Curtain Knob Design

A curtain holdback is a piece of hardware material that hangs near a window frame on the wall. If you pull your curtain behind this holdback, it will enable your curtain to stay open. They are generally long u-shaped materials installed on the wall and will help you adjust the privacy and light leakage very easily whenever you desire. And when it comes to curtain knob holdbacks, they are a kind of holdback but they are not u-shaped materials. Knob holdbacks are thicker and bigger than usual pin-like holdbacks. As you can understand from the name, they are literally like doorknobs installed on the wall. Curtain knobs are just timeless and very practical. However, not every knob design is suitable for every room. When it comes to design and style, there are a lot of things to be considered such as the materials, the shape, and the color. And this in-depth guide is here to answer all your questions. So let’s start.

What are curtain holdbacks and curtain knobs?

A curtain holdback is a piece of hardware material that hangs near a window frame on the wall. It is a u-shaped material and is usually made of iron, metal, or even wood. There are also knob-shaped holdbacks. In terms of size, they have a larger size than u-shaped holdbacks. If you put the curtain behind this knob, it will gather your curtain and hold it open. It doesn’t matter in which shape your holdbacks will be. The important things are: holdbacks will provide you light management, a very chic style, and keep your curtains clean. Briefly, they are very functional. Curtain holdbacks are especially great for bedrooms. You should consider using holdbacks when your curtains do not remain open every time. But if you have rod pocket curtains, the situation is different. If you have rod pocket curtains in your room, you are most probably having trouble with opening and closing your curtains. Because of their design, it is hard to move these curtains. So with the help of curtain holdbacks, you will be able to keep your rod pocket curtains open and more orderly. Curtain holdbacks can also be used as a curtain tieback hook or as a wall hook where you can hang your clothes or bags. And that makes it more convenient and multi-functional. Lastly, holdbacks can fit well with every type of curtain. Whether it is an eyelet curtain or tulle, it doesn’t matter. In other words, you can choose holdbacks with peace of mind for your rooms and curtains.

The four main things you should consider when choosing a style for your curtain knobs

  1. The room’s design: Every room has its style and atmosphere. If you want to add some accessories to your room, it can be difficult to find and choose the best complimentary object. Especially, when it comes to buying curtain hardware accessories, choosing the best things becomes more crucial because curtains are generally the main focus of a room, and everything you add to your curtain can either make it look better or worse. In this sense, the first thing you need to consider is the design and style of your room. Your room can be modern or classic. Or you may use warmer colors or colder colors in your room. It is all about your style and desire. Most importantly, don’t forget to match the knobs to your room design. This match can be either complementary or contrasting. 
  1. The curtains’ color and fabric: When it comes to curtains, there are two main features you need to consider: One of them is the curtains’ color, and the other one is the curtains’ fabric. The curtains’ color is important because the knob’s color should match it. However, in this sense, choosing contrasting colors may not be the best idea because curtains should be the main attraction. For example, if you have white curtains in your classic designed room, you shouldn’t opt for very bold and dark-colored knobs. They can overshadow your curtains very easily. Or if your curtains have bold and big patterns on them, your knobs should be one of the colors on the curtains’ pattern. So we can say that the curtain color and the knob color should be generally complementary. 

The other important feature is the curtains’ fabric. Fabric is very crucial because of the thickness and lightness of the curtain. If your curtains are thicker, such as blackout curtains, you should buy more durable, thicker, and maybe even bigger curtain knobs. Or if you have lighter curtains, such as sheer tulles, you can buy smaller knobs.

  1. The other curtain accessories (such as curtain rods, finials, and so on): The other small curtain accessories, such as rods and finials, tend to be forgotten very easily. But, it is important to match the knobs to the other curtain accessories. If you are lucky enough, we recommend you buy the knobs that are produced with the same materials as the rods and finials. For example, if you have black-colored metal rods, you are highly recommended to buy black metal knobs. However, we are not always lucky enough. So you can buy the most similar ones in terms of color and material. Also, don’t forget that knobs are knobs, which means any knob can be used as a curtain holder, and in that sense, it means that you can also use your finials as curtain knobs. It makes matching all the accessories much easier.
  1. Your wish: Even though we put this item at the end of the list, it doesn’t mean it is the least necessary one. Your wish is as crucial as other factors. It will affect all of your choices. Every decision should be made according to your taste and desire. This is the most important element for beautifying a home. This is why you should listen to your heart and follow your wish.

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” 

Billy Baldwin, interior designer

The classification of curtain knob designs

We can mainly classify curtain knob designs according to the materials they are made from, style, and shape.

