Curtains or Blinds: Which Is Better?

As one of the trivial areas of a renovation, most of us hardly think about how to dress our windows. More than just decoration, window covering is essential to prevent sunlight and annoying noise from entering your home. Often, this concerns two types to choose among. Curtains and blinds. So which one is better for your home? Do not worry, depending on your decorating style, budget, and needs, our quick guide will help you make the final decision: are curtains or blinds better?

We cannot say that curtains or blinds are better, it all depends on the mood/style of the interior you are looking for. Standard curtains easily lend themselves to a wider range of styles as they come in a variety of thicknesses, patterns, and colors. For example, clear and transparent curtains are perfect for creating a light and airy atmosphere in a minimalist or Scandinavian interior. Meanwhile, heavier, richer drapery fabrics made from materials like velvet are better suited to casual and contemporary styles. But the blinds are now seeing a resurgence. As their clean looks give the space a sense of structure, more and more local homes are combining blinds in styles such as industrial and Scandinavian.

Pure white curtains exude a kind of classic colonial beauty, while wooden ones are perfect for giving the look of a “hotel” suite in a home. The greater variety of materials, finishes, and colors allows a wide range of interior types to be achieved. When cost is a more important factor, the following rule of thumb applies: Curtains are generally cheaper than blinds. Why is that? Everything in its own way; Generally, soft fabrics are always cheaper than harder wood or plastic blinds. Also, additional work needs to be done to build an awning that could explain the price increase. Of course, prices may vary based on texture or material type. Velvet/suede curtains can be more expensive than wooden blinds.

Other cheaper options are to use backups. Instead of natural silk, you can go for rayon curtains to get this high-quality European style. Alternatively, pre-made curtains that can be purchased off the shelf are much cheaper, but may no longer fit in your windows. When it comes to blinds, materials like vinyl tend to be less expensive than aluminum, wood, or textured blinds. Curtains are usually much cheaper in terms of cost but of course, it depends on the type of material you are looking for. If you prefer an easier maintenance method, curtains might be a better idea than blinds. It takes less time to clean the curtains. Depending on the type of fabric, you can easily regain its shine by machine washing or dry cleaning.

Louvers and vertical louvers easily collect dust on the slats, so each lath must be cleaned manually. However, louvers are easier to maintain with less demanding cleaning methods: spot cleaning, dry cleaning, or handwashing. However, in terms of durability, blinds can be a tougher choice. Like all fabrics, curtains can fade over time due to exposure to sunlight and frequent washing. Fabric curtains are definitely easier to maintain if you want to avoid manual cleaning. However, in terms of durability, blinds are more durable because curtain fabrics can fade easily.

Let’s not forget the main point of window covering: blocking light. Here too, in terms of light coverage, curtains dominate, especially thick blackout curtains made of heavier materials such as brocade or suede. While blinds are great for keeping light in check, they, unfortunately, can’t control most of the amount of light that passes through the filter. Curtains provide more control. Roll it in bright sunlight or adjust the slices to get the amount of sunlight you want. It depends on your preferences. For a light ceiling, choose curtains. Use blinds to control lighting.

Curtains are also better than blinds in terms of volume control. Similar concept: The gaps between the louvers, unfortunately, allow sound to pass through easily. Not only that but on windy days, blinds hitting window sills can also make noise. Heavy curtains are great for blocking out noise, especially if your home is facing the street or a corridor. Thicker and denser fabrics keep the noise out of the room. The higher density and flexibility of the softer curtains helps to reduce the sound waves passing through them. Also, blinds can be a disadvantage as they can make quite a bit of noise on windy days.

Curtains or Blinds: Which One to Choose?

Spacious living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms often look best with long, striped, or sheer curtains. Smaller rooms are generally more suitable for blinds. Does a bedroom need to be completely shut down? Or is it a darker room that requires privacy but receives lots of natural light? It is difficult to control all the boxes in one operation. Bedroom windows typically need two layers, one to filter light during the day and provide privacy, and the other to block out light at night and early in the morning.

Curtains are always best when looking for full light blocking. Wearing a headband or eyelet will prevent light from seeping from the top. Wall-to-wall curtains add your room a hotel quality dark. Blinds block light along the body but have a slight shift at the sides and base. Window treatments in living spaces should be carefully considered, especially if they also serve as a media room. Place your furniture before choosing curtains or blinds. Curtains work best when there is a table, bed, or sofa under the window. Blinds are much more aesthetic options.

