How to Assess Curtain Quality

Curtains are of course one of the most indispensable parts of living spaces that are found in all homes. Curtains are not only accessories that protect our private space and ensure the privacy of our home, but they also have many other functions they fulfill. The curtains take on the task of protecting from the sun in the sweltering heat and the aesthetic complement of the decoration. So how is the curtain quality understood?

Of course, the fabric determines the quality of your curtain. Therefore, the fabric of your curtain will determine how quickly your curtains will wear out over time, how long they will last as if they are new, and how much care they will require. If the fabric of your curtain is too thick and heavy, then your curtain will not be folded properly while hanging, and this will create an unpleasant appearance. If you choose a very light and thin curtain, this time it will not fall down smoothly either. You should choose the fabric based on the fact that your curtain looks stylish and smooth when hung.

It does not matter how luxurious or flamboyant the furniture of a living space, whose curtains are chosen carelessly, because the curtains that do not adapt to the decoration or that are preferred with a bad aesthetic understanding immediately attract attention. Although it is seen as a side role of decoration, it is necessary to be very careful when choosing curtains, which is one of the first noticeable details as soon as you enter a room.

In terms of the curtain color, you should pay attention to both the decoration of your room and how much sun the room receives. The sun’s rays will lighten the color of your curtain at times, so we recommend that you do not choose very light colors in rooms with a lot of sunlight. Apart from that, you should choose curtains in different shades that match the colors of your furniture. Curtains in the same tone as your sofa set or wall color create a boring and suffocating environment.

When measuring your curtain length, you must first decide where you want your curtain to start. Professional designers usually hang the curtains 15-20 cm above the window. Although curtains usually extend from the ceiling to the floor, this can actually create a stifling atmosphere at times. For a more traditional look, your curtains should touch the floor lightly; If you want a modern stance, you should finish the height of your curtain one or two cm above the ground. Likewise, draped pleated curtains create a more classical and flamboyant texture, while curtains with fewer pleats make a contemporary and minimal emphasis.

As with all furniture and accessories, trends change frequently in curtains. But when choosing your curtain, we recommend that you choose the most suitable one for you instead of looking at the trends of that year, because curtain patterns directly affect the appearance of the rooms, either positively or negatively. For example, this year, floral and tropical patterned curtains are very trendy. However, when it comes to a low ceiling or a small living space, these patterns will not be suitable. Simpler and minimal patterns and solid colors should be used for small and low-ceilinged houses.

When it comes to curtains, we mostly think of tulle curtains and background curtains. However, a sunshade is also a very necessary need for some rooms in some houses. If you want to keep your home cooler, especially in the hot summer months, you should invest in sunshades. In addition, black-out curtains that completely darken the interior are ideal and useful for those who are light sleepers and want to reach a healthier sleep pattern.

If you want to use mechanical curtain systems such as roller blinds and zebra curtains, which are very fashionable recently, you should first check the windows and doors of your home and make sure they are suitable for this. Such mechanical systems are best compatible with sliding window systems. Also, remember that these systems are useful and stylish as well as require regular maintenance.

How to Pick Out Quality Curtain

Ask the seller about the features of the curtain you will buy, otherwise talk about the product return conditions. Especially for those who have a roller blind, it is important to choose quality curtains that are not damaged immediately when wiped. For this, please don’t just look at the price. The curtain price for a 90 square meter house costs 2 thousand $ on average. That is, you can easily find a meter for $ 20 for a curtain, and a meter for $ 100. Do not calculate window length alone when calculating. For example, calculate 3-4 meters on a 2-meter window so that what you call a tulle curtain looks like a curtain, not a bedsheet.

But all expensive curtains are not equal to quality, so buy curtains for the same curtain styles by visiting at least 2 or 3 different places. Of course, there are several curtain sets that are much more affordable or expensive than these prices. But if you want an average and above standard curtain, these prices are average. Pay attention to this feature of the tulle curtain, especially when choosing a curtain for the newlyweds. Curtains that do not require ironing are a click of better quality and will help you not to bother.

Even when you touch the fabric of the curtain, we recommend that you stay away from curtains that are wrinkled and do not recover easily. Avoid curtains that hurt or tear quickly, even though they are very cheap, you may have to buy completely new curtains in the future. If your budget is suitable, handcrafted lacy curtains are very high quality and just as expensive. It is expensive in some ready-made quality guipures and is offered for sale integrated with special fabrics.

