Curtain Knobs for Hanging Curtains

Do you want to try a different and special way to hang your curtains? There are a lot of fancy options you can try instead of using simple curtain rods. And one of them is using curtain knobs for hanging curtains. A curtain knob is normally installed on the wall near the window and used for holding the curtains in one place neatly. Nevertheless, with some courage and some installing tips, you will be able to hang your curtains in a very distinguished way.

Curtain knobs are very handy hardware that you can use for multiple usages. In this post, we will discuss their attributes for hanging. A curtain valance or different types of curtain panels can be attached to the wall with the help of these knobs. They will look very elegant and beautiful over a window and they will be very sturdy and long-lasting. We will cover everything you need to know from their installation and usage to their advantages and disadvantages. Lastly, we will share some special curtain knob and curtain combination ideas for your house. So, here is your guide.

Why should you use curtain knobs for hanging curtains?

There are a lot of reasons to choose curtain knobs for hanging curtains. We can list three main reasons: fancy touch, awkward wall plans, and never-used curtains. Let’s look at them one by one.

Reason 1: If you want to add a fancy touch to your house

It is always important to enjoy your time inside of your house. To call a building ‘home’, you may need to add little touches. Curtains and curtain accessories will always be the main attraction in a room. And if you want to change the decoration a little bit, you can start with hanging your curtains in a different way. Using curtain knobs for hanging curtains can be a fresh start for you.

Reason 2: If you have awkward wall plans

In some houses, the wall plans are just not even or they look awkward. And unfortunately, this situation will not let you hang your curtains in the way you want or in a normal way such as using a curtain rod. So you should find different ways to solve this hanging problem. If you choose to use curtain knobs for hanging your curtains, you will be as free as possible. You can set and determine the height and the distance between each knob however you like.

Reason 3: If you don’t use your curtains frequently

Don’t forget that you won’t be able to open or close or even move your curtains if you choose to use curtain knobs to hang them. So this hanging option is great for curtains that you do not use frequently. Some may see this as a big disadvantage but it is up to you to turn it into an advantage. The most important question is in which room to use this hanging option. We recommend you to use it over the windows such as small kitchen windows, bathroom windows, very big and wide room windows, windows over breakfast nooks, or any room window that you do not use that much.

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How to choose the knobs?

The curtain knobs will be seen from every angle. So it is important to choose knobs that fit well to the room and its décor and create a great combination with the curtain’s style, pattern, and color. They are not like curtain rods which means whatever curtain you use, the knobs will not be covered. If your room has a modern style, then you should buy a simple and modern knob. But if your room is more classic, you may want to choose something more elegant and more embroidered. Or if you want a warmer touch in your room, you can choose wooden curtain knobs.

Which type of curtains to choose from?

To hang curtains by using curtain knobs you should choose appropriate curtain types that are usable for this purpose. We can list four usable curtain styles: tie-top curtains, tab-top curtains, pleated curtains with rings or valances. But if you want and are able to make your own curtains, there is another choice which is handmade curtains with rings. Let’s examine those different curtain styles one by one.

Tie-top curtains: This curtain style has loops over it that need to be tied to hang over a rod or knob. You need to tie each loop to the curtain knobs to hang these curtains. When they are compared with the tab-top curtains, tie-top curtains are made with lighter fabrics to tie the loops more easily. They have a laid-back and fun style. They are great for bedrooms and kids’ rooms.

Tab-top curtains: The upper seam of the panels has noticeable loops called tabs that dangle from the tab-top curtains. These loops make this curtain type very suitable for the aim of hanging curtains by using curtain knobs. The only thing you need is to buy knobs with the same number of a tab-top curtain’s loops. They have a more casual style. So that, tab-top curtains are great for living room, bedroom, and especially for the rooms decored with farmhouse style.

Pleated curtains with rings: Pleated curtains have rings over them. So it is very easy to hang them by using curtain knobs. The only problem could be the inconsistency between the width of the rings and the width of the knobs. Hence, you should buy your knobs according to the width of the rings. Pleated curtains are great for living rooms, master bedrooms, and for more formal rooms.

Valance Curtains: Valances are decorative headings mostly used for hiding the curtain’s upper side and hardware materials. But they can be used as short curtains like cafe or apron curtains. They look great when they are hung with curtain knobs. There are very different types of valances. So you may need to sew loops or fabric ties over them. Generally, three loops and three knobs are enough to create a fancy look. But the numbers can change according to your preferences. Valance curtains are great for attic rooms and kitchens.

Handmade curtains with rings: In this part, we will talk about how to add rings to a curtain. You can sew your own curtain after buying a piece of fabric, or you can buy a curtain without rings such as eyelet curtains or rod pocket curtains, and then, you can sew rings on the curtain you bought. You can buy the rings on Amazon. You can choose the ring’s color according to your curtains’ pattern and color, and curtain knobs. After buying those rings, you should sew them to your previously bought or premade curtain. Sew them with the same distance between each ring. Or if you don’t want to sew the rings you can buy rings with clips such as these on Amazon. You just need to attach the rings to the curtain at the same distance by using the clips. Or you can use tiebacks to hang your curtains to the knobs. If you have an eyelet curtain, for example, you can attach the tiebacks inside of each grommet. And you can hang your curtains with the help of tiebacks. Now, you have your handmade curtains with rings. You can hang them to the knobs over the window without any doubt.

How to install?

İn this part, we will talk about how to install the knobs above the window. Before starting, you need to gather some tools:

  • Pencil and paper (to take notes)
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Wall anchors
  • Hanger bolts (optional)
  • Curtain knobs
  • Curtain

After getting the necessary tools, let’s look at the installing steps one by one:

Step 1: By using the pencil, paper, and tape measure, note down the distance between each loop or tab or tie in your curtain.