Classic double windows or French doors are the best models in the window world! Curtains and blinds look great with both. Large frameless glass walls should be scrutinized carefully. When it comes to new construction, it is often helpful to discuss window applications with your designer or architect during the planning phase. Discuss where to attach curtain accessories and where to stack the curtains when opened. Narrow windows close to the ceiling in bedrooms are often difficult to close and can cause problems if the lights cannot be controlled.

When working with existing windows, try to keep everything at the same level. If possible, curtains should be lined up on the windowsill, and blinds, especially Roman ones, should be stacked on the glass. Bars should be placed in the upper part of the window and spread on the wall to visually create a larger window. Romans is my choice to prevent the blind. Roller blinds may be cheaper, but they might be quite troublesome and visually not appealing.

They can often be cute, especially if they’re small. Curtains provide better light control, but blinds can be more practical in a smaller space. If you decide to use curtains, make it taller and wider than the window to minimize light drift. Curtains are best placed close to the ceiling, or better, a strip is placed on top to prevent light from escaping. Curtains suspended from the pillars allow light to pass through the ceiling.

A Though Decision Between Blinds and Curtains

Are blinds better than curtains? This is a question I have been asked a lot and I think I should answer fairly for those who really need to examine the pros and cons of each. Now I have to be a little careful because I do not sell curtains but I will try to be as neutral as possible. While the debate between blinds and curtains is often based on a matter of personal preference, we can definitely examine the pros and cons of both. The latest stores combine both. Some products are the perfect solution that combines the luxurious curtain look with the practicality of vertical roller blinds.

Curtains have been around for hundreds of years, and a great set of draped curtains with one piece can add a luxurious look to any room. Its thick material is perfect for preventing drafts in windows and keeping the room comfortable and cozy at home. They also make a room less empty, as their grandeur can be a feature that adds character to a room. Buying with opaque siding is ideal for bedrooms as there is very little light gap compared to certain types of blinds. Curtains also come in a variety of styles, thickness, fabric, and colors such as blinds, but curtain fabric options play a role, as well as the color and texture of the fabrics used to make curtains. Curtain are popular choices among interior designers as they can go with any color scheme or theme.

With the advancement in blinds technology and design, many fabrics and colors are now available to achieve the same benefit. However, the available textures are always a feature where curtains offer more options. However, there are a variety of styles, lining options, and fabrics for curtains that will change the overall aesthetics of the room. Transparent and sheer curtains are suitable for an airy setting in Scandinavian decor. Heavier and richer fabrics such as velvet are more suitable for comfortable environments. It just depends on the type of fabric you choose, but curtains are generally quite affordable.

Cotton curtains can cost only $ 10, while other thick curtains can cost up to several thousand dollars. Thicker curtains can also make the room appear smaller as they take up more space than blinds but often create a luxurious feel. Thermal curtains are an energy-efficient option for areas with extreme climates. During a conversation with a customer, energy savings in winter and blinds according to curtains were discussed. The trouble he was having was when he closed the curtains to keep warm, he turned the radiator off and all the heat went out of the window.

In terms of durability, wooden curtains are likely to be more durable than fabric curtains, as moths can eat, stain, or mold materials; As you can imagine, curtains in bathrooms and kitchens have a high risk of mold and stains due to constant humidity. Price-wise, I’ve learned over the years that a good custom canopy set is worth more than a custom blind, but the price is heavier for the material used. Curtains offer completely different benefits and with so many different designs you can be sure to find the one that suits your style and decor.

Curtains are more practical and functional and can filter the amount of light entering the room. Vertical and blinds are perfect for filtering light while maintaining a good level of privacy. Many more modern homes now prefer blinds due to their ease of maintenance. Another thing we see more often is people who have both in the same window. Blinds are used to control light, and curtains are only used to beautify the window and never move or are closed only at night to provide additional insulation and better block out the morning light.

If you’re still unsure whether to choose blinds or curtains, Roman blinds are the way to go. The curtain is made of fabric, so it is classified as a home textile but has the practical properties of the blinds. This way you can combine the fabric with your other furniture. While still enjoying the basic functionality that blinds provide. Blinds are particularly useful in kitchens due to their lightness and ease of cleaning. Although they collect dust fairly quickly, a quick vacuum is easier to operate than to wipe. You can also look for a wipeable cloth if it’s easier to use. People with allergies may have a problem here.

