Remarkable Ideas to Hang Your Curtains!

There are a ton of inventive approaches to spruce up your space with window ornaments that add warmth, profundity, and surface to a room. We’ve limited our rundown to our number one interesting, eye-getting approach to hang curtains that will add another layer to your style and complement your space. You will adore these ideas to hang your curtains that will change the atmosphere of your house!

Shade Panel Bed Canopy

How should you not get a decent night’s rest in this comfortable setting? To accomplish this quiet space, join drapery bar sections straightforwardly to the divider. Hang your draperies and wrap them on one or the other side of the bed. On the off chance that you need it to stretch out around the whole border of the bed, use roof mount window ornament bar sections and general corner connectors to design drape bars straight over your bed. With a sheer drapery or texture, tie-free, stout bunches on each of the four corners. You can add delicate sparkle lights to finish this eccentric look.

No-Sew Canvas Drop Cloth Closet Curtains

Wardrobe entryways are a torment. Pivoted entryways occupy the room when open. Sliding storeroom entryways keep you from seeing everything inside simultaneously. They’re inconvenient and don’t utilize the region. This material, drop fabric shade entryway elective takes care of the issue and mollifies your room climate. Material drop fabrics are economical and simple to get up at any tool shop. Here’s a fast guide:

  • Wash and iron your drop fabrics
  • Overlay them over at the top and clasp them to window ornament rings
  • This sturdy, sharp elective conveys that Joanna Gaines’ touch that everybody is fixating on.

Shade Headboard

A little innovativeness goes far to heat up a dreary room. This heartfelt, lively headboard thought is a simple DIY project that has a major effect. It makes an extraordinary differentiation divider you can without much of a stretch update to coordinate with your style impulses.

  • Here are the means by which to accomplish this look:
  • Mount a shade bar at your ideal tallness on the divider behind your bed. You may require a middle help section on the off chance that you need to expand it across the whole divider.
  • Hang wide, shade boards (you may require a couple of blind boards to accomplish the ideal look).
  • From making stand-out boards to utilizing repurposed poles, spruce up your home with one of these unique drapery hanging plans.

Covering Sheer Curtains

Covering sheer window ornaments are elegant, assembled, and exemplary. To accomplish this heartfelt look, lay two window ornament boards on one another. Interface cut window ornament rings to your drapery bar (the shade ring should cut into the two draperies). At that point, clear each board to the side and secure with your #1 tie-backs for a created at this point blustery outcome.

Content Curtains

Have a remark? The content on these curtains adds polish and character. You could compose verse, a passage from a book, a well-known discourse, tune verses, or a solitary statement. The prospects are unending. There are a few approaches to this task utilizing a texture or indelible marker:

  • Valiantly free-hand it.
  • Start with a pencil, at that point follow the content with a texture or indelible marker.
  • Compose your message on an enormous piece of white paper. Lay straightforward blinds over and follow it.
  • Utilize a stencil.

Boho Scarf Curtains

Toning it down would be ideal with regards to these. The most awesome thing? You can’t wreck them. This energetic, DIY, boho scarf window ornaments will right away light up your disposition. Accumulate bright scarves from any place you can discover them. Tie them together to make enormous drapery boards and append them to the top.

Tree Branch Curtain Rod

Decrease the distinct split between house and natural force by bringing a touch of the outside inside. This tree limb, blind bar thought is a simple and free approach to add to your rural style. The pleasant part is looking for the ideal branch to complement your room. Ensure you search for one that is pretty much as straight as could really be expected. It ought to be sufficiently thick to help your draperies however flimsy enough to fit in your drapery bar sections (You can likewise attempt your neighborhood make store or swap meet in the event that you live in a metropolitan region).

Paddling Oar Curtain Rod

Paddles are an extraordinary blind pole elective. Endured paddles can be bought on the web or far and away superior, discover a formerly utilized one. Decide on huge drapery rings and clasp your shades on for a sea vibe.

Provincial Reclaimed Wood Curtain Rod

Remarkable and rural, this DIY elective window ornament bar thought adds character to any room. Here’s the way to make it:

  • Cut a 1×4-inch board of wood (pine is economical and ideal for this application) to your ideal width.
  • Whitewash the wood.
  • Uniformly space snares no matter how you look at it.
  • Hang a tab-top window ornament board.
  • Utilize a holdback with similar completion as your snares to hold the window ornament open.

Be Careful to Not Hanging Your Curtains Wrong

With regards to improving a room, blinds are frequently the keep going thing at the forefront of your thoughts – and the hardest to settle on (at any rate I would say). It’s not difficult to get cleared up in various inside styles and pretty home frill, however, a room without window ornaments looks exposed, stripped, and incomplete. In the event that you take a gander at any of the underneath pictures and picture them without blinds, you’ll see a progression of incomplete and cold-looking rooms.

