What Are Curtain Hanging Types?

You likewise need to think about how (and where) you will hang your window ornaments. Will you utilize a shade rail, or do you need to buy a blind post. Do you as of now have a drape post, however no window ornament rings – in which case you may need a basic eyelet shade or grommet blind to hold tight what you as of now have. These are immensely significant interesting points to ensure you pick the right draperies for your requirements. How about we take a gander at the various kinds so we can start to limit which style of drape will be best for you.

With regards to perusing various kinds of draperies for procurement, there are numerous variables you will have to consider. Do you need window shades, or would you say you are searching for something simply improving, for example, a certain board or a valance for the highest point of your momentum draperies, or even around the bed as a bed skirt? These do fall into the classification of draperies and window hangings – so it’s critical to be clear what it is you are looking for, and what looks (or capacity) you are attempting to accomplish.

Board Pair

Board pair draperies highlight two separate window ornament boards. This kind of drape is famous in works of art and contemporary styles. With a board pair, you place a shade on one or the other side of the window. To close these shades, you’d pull each blind board together. Board pair blinds can be tied back to make a balanced search for your window treatment.

Single Board

With a solitary board shade, one board covers the whole window. The shade board can be pulled to one or the other side to open, and it tends to be tied back to make a cutting-edge, deviated look. These sorts are immediately an advanced shade style and similarly immortal style – making them extraordinary in most beautiful settings. A window treatment set incorporates all you’ll require to make a full window treatment. A window treatment set quite often incorporates a couple of shades and a valance. Some window units likewise incorporate extras like tiebacks and a drapery pole, and in uncommon cases, they can even incorporate a pelmet.


A valance is a short blind that hangs at the highest point of your shades. These are a discretionary beautiful expansion. Valances are an incredible method to finish a look. These drapes are accessible independently, or as a component of a window treatment set. You can utilize a valance without extra draperies in windows with blinds, or include embellishing pizazz windows where full shades aren’t wanted.

Window Scarf

A window scarf is like a valance. It’s a long, slim piece of shade texture that is dangled from the highest point of the window. Window scarfs are an extraordinary method to make a sensational look with your window treatment. Textures that can diminish outside clamor can be an essential component in metropolitan conditions, or for any individual who’s a light sleeper. These shades are mainstream in rooms, or any room you’d prefer to keep as tranquil as could really be expected, similar to a cafe, library, or theater. The possibility of a drape having the option to lessen outside clamor may appear to be somewhat outlandish, yet you’d be shocked exactly how much commotion will get caught by the clamor diminishing window ornaments. Labs are likewise attempting to design new textures with surprisingly better commotion decrease properties. Truth be told, Swiss material fashioner Annette Douglas has worked related to an autonomous research facility to make window ornaments that can ingest up to 80% of outside commotion.

Other than blinds that are intended to retain commotion, you likewise have the choice of buying standard shades and adding a drapery liner behind them to expand their capacity to decrease clamor. Producers typically make outside shades from heavyweight, water, and climate-safe materials. They likewise might be sheer if their motivation is just to restrict bugs in an outside region. These draperies can be a lovely expansion to a deck region, just as any space where climate or bugs are a worry.


Drapery liners are another discretionary extra, and they’re utilized to give an extra degree of flexibility to your window ornament, viably transforming it into a lined shade. Adding a liner to a sheer window ornament is a well-known alternative, as this gives them more security and solidness, without reducing the lovely drape plan. Window ornament liners regularly have extra highlights too, for example, protection and commotion hindering characteristics.


Another significant thought will be the obscurity of your new drapes. Distinctive obscurity draperies suit the necessities of various rooms and applications. For instance, you probably won’t need light silk blinds or white window ornament styles in the room, where you will probably have to shut out daylight. The murkiness is unquestionably one of the significant contemplations while deciding the right window ornaments for your necessities. To figure out which draperies you need, pose yourself a few inquiries. Do you need the draperies to let through some daylight when they’re drawn or none by any stretch of the imagination? What amount of security do you require your blinds to give? Do you require your shades to give extra highlights, other than its beautiful capacity? Would you be able to be adaptable? For instance, could you join wood blinds with a clear drape or to profit with style while impeding light.


Meager, cloudy textures are the premise of sheer blinds. These blinds give the most sunlight in a room when the drape is shut. Sheer draperies likewise give a minimal measure of protection, and they fill any extra need past being beautiful. This sort of drape is generally well known in lounges and lounge areas. A few decorators add a liner to sheer blinds. In doing this, you’re ready to appreciate the excellence of your sheer draperies while likewise having the option to profit with added protection and extra highlights.