The louvers can also be installed right on the window and offer high energy efficiency without the risk of interrupting heat sources such as radiators. Even open blinds provide a barrier against cold or heat, so you can save more energy during the day. While we’ve discussed some of the main factors in the curtain and blinds debate extensively today, it’s hard to say whether blinds are better than curtains in general because it really all depends on what you prefer and what you need in your home. Often times we find that a combination of the two works well for the home. Think about what you need and what it looks like and then you will see if energy saving is a big factor for you or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blinds

The curtains that we have used “carefully” since Roman history has shown differences in design, simultaneously with the development of humanity and art. In the 16th century, it started to take its familiar form, opening and closing both sides, and attention to patterns and models. For a period, curtain production turned into an artistic race due to its patterns and designs, and the wealthy groups also used their curtains as an element of vanity and accompanied this artistic race.

Today, products that are easy to use and clean have started to be preferred. Easy-to-clean fabrics with countless options and curtains that can be installed practically and can be easily removed have become an indispensable part of living room decorations. This is one of the reasons why roller blinds, which meet this need and bring many conveniences, are popular.

The roller blind can be defined as the mechanism connected to a pipe that is slightly longer than the window width rotates the pipe with the help of a rope and the curtain fabric wraps around this pipe during this rotation. Roller blinds have fabrics produced in accordance with this wrapping process and mostly made of polyester material. Apart from this system, there are also cotton and linen roller blinds that are folded at certain points and collected above. In some different models, it is seen that linen and cotton are added to polyester material. The process of adding linen and cotton is mostly applied to the zebra roller blind model, which is one of the most well-known types of roller blinds.

The type of roller blind obtained by using thin bamboo sticks instead of fabric is called blinds. Unlike tulle curtains, the mechanism, which is activated by pulling a rope, provides wrapping from bottom to top in most models, while models that wrap and fold over the top are also produced. Wicker roller blinds, which are close to this style, can also act with the same logic and system. Bamboo roller blinds may be more suitable for those who love the natural look or those who have home decoration in this direction.

Regardless of the model of the roller blinds, opening and closing is a simple process by simply pulling or releasing a rope. You can open your roller blind in a few seconds during the daytime and continue your life by closing it in a short time in the evenings. Problems such as accidentally hanging and damaging the curtain or getting dirty quickly due to frequent contact of your hands are also eliminated by the roller blind. In double mechanism roller blind models, the rope on one side of the curtain controls the tulle in front, while the rope at the other end moves the sunshade. Roller blinds with this system are more practical than other models.

Roller blinds can literally block the front of the window and prevent the sun’s rays from entering. Thanks to its light insulation features, it both reduces the brightness inside and prevents your house from being seen from the outside when the lights are on. There are railed holes that can move left and right where the roller blinds will be mounted on the wall. Thanks to these movable holes, you do not have to take a precise measurement. You can easily install the roller blind by drilling two holes on the wall near the two ends of the curtain. Depending on the length of the roller blind, you may need a third connection for the middle part.

In new models of roller blinds, almost every manufacturer adds a child lock to the mechanism. Thanks to these child locks that can be activated in simple ways, children cannot move the ropes of the curtain and turn it into a game. This prevents many household accidents and the wear of the roller blinds. Roller blinds are produced according to the size of the window you will close or can be obtained from ready-made models in suitable sizes for the window in your home.

However, in cases such as changing houses, the window dimensions of the house you will move to will be different. Normal curtains can adapt to windows of any size as they are prepared with a larger size than the width measurement due to their curved structure. However, roller blinds do not have such flexibility in the horizontal direction. A roller blind that does not completely close the window is a disaster for eye pleasure but also deviates from its intended use.

Roller blinds actually provide many conveniences in terms of cleaning. It also does not need to be cleaned frequently. However, there are some points to be considered when cleaning. The fabric of roller blinds goes through a printing/coating process called “Finishing”. This process helps them to have a more plastic-textured structure and to easily hug the pipe. We can call it a kind of fabric polish. While this method hardens the polyester fabric, it also makes it fragile against impact and folding. In other words, you should be careful not to fold or break the fabric of your roller blind. Because any blow like this will leave a mark.

To clean the roller blind, first, remove your roller blind carefully. This is important in order not to have permanent wrinkles. Afterward, you should lay your roller blind on the floor and clean it with a dry cloth. After these procedures, you can clean your roller blind that is laid on the floor with a damp sponge and slow movements. The sponge should not be too wet and should only be moist enough to absorb its dirt. Afterward, you can hang it in place without waiting for your curtain to dry. Finished polyester fabric will not absorb moisture and will dry easily.