Curtain knob designs according to the materials

Metal: Metal is a widely utilized material in the design of home decoration and furnishing. That is because metal is adaptable, appealing, robust, hygienic, and recyclable. Metal curtain knobs will add a simplistic modern touch to your curtains. Under the metal category, we can include zinc alloy, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, and iron. They are all durable and modern-looked materials.

Wood: Another most common knob material is wood. Wood offers simplicity, warmth, depth, and a feeling of natural elegance. Wooden knobs can either add a traditional style or an eclectic style. If you also want to add some warmer colors to your modern house, wooden accessories will look great. Wooden accessories are durable and sustainable.

Polyresin: Polyresin is a very affordable and durable material. That is why it is one of the best choices for home accessories. Polyresin curtain knobs can add a beautiful traditional touch to your curtains.

Curtain knob designs according to the style

Antique: Antique home accessories add a personality and a history to your house. Antique pieces are timeless and elegant. If you want to add a different taste to your house, buying more-than-a-century-year-old antique knobs would be a good start for you.

Modern: Modern style is the most chosen one in today’s world. Because it is spacious, simplistic, and clean. Modern interior designs for houses will also gain more natural light with the help of using brighter colors and fewer pieces of furniture. When it comes to modern curtain knobs, they are highly recommended. They can match very easily with other materials in the room.

Classic: Furniture with inlay and carved legs, as well as items with a floral or fauna influence, are examples of classic design. Classic style is a great choice if you want to create a warmer place. Wooden and floral-shaped knobs can be counted as classic-styled accessories.

Rustic: Rustic interiors are characterized by roughness and a willingness to let natural beauty emerge. The emphasis is on using wood, stone, leaves, and other organic components to create a peaceful ambiance. You can find very different rustic knobs for your house.

Curtain knob designs according to the shape

Round shape: This is the most common shape. You can find round-shape knobs anywhere. They will look very chic and complementary to your curtains.

Quadrangular shape: You can’t find quadrangular-shaped knobs very easily. They are not that common. However, they would look amazing in a modern room.

Diamond shape: If you love fancy accessories, then, diamond-shaped knobs are the right choice for you.

Floral shape: They will add cuteness and warmth all over your room.

Animal shape: This is a fun way of being stylish. They can look great in the children’s room.

And more: There are a lot of shapes such as stars, sun, embroidered patterns, family crest, chairs, birds, ribbons, seashells, leaves, and so on. This list is endless. Using your creativity is the essential element. If you cannot find what you are looking for in stores, you can ask your carpenter to make it.

What are the measurements of an ideal curtain knob?

This question is very essential, especially, if you are planning to design your knobs. Even though you will buy the knobs on the internet, the measurements can differ so much from one another. 3 or 4 inches are ideal. It can also be from 1.25 inches to 6 inches. You can decide on the measurements according to your curtains’ thickness. For tulles, for example, 1,25 inches are enough while for blackout curtains it can be 4 to 6 inches. Ideal measurements can be like this: Medallion measures 3 1/4 inches in diameter; Base measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter.; projection from the wall is 4 1/2 inches.

How and where to buy curtain knobs?

After determining the design of your knobs, the next step is to buy them. But how and where should you buy them? There are three main options: Firstly, you can find the knobs in any hardware store near your house. Secondly, you can buy them on some websites such as Amazon and IKEA. And thirdly, you can ask a carpenter to produce a brand new curtain knob just for you. This last choice gives you a chance to have custom design knobs for your house.

How to install the curtain knobs?

After choosing the best-designed curtain knobs for your room, the next step is installing them. We need some tools to use for the installation process. They are:

  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • drill or screwdriver
  • screws
  • curtain knob/s (If you have two curtains over one window, you will need two curtain knobs. One will be installed left, the other one will be on the right. But if you have one curtain over a window, you will need only one knob.)

If you don’t have those tools, you can find them very easily on online shopping sites or in a hardware store. 

Before examining the installation steps, I have to emphasize that a curtain knob installation process is not that hard and will not last long. But if you are not that familiar with using those tools or installing things, then you should get some help from a more knowledgeable person. 

Now, let’s look at the steps of installing the curtain knobs one by one:

Step 1: Take the measures of your curtains.

By using the tape measure, you should measure your curtains. Then, divide the total length of your curtains by three. These are the standard measurements. This will help you specify the spot where the curtain knob will be installed.

Step 2: Determine the exact spot for your knobs.

