Curtain Knob Holdbacks

You cannot imagine a home without curtains. Curtains are one of the most practical and chic accessories of our houses. They make a room seem finished and special. However, have you ever thought that your window and window treatments need something different? Then, you are in the right place. We are talking about curtain holdbacks. They can add little things but change big things in your room. 

A curtain holdback is a piece of hardware material that hangs near a window frame on the wall. If you pull your curtain behind this holdback, it will enable your curtain to stay open. They are generally long u-shaped materials installed on the wall and will help you to adjust the privacy and light leakage very easily whenever you desire. And when it comes to curtain knob holdbacks, they are a kind of holdback but they are not u-shaped materials. Knob holdbacks are thicker and bigger than usual pin-like holdbacks. As you can understand from the name, they are literally like doorknobs installed on the wall. Curtain knob holdbacks are just timeless. They can be either modern or classic according to your room’s design.

In some definitions, holdbacks are defined as a type of curtain tiebacks. And this can confuse you. So we thought that it would be better to write the differences between curtain holdbacks and curtain tiebacks next. This will also help you to decide whether you want to use a tieback or a holdback for your curtains and rooms. Because not every holdback can fit every room or match every type of curtain. You should consider that, too.

What are the differences between holdbacks and tiebacks?

As we said before, a curtain holdback is a piece of hardware material that hangs near a window frame on the wall. It is a u-shaped material and is usually made of iron, metal, or even wood. There are also knob-shaped holdbacks. They are bigger than u-shaped holdbacks. If you put the curtain behind this knob, it will gather your curtain and hold it open. It doesn’t matter in which shape your holdbacks will be. The important things are: holdbacks will provide you light management, a very chic style, and keep your curtains clean. Briefly, they are very functional. Curtain holdbacks are especially great for bedrooms. You should consider using holdbacks when your curtains do not remain open every time. But if you have rod pocket curtains, the situation is different. If you have rod pocket curtains in your room, then, you are most probably having trouble with opening and closing your curtains. Because of their design, it is hard to move these curtains. So with the help of curtain holdbacks, you will be able to keep your rod pocket curtains open and more orderly. Curtain holdbacks can also be used as a curtain tieback hook or as a wall hook that you can hang your clothes or bags, too. And that makes it more convenient and multi-functional. Lastly, holdbacks can fit really well with every type of curtain. Whether it is an eyelet curtain or tulle, it doesn’t matter. In other words, you can choose holdbacks with peace of mind for your rooms and curtains.

On the other hand, curtain tieback is a loose material generally made of cotton or silk. They can match the curtains’ pattern and color. Curtain tiebacks are loops of fabric or rope that wrap around a curtain and are commonly attached to a wall hook. They can also collect and hang a curtain in the center of a window. So they are very flexible and decorative. They are literally great for living rooms and dining rooms. But when we compare these two alternatives, curtain tiebacks are not that practical. You should consider using tiebacks only when your curtains mostly remain open. And also, we do not recommend you to use curtain tiebacks with eyelet curtains. Because tying these curtains can damage the actual shape of the eyelet and can leave crease or fold marks. So you should be careful about tiebacks in that sense.

How to install curtain knob holdbacks?

If you consider buying a curtain knob holdback for your curtains, the next step is installing the material. We need some tools to install it. They are:

  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • drill or screwdriver
  • screws
  • curtain holdback (If you have two curtains over one window, you will need two holdbacks. One will be installed left, the other one will be on the right. But if you have one curtain over a window, you will need only one holdback.)

If you don’t have those tools, you can get them very easily on online shopping sites or in a hardware store. 

Before examining the installation steps, I have to emphasize something. A curtain knob installation is not that hard and will not last long. But if you are not that familiar with using those tools or installing things, then it is better for you to get some help from a more knowledgeable person. 

Now, let’s look at the steps of installing the holdbacks one by one:

Step 1: Take the measures of your curtains.

By using the tape measure, you should measure your curtains. Then, divide the total length of your curtains by three. These are the standard measurements. This will help you to specify the spot where the holdback will be installed.

Step 2: Determine the exact spot for your holdbacks.