Characteristics of Blinds in General

Blinds are curtain models that can be opened and closed, which is generally preferred in workplaces. It is made of aluminum, although its substance varies. For this reason, it is durable and robust. Blind curtain selection in narrow spaces helps to show the space very spacious and wide. It is possible to get sunlight at the desired angle with Venetian blinds. You can block the sunlight by closing the mechanism completely or leave it intermittent to let in some sunlight.

Blind type curtains are divided into three parts within the frame of the material used in its construction. These are micro, wood, and plastic blinds. Wooden Venetian blinds are blinds that have an extremely elegant appearance. These types of blinds also differ within themselves. Wooden blinds can be made from real trees from which they can be made of chipboard. Blinds made of wood are of high quality compared to blinds made of chipboard. Chipboard blinds may be inadequate in terms of quality compared to wooden blinds.

Blinds made of chipboard or wood can open and create tendencies as they are exposed to sunlight. However, the blinds made of wood have a structure that is extremely resistant to sunlight and resistant to any opening or bending. The lifetime of these blinds is at least five years. Of course, the difference in quality has a considerable effect on the price. Venetian blinds produced from wood have the highest prices. Wooden Venetian blinds, which have a very good decorative appearance, are generally preferred in living rooms or offices.

Micro blinds are produced from materials such as metal and aluminum. The most important feature of micro blinds is that they can block sunlight completely. One of the reasons for preference is its easy-to-clean feature. It is preferred in balconies with its ability to completely block the sun, and it is preferred in kitchens with its very easy cleaning feature. Micro blinds type curtains are more useful than tulle curtains. While tulle curtains let the sunlight pass through in a very high amount, micro blinds do not let it at all.

Plastic Blinds type curtains are the cheapest among the curtain types and because of this, they are the most inferior structure. The sun shear rate of plastic blinds, which have a very short life, is very high and low. Their lifetime is six to seven months and they can fail very quickly. Apart from all these, the most important bad feature is that they contain carcinogenic substances.

Benefits of Using Blinds

One of the greatest convenience of using blinds is the cleaning of blinds type curtains. Blind type curtain cleaning can be done in a much more practical and easy way compared to other curtains. Individuals can remove the dust of the blind-type curtain in the closed position by changing the end of the vacuum cleaner while doing daily cleaning in their homes. However, if the blind type curtain is very dirty and dusty, or if it is too oily because it is used in the kitchen, the blind type curtain can be wiped by wetting a cloth with water containing dish soap.

These products are also known as modern curtains today. Therefore, it is changing and developing. Motorized Venetian blinds can be opened and closed automatically. You can turn it on and off from where you sit. These features are enough to make this product even more attractive. Blind curtains generally provide great advantages in workplaces and houses today. While it gives a more sporty and modern appearance, you can also open and close it from where you sit due to its motorized mechanism.

Normal curtains can give a very ordinary look if there is no difference in decoration. If you want a very sporty and non-ordinary modern look, you can choose Venetian blinds. It will be a good alternative for you as it can be produced in the desired color and pattern. Beautiful workmanship combines with the measurements taken, and a beautiful modern curtain emerges. Venetian blinds are produced as aluminum as well as wood.

Wooden Venetian blinds are generally used in wooden houses for decoration purposes and in houses for decoration and vary depending on the window structure and the area to be used. There are three types of bandwidths as 25-35-50 mm. While thin bands are preferred for small windows, the bandwidth should be increased as the window size increases. Wideband options are more covering than thin bands. Thanks to this feature, while it is of great importance for sun protection, it reduces the ease of use of the curtain due to its weight. In addition, choosing the options that are completely controlled by rope instead of wooden blinds with rods reduces the factors such as the failure of the mechanism in a short time or the rod jammed in the window and broken. Wooden Venetian blinds are also easy to clean. You can do it with the deletion process, as well as give it to the places that are interested in this business.

Blinds between two glasses are the most comfortable curtain models to use. Most importantly, it is absolutely dust-free, as is the case with blinds used in partitions between double glazing. Thus, the most important problem of the product is eliminated. The products used between two glasses have their own and stylish images. After it is placed between two glasses, the glass is vacuumed and airtight. These types of curtains are generally preferred by businesses rather than homes. It provides many advantages over other curtains. Cleaning is not a problem and it becomes impossible to deteriorate.

It also prevents noise and sound penetration to a great extent. These are the general features and areas of use of this product model. If you want to have a sporty and modern look in your home or office, you can choose these types of curtains. Venetian blinds are an easy-to-use curtain model that provides advantages in many ways. For this reason, its usage area has become widespread today and it has started to be preferred by many people.

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