Each curtain knob should be hung a third of the way up from the curtain’s bottom. For example, if your curtain is 120 inches, you should mark it 40 inches from the bottom. And remove three inches from the window’s edge. Then, use your pencil to mark the spot.

Step 3: Install the curtain knobs.

Get your drill, screws, and knob/s. It is time to install everything. Fix the materials to the wall by using the drill. And this is the last step. Now you have finished the process, you can use your brand-new curtain knob holdbacks as you wish.

How and when to use the knobs?

After installing the knobs, the only thing you will do is to use them. Pull the drapes back behind each knob. To your liking, adjust the drape above the curtain knob holdback. Allow the curtain to hang straight down or drape freely for a more flowy appearance. It is all about your preference. Curtain knobs are straightforward to use and very practical. It will help you have a stylish look in your room without making much effort.

The time to use the knobs is important, too. Don’t forget that you can use the knobs as a curtain holder whenever you want. Usually, they are used in the morning hours. You can put the curtains back to the knob and get the sunlight as much as possible. It will enlighten your room and house.

5 advantages of using curtain knobs

If you are paying for something, then, of course, you will want this new thing to be beneficial to you and your house. In that sense, if you want to add a finishing touch to your curtains by getting benefits from the addition, you should learn about the benefits of curtain knobs. In this part, we will cover the main five benefits of the knobs:

  • Privacy
  • Controlling light freely
  • Keeping the curtains in one place and keeping them clean
  • Adding a stylish design
  • Using less effort

Let’s look at those benefits one by one:

  1. Privacy

The first benefit of using curtain knobs is privacy. Even though curtains are the ones that give privacy in your house, you can benefit from the curtain knobs indirectly in that sense. They will help you to control the privacy you need in your room. If you want to have more privacy as in the case of night times, just cover the window with your curtains. But if you don’t need that much privacy as in the case of day times, just open the curtains and pull them behind the curtain knobs. Shortly, the curtain knob holdbacks make your life very easy and make your house more practical.

  1. Controlling light freely

The second benefit of curtain knobs is controlling the light leakage freely. Controlling the light has the same logic as privacy. If you want more light leakage or need more daylight at your house, you need to open your curtains and pull them behind the curtain knobs. And if you want to have a darker place, basically close your curtains. This is another small but useful benefit of the knobs.

  1. Keeping the curtains in one place orderly and keeping them clean

The third benefit of curtain knobs is keeping the curtains in one place orderly and keeping them clean. These may be the most significant benefits of using knobs. If you want to open your windows for fresh air, you’ll want to be sure your curtains have knobs. Your curtains might be blown about both inside and outdoors by the wind. You can guarantee that if your curtains come into touch with the outside air, they’ll get soiled and dirty far quickly and easily. Curtain knob holdbacks assist in keeping curtains in one place and decrease dirt contact. They will also indirectly help you in the sense of curtain cleaning expenses. From now on, you will pay less because your curtains will get dirty less. Curtain knob holdbacks aid in keeping curtains in one place neatly and stable and prevent shiftings. There will also be less dust on the panels and the curtains. You can also see that when using the vacuum cleaner for the floors, it will attach less frequently to the curtains with the help of the curtain knobs. Shortly, curtain knob holdbacks will keep your curtains, room, and house clean by keeping your curtains in one place orderly.

  1. Adding a stylish design to the room

The fourth benefit of using curtain knobs is adding a stylish design to the room. Of course, being practical is never enough. You will want your curtains to look as stylish as possible by being as practical as possible. That is the time when curtain knob holdbacks are involved. Knobs can add a modern touch or a more classic style. It is all about the material you choose and buy. For example, metal knob holdbacks are more modern, while wooden knob holdbacks are more classic. Also, don’t forget to match your knobs with your curtains, your curtain rods, and the design of your room. They can be complementary or contrasting. And when it comes to buying knobs, there is a great variety of knobs to choose from for your curtains.

  1. Using less effort

The fifth and last benefit of using curtain knobs is an overall benefit which is using less effort. It is a very general benefit. You will just buy the knobs, then install them and use them at the end. I want to say that it is not a long or exhausting process. In the end, this little benefit yields bigger and better results we have mentioned above. So if you want to add a finishing touch to your room, you may consider buying curtain knobs.

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The last words

Curtain knobs are very practical and easy-to-install accessories that you can use for your curtains. If you have been thinking about how dull your curtains look, you should try using knobs. To find the best design, you should consider the style of your room, curtains, and knobs, as well as the shape, and materials of the knobs. You can find the best curtain knobs in any hardware store, on some online shopping sites, and also, you can ask your carpenter to make a special one for you.

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