, it will be helpful for you. 

You will also need 3/32″ diameter metal tubing in brass, aluminum, and copper whichever you can access easily. It is even better to have smaller diameter metal tubing if you have. Needless to say, you have to have some tools that are able to cut as a hack saw or scissors.

Apart from that, the rest of the tools needed include 2″ headpins, beads for finials at least two per rod, ana eye hooks like 1/8″ size small which will help you when changing your curtain rod finials.

For the headpins, for your information, it can be 1.5″. The size is determined by the size of your window, so it is important to know that your window fits the size you already determine carefully. 

The next one is to decide and determine the information about your window and its size. In other words, you should know the size and location of your window as well as the measurement of how high you want to see the eye hooks on the wall.

The answer to these questions is important to know well before starting to change your curtain rod finials. Otherwise, the risk of being unsuccessful in changing your curtain rod finials would be quite higher. 

If you think you need any suggestions about its high, I suggest you make it higher as much as possible. It is necessary because the curtain rod is always likely to slip unless you do not measure it correctly.

To begin with, you need to twist your eye hooks into your walls so that you can make the rod. I never claim it is just a piece of cake for everyone but you can get used to in time. Now, you need to measure the distance between your eye hooks on the wall, but you will not directly use that measurement. It is because you will add 1/2-5/8″ to that number to make it higher. 

Subsequently, it is time to use your scissor or hack saw, whichever you choose to use. It is needed to trim a piece of tubing to that length. Yet, you should be very careful in this step since there is a risk to squish the tube in the process. 

What should you follow that? You need to make a groove around the tube carefully. In fact, you should make it very slowly when bending the tube back and forth and to be quite careful. After that, it is time to add desired beads to each headpin. This is how to make the curtain rod finials.

You should keep doing with giving the remaining length of the headpin a few gentle bends so that you can keep the finials from falling out, which is a high and possible risk.

By the way, there is no need to use glue when doing all. You will have a perfect look after inserting pins on each end of the rod, pulling out one finial, after sliding through the eyehooks.

Do You Have Any Idea How to Install Curtain Rods over Blinds?

If you do not have any experience with installing curtain rods over blinds, there is no need to get worried since within five steps you can handle and be experienced in a good way. This is not an activity you have to do regularly already. However, it is already better to consult with someone experienced ask them for some help.

To begin with, you need to buy the right curtain hardware according to your wish like telescoping hardware. It is important to adjust the length of the hardware protrudes from your wall.

However, it is also possible for you to measure precisely and then purchase curtain rods with extra long sides if it is easier for you.

When you search for it, you will find some supports to buy such as some hardware pieces working by attaching to the wall so that you can hold your curtain rod up in the middle.

Secondly, it is time to have a pencil to determine where the screws for the hardware will go into the wall with a light pencil mark. Actually, to be honest, regarding the material types of your wall, you should drill a-holes for your hardware’s screws. Alternatively, you can install drywall anchors in the same way.

After that, you need to attach the telescoping hardware. You can possibly choose the elongated rod hardware to your wall by using the screws provided.

Please be careful to be quite gentle when tugging on the hardware. It has to be firmly attached to your wall, otherwise, you might have some problems in the future that you would not want to face.

Subsequently, you will put your curtain rods that are sold in many colors such as nickel, white, or even gold. you need to adjust the rods and hardware to the proper lengths you already decide.

All should fit each other before you hang your curtains. It is recommended to test more than one time in this stage before the curtains are hung.

And now, you can put your curtains on the rod if you become sure about its strength. Lastly, you can attach all to the hardware you already installed. You will enjoy the new view of your curtain making your windows glorious.

Is There Any Opportunity for You to Find Interchangeable Curtain Rod Finials from Online Shopping Websites?

There are many ways to purchase curtain rod finials. I collected some of them for you where you can find online sitting in your favorite cough and drinking your favorite coffee. Here are some curtain rod finials products from the Amazon website for your information.

1.Kamanina Replacement Finials for 1 Inch Curtain Rods

With its unique appearance, this product has super crackle glass design, which provides high quality with an attractive and classical vintage looking.

If you want to prove a decorative and enchanted atmosphere in your rooms, Kamanina replacement finials for curtain rods will surely well you when increasing drapery and adds a decorative element to your windows.

If you are not professional to install curtain rods, you should know that there is no need for any additional product. You can easily install without using any tools. yet, it is always better to consult with someone who already experiences installing curtain rod finials.

Lastly, you can find this product’s five-color when you check from the Internet. Kamina replacement finals made of high quality and durable polyresin are sold as black crackle glass, bronze marbled, black square, bronze gourd, and bronze round.

For more information, you can find more details by visiting the Amazon website:

2.Amazonbasics Clear Acrylic Ball Curtain Rod Finials

First of all, for those who are no experienced with installing curtains, there is a piece of good news. This product has no need for any tool to install. That means it is just easy to install Amazonbasics clear acrylic ball curtain rod finials without any extra tools so you can handle it alone at home.

This product is famous for being acrylic ball design with nickel accents and stylized design flourish. You can use it for your living room, dining room, and bedrooms o decorate your windows to make your friends and relatives jealous.

For more information, you can find more details by visiting the Amazon website:

3.AmazonBasics Lattice Cage Curtain Rod Finials

I am pretty sure about the fact that this product will easily take your attention with its decoration when you visit the Amazon website. 

With its remarkable price, that is $15.99, you can seriously consider having one to decorate your living room or even your kitchen’ windows. 

If you are looking for an impactful, and stylized design flourishes for your windows, here is the correct address. With its feature of installing easily without the need for tools, you can afford one with a lattice cage design with a black finish.

For more information, you can find more details by visiting the Amazon website:

4.White Marble Ball Curtain Rod Finials

The nickel color of this product will create a unique atmosphere in your living rooms. The price of white marble ball curtain rod finial $13.26 but you also need to pay $20.15 for shipping.

In other words, marble ball design with nickel finish will decorate your rooms that can be your living room, dining room, bedroom, and more perfectly. It is known as one of the amazon basics 1-inch curtain rods products.

For more information, you can find more details by visiting the Amazon website:

5.Deco Window 1 Inch Adjustable Black Curtain Rod for Windows Curtains with Oval Finials

It is such a good product you never regret because of your choice. First of all, in order to install your curtain rod finials, you will have a pocket of necessary tools with this product. This package includes an adjustable curtain rod, two finials, two brackets, three screws, and six fishers. 

These tools will help you very much when installing and changing your curtain rod finial. This product has a function for being extendable length curtain rod extends from 36 to 66 inches.

There is only one black option for this product, which is black. When it comes to the material options, it is iron and for the finish, you can find it as powder-coated form.

The next advantage of his perfect product is that it comes with mounting hardware, including screws, anchors, and installation instructions.

You can decorate your windows with these decorative finials on either end provide a visually balanced appearance.

The price of this product is $30.99. 

For more information, you can find more details by visiting the Amazon website:

6.AmazonBasics 1″ Double Curtain Rod with Square Finials

AmazonBasics 1″ Double Curtain Rod with Square Finials coming with mounting hardware includes some additional tools which will help you when installing your curtain rod finials: screws, anchors, and installation instructions.

Moreover, the package includes a wall mount that offers adjustable width to avoid obstructions. That means it can provide additional space between your wall and your window coverings.

You should know that the adjustable length of this curtain rod product is in espresso dark bronze extending from 36 to 72 inches.

The price of this product is $34.10.

For more information, you can find more details by visiting the Amazon website:

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