Each holdback should be hung a third of the way up from the curtain’s bottom. For example, if your curtain is 120 inches, you should mark it 40 inches from the bottom. And remove three inches from the window’s edge. Then use your pencil to mark the spot.

Step 3: Install the holdbacks.

Get your drill, screws, and holdback. It is time to install everything. Fix the materials to the wall. And this is the last step. Now you finished the process, and you are able to use your brand new holdbacks as you wish.

How to use holdbacks?

After installing the holdbacks, the only thing you will do is to use them. Pull the drapes back behind each holdback. To your liking, adjust the drape above the holdback. Allow the curtain to hang straight down or drape freely for a more flowy appearance. It is all about your preference. Holdbacks are very easy to use and very practical. It will help you to have a stylish look in your room without making much effort.

What are the benefits of curtain holdbacks?

If you are paying for something, then, of course, you will want this new thing to be beneficial to you and your house. In that sense, if you want to add a finishing touch to your curtains by getting benefits from the addition, you should learn about the benefits of curtain holdbacks. In this part, we will cover the basic four benefits of holdbacks:

  • Privacy
  • Controlling light freely
  • Keeping the curtains in one place and keeping them clean
  • A stylish design

Let’s look at those benefits one by one:


The first benefit of curtain holdbacks is privacy. Even though curtains are the ones that give privacy at your house, you can benefit from the curtain holdbacks indirectly in that sense. They will help you to control the privacy you need in your room. If you want to have more privacy as in the case of night times, just cover the window with your curtains. But if you don’t need the privacy as in the case of day times, just open the curtains and pull them behind the holdbacks. Shortly, the curtain holdbacks make your life very easy and make your house more practical.

Controlling light freely

The second benefit of curtain holdbacks is controlling the light leakage freely. Controlling the light has the same logic as privacy. If you want more light leakage or want to have more daylight at your house, then you need to open your curtains and pull them behind the curtain holdbacks. And if you want a darker place, basically close your curtains. This was another small but useful benefit of the holdbacks.

Keeping the curtains in one place orderly and keeping them clean

The third benefit of curtain holdbacks is keeping the curtains in one place orderly and keeping them clean. If you want to open your windows for fresh air, you’ll want to be sure your curtains have holdbacks. Your curtains might be blown about both inside and outdoors by the wind. You can guarantee that if your curtains come into touch with the outside air, they’ll get soiled and dirty more quickly and easily. Curtain holdbacks assist keep curtains in one place and decreasing dirt contact. They will also indirectly help you in the sense of curtain cleaning expenses. From now on you will pay less because your curtains will get dirty less. Curtain holdbacks aid to keep curtains in place neatly and stable and prevent shiftings. There will also be less dust on the panels and on the curtains. You can also see that while using the vacuum cleaner for the floors, it will attach less frequently to the curtains with the help of curtain holdbacks. Shortly, curtain holdbacks will keep your curtains, room, and house clean by keeping your curtains in one place orderly.

Adding a stylish design to the room

The fourth and last benefit of curtain holdbacks is adding a stylish design to the room. Of course, being practical is never enough. You will want your curtains to look as stylish as possible by being as practical as possible. This is the time when curtain holdbacks are involved. Holdbacks can add a modern touch or a more classic style. It is all about the material you choose and buy. Metal holdbacks are more modern, while wooden holdbacks are more classic. Also, don’t forget to match your holdbacks with your curtains and your curtain rods. Their color can match but also they can contrast with each other. It is all about your preference, and, actually, about your room’s design. There are also very different and creative curtain holdback ideas on online shopping sites. For example, star-shaped holdbacks, small teddy bear holdbacks, monkey holdbacks, bird holdbacks floral or leaf-shaped holdbacks, heart-shaped holdbacks, diamond-shaped holdbacks, and so on. They are just limitless until you find the best choice for your curtains and for your room. 

Curtain knob holdbacks on Amazon

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The last words

In this post, we shared every bit of information you need to know when buying a curtain knob holdback. We even compared tiebacks and holdbacks. It is up to you to decide which one to choose for your curtains. But curtain holdbacks can match every type of curtain and every type of design. Now, it is your turn to take action. If you want to have a stylish look in your room and finishing touch in your curtains, you should give curtain holdbacks a try.

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