Things to Consider When Choosing Quality Curtains

For quality background curtains;

  • You need to pay attention to harmony with the wall color. Whenever possible, choose your wall color and background curtain color from contrasting colors.
  • When choosing background curtains for small rooms, try to choose lighter and more spacious colors.
  • Reflect your style. If you have used objects in gold or silver colors in your room, you can choose complementary accessories in the accessories of your background curtain, provided that you do not exaggerate. This will allow you to reflect your style fully.
  • Make sure you measure the way you want. If you are in the attic or if you are going to use a facade background curtain with a door opening to your balcony, remember that the door will be used from time to time.
  • Pay attention to the integrity of the patterns. The patterns of your background curtain, carpet, and furniture do not have to be a whole. Therefore, if you have a flower-patterned sofa, you do not have to buy a floral patterned background curtain. Such choices cause a monotonous and boring environment.

For quality roller blinds;

  • Easy to assemble. Matching your window size with your roller blind size.
  • The quality of the fabric. Make sure that the fabric of the roller blind you choose is durable. Otherwise, you may observe thread breakages and tears over time.
  • The room you will use is very important in choosing a roller blind. You should determine the style of the roller blind according to the room and choose accordingly.
  • If you want light transmittance and sunlight from outside to your room, you can choose a fabric type that permits sunlight. However, if you are going to use it in a room such as a study room and if you intend to use a table in front of the window, we recommend that you buy a sun-proof roller blind.
  • If you are going to buy roller blinds for the living room and hall, make sure that it is a fabric that blocks the sun rays so that the sunlight does not damage your furniture or the items standing in front of the windows. Otherwise, your furniture and products may become brittle.
  • The mechanism is one of the most important parts of the roller blind. Make sure that the mechanism is solid and durable. Decide whether it will be in one frame or 2 pieces depending on the length of your window. Do not forget the gap that will occur when you use a partial roller blind.

For quality living room curtains;

  • If you do not have a guest room in your home to host your guests, the living room is the room where you host your guests and your home is evaluated. For this reason, attention should be paid to the decoration style and integrity of the living room curtain.
  • One of the determining factors that you will choose curtains for the living room. It is whether the interior is visible from the outside and whether it is desirable to enter the sun. You can choose different combinations according to this situation.
  • Ceiling lengths are fixed at 2.70. However, if the ceiling length of your home is shorter, it will be better to use plain curtains in plain colors.

  • Window sizes are generally standard. However, smaller windows may be preferred in some homes. If your window is small in your home, we recommend that you choose a curtain that matches your wall color.
  • Color harmony is very important. When choosing curtains in living room decoration, you should pay attention to parquet color, furniture color, carpet color, wall color, and accessories. When you use all these colors for harmony, your living room decoration will be more architectural and magnificent.
  • Speaking of color harmony, color harmony is not the case when all these criteria are used in the same colors. It is used with tone differences. Or it is used with contrasting but complementary colors. If you do not know about this, it is better to seek interior designer advice.
  • If your armchairs have more patterns such as flowers or pop art, make sure that your curtain is plain. On the contrary, if you have plain furniture, you can choose patterned curtain models to add movement.
  • The sunshade should always be a different color than the tulle curtain. It is these contrasts that we call harmony. It is that the colors show themselves without interfering and without straining the eyes.

For quality kitchen curtains;

  • It should be one of the first options to choose curtains that are easy to clean and take fewer stains.
  • Kitchens are generally not very large spaces. For this reason, you can choose among light-colored curtain models in order to provide a more spacious image.
  • One of the most important technical features of kitchen curtains is that they must be useful. For this reason, we recommend you choose between roller blinds or curtains with a folding mechanism in the kitchen.
  • You will need sunlight from time to time in your kitchen, sometimes you will want to cut off the sunlight. The ideal curtains to provide this feature are roller blinds.
  • The color of the curtain you will use in your kitchen is usually chosen in accordance with the colors of the kitchen cabinet. Color intensity is the main determinant in the kitchen. For this reason, you can choose the color of your curtain to contrast with the kitchen cabinets.
  • If you have dark color kitchen cabinets, we recommend that you choose light colors kitchen curtains. It is extremely important for your kitchen to be more spacious and bright.
  • One of the situations that you should avoid when choosing kitchen curtains is the length of the kitchen curtains. Kitchen curtains should be adjusted so that they do not touch the floor. This is very important for hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Because they can be washed easily, washable blinds curtains are often preferred in the kitchen.