Hazy draperies resemble a mix between sheer blinds and power outage window ornaments. They permit some sunshine into the room when they’re shut. They likewise give more protection than sheer blinds. These draperies are a well-known decision for any application and can be joined with different shades for more prominent obscurity – by balancing them on a twofold blind bar (with another pair of window ornaments behind)

Power Outage Curtain

Power outage drapes permit a minimal measure of light to go into a room when they’re shut. These drapes are made of heavier-weight materials and regularly have inherent linings. Power outage blinds give the most protection, and they regularly have extra highlights past their ornamental reason. Individuals regularly use power outage shades in rooms, lairs, theaters, or whatever other region where keeping out characteristic light is a worry. Some of the time, power outage window ornaments are utilized behind sheer blinds to give extra highlights and a more cleaned look than what you can accomplish with a straightforward shade liner. You likewise might need to consider how the drapery connects to the pole. Contingent upon the style you’re hoping to accomplish, certain connection styles will be a superior fit for you. This might be particularly imperative to you in the event that you would prefer not to incorporate a valance with your drapes.

Pole Pocket

Pole pocket drapes include a pocket that is sewn into the highest point of the blind. To hang these window ornaments, you feed the drapery bar through the shade and out the opposite side of the pocket. These drapes are famous for their valance. They’re additionally utilized without a valance to make an easygoing look. Typically, a bar pocket window ornament will glance best in textures like cotton or cloth. The pocket now and then highlights beautifying embellishments like weaving or ruching.

Grommet and Eyelet

Grommet and Eyelet shades have huge eyelets in the highest point of the texture that is supported with grommets. This style of shade is particularly well known in contemporary or current styles. Grommet and eyelet drapes permit you to add an extra prosper of style instead of a valance.

Tab Top

With tab top shades, circles of texture are sewn into the highest point of the drapery. The window ornament pole hangs through the circles. Once in a while, these shades highlight enhancing embellishments like catches. Tab top drapes are generally famous in easygoing styles, and they’re likewise utilized in more contemporary nation styles too.

Secret Tab

Secret tab drapes resemble a combination of pole pockets and tab blinds. With this style, the tabs used to hang the blind are kept out of view, behind an extra piece of texture, that is normally beautiful. The texture on top of a secret tab shade is frequently squeezed creased to add an extra degree of style. You can utilize these window ornaments with or without a valance. Secret tab blinds are famous in conventional, country, or contemporary styles. Besides the things we have recorded beneath – another component to consider while picking the right shades for your necessities is the window ornament’s crease style. There are various styles of shades – directed by their creases. A portion of the more normal creased window ornament assortments are:

  • Squeeze crease window ornaments
  • Pencil crease drapes
  • Cup crease drapes
  • Custom-made crease drapes

Each of these has its own novel style as indicated by how the folds of the texture are sewn together and how they hang. In case you’re uncertain of the best style for you, look at these inside plan nuts and bolts and investigate some extraordinary shade and certain thoughts. Easygoing shades are a well-known decision in rooms, restrooms, and kitchens. Easygoing blinds will loan themselves to a simple, not very genuine energy. These blinds regularly highlight grommet and eyelet or tab top connections, and they’re seldom utilized with a valance.


Exemplary styles are generally mainstream in any room in the home. Exemplary draperies are regularly utilized with valances and extra accomplices to make full window medicines. These drapes highlight a work of art, immortal allure, and are regularly found in plan styles like traditional, country, and bohemian styles. Contemporary drapes give a new understanding of exemplary styles. They’re most generally accessible in shades of dark and gritty tones that are propelled naturally. Here and there, more brilliant and bolder shadings are utilized to give a fly of shading in a generally quelled space. Contemporary window ornaments frequently highlight rich surfaces and give a refined look that isn’t excessively styled or vainglorious. Current draperies for the most part reflect present-day configuration all in all. Present-day plans are typically insignificant and regularly fuse metal alongside eco-accommodating materials too. While strong tones are ever mainstream with current drapes, intense examples with clean lines or theoretical components are likewise extremely famous. Contingent upon the style of the room, present-day window ornaments can make an incredible plan explanation.

Another significant factor when choosing blinds is the materials they’re built from. A draperies material fills a few needs past being beautiful. More slender materials are utilized to make sheer or semi-sheer materials while thicker materials are utilized in hazy and power outage blinds. Contingent upon the materials, the blinds may have extra highlights also.

Engineered Burlap

Engineered materials have gotten remarkably well known for window ornament creation. Engineered materials are less expensive to deliver than characteristic strands, and they’re typically simple to spotless also. Engineered textures can reflect the look and feel of any of the normal textures recorded previously. They’re generally a less expensive alternative than characteristic materials also. In this way, whenever cost is a worry, or in case you’re searching for a simple to clean alternative, engineered drapes might be the most ideal decision for you. We’re drawing nearer to penetrating down the best drapes for your necessities. The following thing you’ll need to consider is the example of the draperies.