One of the missteps I made while enhancing my house was settling on the draperies last. Initially, it implied we had almost no protection (one of the fundamental elements of shades). I hadn’t expected lying on the floor attempting to wriggle into my garments and clothing each day, attempting to keep far away from passers-by. I additionally hadn’t expected awakening at half-past four each day when it began to get light outside – another significant capacity of shades is keeping out light. Or on the other hand, feeling excessively uncovered around evening time with the lights on.

Picking the correct window ornaments can be a troublesome and tedious choice, particularly if, similar to me, you haven’t done it previously. We set it aside for quite a long time since we didn’t have the foggiest idea where to begin. From that point forward, I’ve taken in much more about the various styles, lengths, creases, bars, textures, pelmets, and valances (hold on for me, I’ll clarify), so I desire to help here with a concise outline, alongside some ravishing motivation and thoughts.

A long way from an after-thought, blinds add length to a room, outline a window, add wow-factor, and when utilizing praising textures to other upholstery or pads at that point draperies can be the final detail in integrating a room. From shafts to tracks, tab-top to tie-top, and from creases to pelmets, here are a couple of window dressing thoughts to rouse your next project.

There are two different ways you can hang your draperies; on a track or on a bar/shaft.

  1. Blind track

A blind track is an unpretentious and rich approach to hang draperies, as you don’t see the track by any means. They are frequently layered in twofold or even triple tracks, joining power outage drapes with sheers or voiles in rooms. Voile draperies complete the appearance of this room – head over to Yorkshire Linen for some incredible plans on a deal. The calm, proficient, and smooth activity of global positioning frameworks settle on them an extremely mainstream decision. They are likewise ideal for bent windows when drapes need to move easily around a corner – for instance in straight windows. Sections ordinarily impede shade rings being pulled around a sound, yet this plan utilizes passing rings that permit the window ornaments to be drawn right round.

  1. Shade shaft

A shade shaft is consistently noticeable over the draperies, except if you cover it with a pelmet or valance. They are accessible in various sizes and can be produced using wood or metals. Shafts are typically covered at each end with a final, enlivening plug appended to the finishes of a post to forestall the shade sneaking off. Drapes should outline a window, so ensure equipment is introduced to mirror that. A dependable guideline is to permit an additional 10 percent of the pole on each side, however, heavier textures will require somewhat more. At the point when draperies are open, the space that the accumulated texture takes up is designated “the stack”. The stack ought not to cover a lot of the actual window when the blinds are pulled.

Heading Styles

The heading style is the term used to depict the manner in which the highest point of the window ornament joins the equipment (the posts or tracks). Pole pocket, eyelet, and tab top are among the most well-known approaches to hang drapes.

Bar Pocket

The most fundamental heading is the pole pocket (otherwise called shaft pocket) style. This is the point at which the blind texture is walked out on itself to make a pocket through which to take care of the window ornament bar. The blind pole fits through the passage at the highest point of the drapery texture, permitting it to assemble somewhat. Albeit beautifying, it’s not especially useful because of the trouble of sliding the window ornament along the railing.

Window Ornament Rings

Utilizing window ornament rings is a famous decision. Shades are joined to rings utilizing little window ornament snares, and those rings are then slipped onto the drapery pole. This is a commonsense and sturdy arrangement, and the drapes can undoubtedly be eliminated and supplanted.


Eyelet blinds must be utilized with shade shafts and have a contemporary and practically mechanical feel. Window ornaments with eyelet headings give huge, even, and normally delicate folds.

Tab Top

Tab-top draperies have circles at the top, produced using something similar or differentiating texture. These cutting-edge, casual window ornaments must be utilized with drapery shafts. It’s all the more a brightening instead of practical style since moving the tabs can likewise demonstrate abnormal. As the drapery equipment is exceptionally uncovered, it’s critical to put resources into quality, attractive shafts, and finials.

Tie Top

This is the place where strips connected to the highest point of the shades tie around the bar framing little withdraws from. It’s a casual, loose, and provincial style, frequently utilized with materials and other light textures.

Pencil Crease

Creases are how the texture is assembled and bundled together. Contemporary and exquisite, the pencil crease comprises of long, close overlap from the highest point of the window ornament. These clean and steady overlaps at the highest point of the drape take after the size of a pencil, henceforth the name. These window ornaments are hung with curtain snares joined to the rear of the shades where they can’t be seen, and afterward snared onto a bar framework.

Cup Crease

A more conventional and formal shade hanging style is the Goblet crease, which glances incredible in a Victorian, Georgian, or another home with a high roof. The highest point of the shade has a tube-shaped sleeve that takes after a wine glass. The fundamental crease is formed and loaded up with wadding or interlining. These shades are normally found in fabulous or customary rooms with high roofs.