For quality bedroom curtains;

  • One of the first issues we will pay attention to when choosing curtains in the bedroom is privacy. Care should be taken to choose curtain types that will not be visible from the outside of the bedroom.
  • It will be better for the bedroom if you prefer light-proof curtains. For this reason, dark-colored fabric curtains can be preferred in the bedroom.
  • If you want it to be more spacious, you can choose plain white curtains and tulle curtains. If you want, you can have a more decorative appearance with a background curtain. Generally, these combinations are preferred more in the bedroom.
  • One of the most serious mistakes you should not make would be to use two separate roller blinds.
  • For a comfortable and long sleep, a dark and light-proof environment should be captured in the bedroom. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to the fact that the fabric of the curtain you choose is opaque.
  • Pay attention to the size of your window. The curtain used in the bedroom is preferred up to the floor instead of the window. Also, a little more space is given instead of space at the edges. The reason for this is to prevent the inside from being seen due to gaps that may occur at the edges of the windows from different angles.

For quality tulle curtains;

  • Tulles that do not curl and blend both provide a more beautiful appearance and are more useful. Tulle curtains woven with chiffon yarn types are more suitable for curling.
  • After washing the tulle curtains, you can make them look smoother by ironing lightly at low temperature with a steam iron.
  • The most painful type of tulle curtain is the pleated tulle. The length of the pleated tulle is longer than other tulle curtains. Therefore, the ironing process can be long and tiring.

  • Pay attention to the quality of tulle curtains. Try not to buy poor quality products because they are more affordable. Take care to buy wash-resistant products. Especially try to choose products from brands that guarantee durability against washing.
  • There are two types of tulle curtains that do not require ironing. These are tulle curtains produced using Voile and Linen. These curtains do not need ironing. It is more effortless and convenient.
  • Pay attention to the curtain length. The length of tulle curtains should be adjusted well. Otherwise, it may be exposed to a lot of dust and dirt.

Quality Tulle Curtains and Their Characteristics

As you know, tulle curtains are among the indispensable things that change the air of the house. It is not the kind of curtain that can be called “if it is not possible” like zebra and roller blinds. It is a must-have curtain in every home. How is the quality of a tulle curtain understood? Let’s share important tips with curious details. First of all, it would be wrong to start on price. The high price of a curtain does not mean it is quality. First of all, this perception should be broken. You don’t need to be an expert to understand quality tulle curtains. Recently, some brand companies have made other companies produce and only print the brand name. In order not to make this mistake, it is necessary to do good research.

Before explaining the fine details of the quality curtain, we will not go without saying a few sentences as it helps you in choosing curtains for living rooms and kitchens. You can easily find the most stylish and modern curtain models according to the style prevailing in your living room. Among the models, you can find curtains made of many types of fabric such as satin, silk, taffeta, cotton, tulle, lace; You can also find roller blinds, zebra blinds, blinds, folded and balloon system curtains. All products in the most beautiful curtains category are extremely robust and resistant to washing and cleaning. Color and pattern models are quite wide.

You can find and buy curtains for many different rooms, such as curtains for the kitchen or bedroom. All the types that exist for the hall are also found for these rooms. When choosing curtains for the living room, you should also pay attention to the general color prevailing in your furniture and home. Tulle, blinds, and background curtains should also be compatible with each other. You can find dark colors as well as many light color tones such as beige, powder color, cream color. Before purchasing the products, you should also pay attention to the size and number of windows.

If you have a large window with multiple windows, you can choose vertical blinds or draped products. You can also evaluate ready-made curtain models made of materials such as wood, plastic, PVC, glass. You should pay attention to the brand and price ratio in order to have quality products and to use them for a long time. You can first understand the quality of the tulle curtain in its fabric. Quality products definitely stand out among different models. However, you may have a hard time distinguishing products that are close to each other. You can get help from your curtain guy for this. Likewise, if you are looking for a clear quality about zebra and blinds, do not make a decision without visiting a 3 – 4 curtain shop. Ask any questions you have in mind and look for their answers.

Factors Affecting the Quality of Tulle Curtain

The curtains that decorate our homes should be two-fold. While one of them is thick blinds, another is the tulle curtains at the bottom that we use to let light into the room. Tulle curtains function like lining fabrics in some way. While allowing light to enter, it prevents the inside from being seen by others. However, there are some points that need to be taken into consideration when buying tulle curtains.