Designed blinds are mainstream in each style of window treatment. Examples can be an extraordinary method to communicate your character or accomplish a particular look with your window ornaments. Designed window ornaments are commonly cotton, ribbon, or engineered. However, you’ll likewise see some designed blinds in cloth or burlap assortments or emblazoned velvet shades too. There is a wide scope of mainstream designs for window medicines. In a work of art and contemporary draperies, you’re probably going to see designs like flowers, stripes, checks and plaid, toile, and paisley. Easygoing window ornaments frequently include a more easygoing interpretation of those exemplary examples. They likewise at times utilize designs like chevron, dabs, mathematical or realistic prints. Strong drapes are an extraordinary method to complement different tones or examples in your window medicines. They likewise make a spotless and current look. Solids are well known in a wide range of drapes, particularly present-day and easygoing styles. The length of your drapes can be an incredible method to accomplish certain styles, and the size of your windows will help decide the drapery length you need. Remember that not all window ornament lengths are similarly appropriate for all applications.


Ledge-length shades are ideal for windows that you open constantly. This length is normally an extraordinary decision for kitchens, washrooms, and more modest window sizes. Ledge-length drapes are hung so the shade closes even with the window ledge, or simply above it.


Cover length draperies are an extraordinary method to extend the appearance of your windows. These blinds are utilized on more modest windows, as in kitchens, restrooms, and a few rooms. Generally, the pole is hung somewhat higher than the real window and the drape expands a few creeps underneath the window ledge. When shut, cover-length draperies can cause your window region to seem bigger than it is. Floor-length shades are incredible for the floor-to-roof windows and sliding entryways. Floor-length shades generally break simply over the floor, by not exactly an inch. Floor-length draperies are additionally mainstream for more modest windows that are seldom or never opened to make the fantasy of a story to roof window.

Cotton is a famous decision for various applications. Cotton is semi-sheer, so it allows in heaps of light while as yet giving a moderate degree of protection. Cotton drapes are frequently layered with different textures to make a total window treatment. You’ll see cotton window ornaments in various styles, and it’s a feasible decision for any room in the home. Cotton blinds are additionally simple to clean, which makes them significantly more adaptable. Material drapes are somewhat heavier than cotton, while as yet keeping simple, easygoing energy. They let in a moderate degree of light while giving an extra degree of security. Material can be a touch harder to clean than cotton. It’s presumably not the most ideal decision for dusty conditions as the harsh surface of cloth can go about as a magnet for dust.

Velvet blinds are another mainstream material. This material is ideal in case you’re searching for the most protection conceivable. The hefty material additionally keeps out drafts and lessens outside commotion. Velvet is a well-known decision for rooms with light-touchy sleepers. It’s likewise an incredible texture to use to make a more sensational impact on your windows. Velvet is generally cleaned expertly, as it’s a troublesome texture to clean. Thus, if the upkeep is a worry, you might need to avoid this texture.

Silk is a wonderful and sumptuous texture that is utilized to deliver a wide scope of various sorts of draperies. It’s semi-sheer and relying upon how thick the silk is, it might allow in bunches of light or a restricted measure of light. Silk is a famous material in work of art and contemporary window ornament styles. Silk is hard to clean, and ordinarily, needs proficient support for cleaning. Along these lines, you might need to consider the upkeep costs prior to putting resources into silk blinds. Trim is a sheer texture, which settles on it the most ideal decision in case you’re hoping to make a light, brilliant and vaporous window treatment. Ribbon gives a minimal measure of protection of these materials while allowing in the most light. The ribbon is generally famous in kitchens, front rooms, or some other space of the home where you’d prefer to allow bunches of light. Trim draperies can likewise be combined with heavier textures to make a more adaptable window treatment.


Puddle-length blinds are extra-long floor-length draperies. They’re a few inches longer than the size of the window and they break significantly on the floor, like the train of a wedding dress. This style is particularly mainstream in case you’re hoping to make a sensational or heartfelt window treatment. Notwithstanding the length of a blind, the width is another little thought to make. Similarly, as there are standard drape lengths, they’re additionally accessible in an assortment of widths. For the most part, you ought to pick a blind width that is twice pretty much as wide as your window. In any case, you might need to pick a significantly more extensive size in case you’re hoping to make a more emotional, vigorously packed look.Contingent upon the sort of material of the drape, they can have extra highlights that add an extra layer of usefulness.

Heavier weight textures like burlap, velvet, and artificial materials give an extra layer of protection for your windows. This component proves to be useful if your windows are drafty, or in the event that you live in an especially cold or warm climate. Protecting shades are famous in rooms, lounge areas, or any room with drafty windows. Warm drapes are viewed as the window treatment that pays for themselves since they can save you up to 25% of the warming or cooling costs for your home.

Notwithstanding textures that are normally protecting, there are different sorts of protecting window ornaments accessible. These draperies utilize a lovely beautiful outside texture to cover a warm layer that is regularly made of froth or mylar and is intended to trap warmth in cool conditions or keep exposed in hotter conditions. Numerous well-known protecting shades are likewise power outage blinds, yet that isn’t generally the situation. This guide will help you distinguish them.

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