Squeeze Crease

This includes gatherings of three creases that sit at the highest point of the drapery. They’re kept together at the foundation of the creases through a line and permit to fan out. This is an exquisite and straightforward style. This is a flexible style that can be held tight drapery tracks or posts and regularly looks extraordinary when matched with texture blinds.

Accumulated Crease

This style of creased shade is a cross between a squeeze crease and a pencil crease. An accumulated blind is made by sewing a creasing tape to the rear of the top edge, at that point pulling ropes in the tape to accomplish the ideal degree of social occasion.

French or Customized Crease

French-creased shades have gatherings of triple creases, put uniformly along the draperies to make a proper heading. These drapes stack flawlessly to each side and are ideal for proper eating or parlor.

Box Crease

A case crease is comprised of single folds of texture, making straight overlap down the length of the blind.

Texture Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are texture blinds that crease or move down upward. They are a more current decision of window treatment. Blinds don’t occupy as much room as window ornaments and don’t boil down to the floor, settling on them a mainstream decision for utilitarian rooms like washrooms. Blinds can be matched with draperies for a more beautiful and exquisite look.

Trim/swell Blinds

Another sort of blinds is trim of inflatable blinds, where the texture bundles up when the blinds are raised, and delivered when they are brought down.

Pelmets and Valances

Pelmets and valances are put above windows and over the tops of the shades to add a completed look to the highest point of the window and drapery, disguising the track or post. They can be utilized to make a dream of tallness and change the extent of the window. They give a perfect completion to your windows as they conceal drape shafts and different trimmings. Pelmets are generally level and box-like fit. Be that as it may, pelmets can be formed to add a brightening point of interest for a more rich and female completion. Frequently produced using chipboard and canvassed in an ornamental texture, they are an awesome method of disguising numerous drapes bars (utilized when you balance different layers of shades like a sheer and square out drapery) in an excellent way.

They can likewise be produced using wood, making a more contemporary edge. Besides concealing draperies and shade rails, they likewise work wonderfully with Roman blinds. Valances are made for similar chiefs yet are a lot milder in appearance with an assembled or creased heading. A valance is generally delicate and drapey, while a pelmet is firm and organized and normally, however not generally, upholstered. You can reproduce the vibe of a modern lodging room by choosing cushions to coordinate with your pelmet and tie-back texture.

More Details to Take Care

Window Film

Window film is a slender overlay film that functions as a sticker. The ‘sticker’ is adhered to windows to make security, yet at the same time permit the light to stream in. Not a mainstream decision for embellishing rooms like parlors or rooms, albeit a viable decision for washrooms and pantries. Another window treatment is screens which help to make a feeling of security. They are utilized chiefly on-road confronting windows.

Blind Fabric

At that point, there are various types of textures – from thick, lined window ornaments and dark-out blinds for rooms to sheer voile textures and light materials. Materials that hang well in window ornament structure incorporate silk, artificial silk, velvet, and cloth. At that point, there are altogether the various shadings and conceals to browse – albeit most inside planners will in general pick unbiased shades as they are more averse to blur or leave design.


It’s consistently a smart thought to have blinds lined to save their life span and furnish them with a sensation of totality. Lined and interlined window ornaments will protect significantly further and give an all-out blackout of light that likewise assists with forestalling materials blurring from the sun. Lined shades additionally help the texture wrap and fall all the more equitably.


With regards to the length of draperies, the cutting edge take is to have your window ornaments flush with the floor (instead of pooling). window ornaments ought to consistently belong – they should simply contact the floor. Hanging draperies higher than the window will add tallness to the room. In the event that you can drape your draperies at any rate 15cm over the window outline. For a more emotional look, hang them considerably higher, from the roof or just underneath the moldings. This will lift the eye and cause a low roof to seem higher.


To guarantee that your draperies look hung when shut, shade widths ought to be two to more than multiple times the width of the window.


In the room where you’ll be opening and shutting your curtain consistently, we firmly recommend utilizing hanging clasps or ring cuts. Since you’ll need to control the measure of light, you’ll need to have the option to easily slide the blinds along the bar. Shades hung by tabs or pole pockets are harder to move to and fro. Be that as it may if the sole motivation behind your curtain is to add a layer of delicateness while outlining your window, at that point any of the choices will work.

Drape Weight

However, before you bet everything with hanging cuts, ensure the heaviness of your curtain can deal with it. A heavier drape, like velvet, may not be completely upheld with ring cuts, which can pull or fly off the edge of the texture. For this situation, you’ll need to hang your curtain by either pin snares or bar pocket technique, which is intended to hold the full weight of the texture without drooping. A pleasant arrangement of curtains can take a room from exhausting to delightful in a split second. Some may contend that no room is finished without window medicines. However, even the most wonderful arrangement of curtains will not benefit a room in any way in the event that they’re not appropriately hung. Before you introduce your window medicines, ensure you realize how to hang them the correct way.

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