Step 2: By using the level and the pencil, mark the spots where each knob will be installed.

Step 3: By using the drill, open holes in the marked spots. And then, insert the wall anchors for a better result. 

Step 4: In this step, the curtain knobs should be screwed into the wall anchors one by one. Previously, we said that hanger bolts can be optional. These are only required if the knobs you select have a screw that will pass through the wall and into the knob. Some knobs come with the screw connected and are fixed with a bolt; in this case, hanger bolts are not required. In this fourth step, according to your knob, you can choose whether to use hanger bolts or not.

Step 5: This is the last step. It is time to hang your curtains. Loop or tie your curtains onto the knobs. And it is finished.

Installation tip: Don’t forget to install the curtain knobs on the wall at the same distance as the ties.

Advantages of using knobs for hanging curtains

If you choose to use curtain knobs for hanging your curtains, you will benefit from many things. Here are the advantages of using knobs for hanging curtains:

  • It will be a fresh start. Using knobs may not be a very big or special thing. But it will definitely change your room’s atmosphere a lot.
  • The knobs can either look modern or classic which means you can use them in any room.
  • The knobs are more durable than curtain rods. Due to the pressure of too heavy curtains, collapse and breakage may occur in the middle parts of the rods. However, the knobs will be more durable and safe as they will evenly divide the pressure exerted by the curtain.
  • They can be a great option for situations that curtain rods can’t be used. For example, in some houses, the window areas are divided by weird planned walls, and it is nearly impossible to use a curtain rod. Or another example can be that in some houses, the window area is too narrow that a common curtain rod cannot fit the width of the wall. So if you have such a problem in your house, you need to find another option to hang your curtains like using curtain knobs.
  • If you want to stabilize your curtains, knobs will help you to achieve this. In some rooms, the curtains are not used that frequently such as small kitchen, pantry, and bathroom window curtains. Because of that, you may want to fix these curtains.

Disadvantages of using knobs for hanging curtains

We have listed some advantages of using curtain knobs for hanging curtains. But, like everything, this method has some disadvantages. So here are the disadvantages of using knobs for hanging curtains:

  • Your curtains will be fixed. That means you cannot be able to open or close your curtains whenever you want. If you don’t use your curtains frequently, this is not a big disadvantage. But such as bedroom and living room curtains, if you use your curtains too much, you shouldn’t opt for that curtain hanging method.
  • You won’t be able to conceal the hardware materials over the window. Normally, if you use a curtain rod, you can hide the hardware by using some curtain accessories such as valances and cornice boxes. But curtain knobs will not let you use these types of hiding materials.
  • Not every type of curtain can be used with knobs. Your curtains must have rings, loops, or ties over them.
  • This method can be a little bit more expensive than using a simple rod. Because you will need to buy the same number of knobs with the curtain rings’ numbers. They are not that expensive. But the expenses will be more than using a curtain rod.

Some combination ideas (curtains + knobs)

In this part, we want to share 5 great combination ideas so that you can get some inspiration for your house. We will share curtains and curtain knobs that match well with one another. Everything below is available on Amazon. So, let’s start.

Combination 1: Classic Farmhouse

This first combination contains a black and white semi-sheer tab-top curtain and black curtain knobs. You will need to buy 16 knobs for each tab. This combination is great for a classic farmhouse style.

You can buy the curtain on Amazon.

You can buy the knobs on Amazon.

Combination 2: Floral and Cozy

Our second combination contains a sheer tie-top curtain and blossom-shaped curtain knobs. This light color combination is great for cozy and cute places.

You can buy the curtain on Amazon.

You can buy the knobs on Amazon.

Combination 3: Modern Chic

The third combination is more modern than the first two options. This includes a modern pleated thermal curtain with rings over them and simple metal knobs. The curtain’s color and the knob’s color will create a beautiful contrast. This combination is great for master bedrooms.

You can buy the curtain on Amazon.

You can buy the knobs on Amazon.

Combination 4: Nature at Home

The fourth combination includes a colorful cafe curtain with birds and tree patterns on it and gracious knobs. This combination will help you to feel the sheer power of nature at your own house. But this short rod pocket curtain doesn’t have rings over it. So you should sew or attach rings to the curtain. Or you can buy and sew the ties we shared below.

You can buy the curtain on Amazon.

You can buy the knobs on Amazon.

You can buy the ties on Amazon.

Curtain knobs on Amazon

Lastly, we want to share some curtain knobs that are available on Amazon.

EleCharm 1 Pair Simple Design Diamond Crystal Curtain Hooks Curtain Buckle Wall Holdbacks Decorative Tiebacks (Gold)

You can buy it on Amazon.

Deco Window Holdback/Curtain Tieback (Set of 2) Round Medallion Antique Brass

You can buy it on Amazon.

YING CHIC YYC 2Pcs Retro Flower Medallion Drapery Holdback Curtain Wall Hook Curtain Rod (White)

You can buy it on Amazon.

EleCharm 1Pair French Retro Relief Metal Medallion Curtain Wall Hooks Clothes Hanger (Bronze)

You can buy it on Amazon.

Bitray Curtain Holdbacks Vintage Leaf Design Curtain Drapery Tie Back Bronze Tone – 2PCS

You can buy it on Amazon.

Last Word

Curtain knobs can be used for many purposes such as hanging your coats, holding the curtains, or hanging curtains. In this post, we talked about how to hang curtains by using curtain knobs. We shared every information you need to know. This distinctive method will help you to decorate your rooms. Now, it is your decision time: Are you ready to try this special way to hang your curtains?

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