Since tulle curtains can always remain closed, contamination is inevitable. For this, it is important that the fabric of tulle curtains is easily washed. Especially when you wash it in the machine, you should pay attention to a fabric that does not wrinkle easily or discolor, and most importantly, it does not change its length.

Although the thickness is generally thin in tulle curtains, some people prefer that tulle curtains are thick like a sunshade. However, when you choose thick curtains, the biggest problem you will experience is that when your tulle curtain gets dirty, it will show that it gets dirty much sooner. Especially the curtains on the heater become extremely dirty over time and if they are thick, the tulle curtain will immediately give this situation away. In this case, you will have to wash your curtains constantly.

The thick sunshades on the top should be ironed straight. However, since tulle curtains are both under and used more, these curtains do not need to be ironed. In fact, if your tulle curtains are wrinkled, you will want to. Finally, you need to hang your curtain so that it completely covers your window and overflows a little so that when you move the curtain back and forth, part of your window does not open unintentionally.

Quality Roller Blind Selection

When choosing roller blinds, the choice of fabric and mechanism comes to the fore. It is necessary to make a detailed selection in order to choose a curtain that meets the needs in the long term. It is possible to have a comfortable and long-lasting solution with the fabric and mechanism selected according to the area of ​​use and expectation. The fabrics of roller blinds are generally polyester fabrics. Fabric diversity can be provided with personal demands. There is a covering material called finishing on the fabrics of these curtains. The finish keeps the curtain straight and wrinkle-free. It can also be applied to anti-allergic coatings on curtains covered with non-flammable material when desired.

With these applications, efficient fabrics should be preferred for curtains. The use of roller blinds can be in the form of blinds behind the tulle curtains or folded curtains, as well as roller blinds as a patterned tulle curtain. The most important factor in fabric selection is that the fabric can be cleaned. The finishing application creates a layer on the fabric that prevents contact with air. In this way, it is sufficient that the fabric of the curtain, which is easy to clean, can be wiped or washable. Since the curtain does not need special treatment for cleaning purposes, it is sufficient that it can only be wiped and cleaned.

Roller blind systems are commonly manual systems. The roller blinds mounted on the ceiling are opened and closed with a physical cord. The mounting frame must be used in the assembly of the curtains. The mounting frame allows adjusting the curtains straight to any slope in the ceiling. Since any inclination in the position of the curtain in roller blind systems draws attention very easily, it is necessary to pay attention to this process.

Although manual systems come to the fore for those who want to make roller blinds, automatic systems are also easily applied to the curtains upon request. With the addition of sensors and motors, it is possible to install an automatic system that can be controlled by remote control, and these stylish roller blind models offer ease of use. A motorized curtain system can be used in wide windows and office floors with a full glass. The remote control of these systems offers comprehensive solutions especially for crowded families and families with children.

Curtains are mainly examined in three classes;

  • Tulle Curtains,
  • Fabric Curtains,
  • Mechanical Curtains

The roller blinds we process here are classified in the category of mechanical curtains together with zebra, blinds and vertical blinds. Curtains are divided into various classes as can be guessed. With the most general distinction; In this group, which is differentiated as roller blinds that have sun-filtering and shading effects; There are also models with chain, fringed, patterned, printed, fabric, zebra, motorized and wooden blinds. Of course, although each type has advantages and disadvantages in itself, there is also a fine distinction in which environment to be used.

When all these are taken into consideration, it can be seen that the answer to the question “Which is the best quality curtain” varies depending on many conditions. The main factors taken into account when choosing a quality roller blind are as follows:

  • The physical structure of the room where the curtain will be used. What is meant by the physical structure here are the factors such as the number of windows in the room and the direction of the windows, the presence of factors affecting the general architecture of the building, such as columns, and the height of the wall from the ground, etc?
  • Furniture to be used with curtains is the most important factor to be considered during selection. Choosing a suitable curtain for furniture that includes different options in terms of model and color is the biggest obstacle to the sought after elegance. As stated in the previous paragraphs, professional support can be obtained at this point.
  • Whether or not the environment where the curtain will be used is exposed to sunlight is also effective in choosing the fabric or model. Sun-filtering roller blinds are preferred in rooms with frequent sunshine, while sun-free foci fabric roller blinds can be preferred.
  • Considering the result; Although there are many small details for the selection of roller blinds, it would be an appropriate approach to underline that it is generally gathered in three areas and that the choices made by considering these areas will be close to the right and perfect choice.

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