Eyelet Curtain Rings: Stylish Appearance on Curtains!

Eyelet curtain rings are truly stylish and make a sensational component of a window on account of the profound folds of texture, which run in uniform lines through and through. Eyelet curtain rings (now and again called grommet or ring-top) slide straightforwardly onto a blind shaft without the requirement for extra shade rings. Our eyelet blind post packs are somewhat less expensive than our ordinary metal drapery shaft packs since we have had the option to eliminate the expense of the window ornament rings as we wouldn’t need you to need to pay for something that you needn’t bother with. On the off chance that sooner or later after you have bought and fitted an eyelet post, you choose to change your style of window ornament heading and you need the metal drape rings to suspend your new blind from, at that point that is not an issue.

We’re continually thinking about our clients when we’re choosing our item range and the equivalent applies to our choice of metal shafts. We think about such things as quality, esteem for cash, and usability. We as a whole need to purchase great quality items for our homes without squandering cash on additional items or things we don’t require.

  • What’s the contrast between an eyelet post and a customary shaft?
  • I as of now have a metal shade shaft do I need to supplant it with an eyelet post on the off chance that I need eyelet blinds?
  • I as of now have a wooden shade shaft, on the off chance that I eliminate the blind post rings would I be able to utilize it for my eyelet drapes?
  • I have seen that the eyelets ring on instant window ornaments is generally silver, are eyelet posts just accessible in silver?

You can find all these answers in this article. Keep reading!

What’s The Difference Between An Eyelet Rings And An Ordinary Pole?

Eyelet blind posts are 28mm shade shafts accessible in a similar wide scope of sizes and tones as our full 28mm metal drapery shafts range. They can undoubtedly be sliced and tweaked to estimate and come in a similar helpful pack total with all you require to introduce them – aside from the metal drapery post rings that slide onto the shaft.

Are Curtain Eyelet Rings Only Silver?

Our scope of high caliber and incentive for cash eyelet blind posts are accessible in a few alluring tones and completes to organize with your stylistic theme or adornments, and with a changed decision of trendy and eye-getting finials. So we’re certain you’ll locate the most appropriate post for your eyelet window ornaments to finish and finish the look in your room.

Most instant eyelet draperies will accompany silver-hued eyelet rings and the standard is to coordinate the shade of the post to the eyelets so they facilitate successfully. Notwithstanding, you don’t just have a silver shaft to coordinate silver eyelets on instant window ornaments, as it could be more imperative to you that the shaft coordinates the style or shading plan of the room instead of the eyelets; and you may have discovered your ideal texture or shading in our instant area.

Metal Eyelet Curtain Rings

Our eyelet drapery posts are accessible in glossy silk silver, chrome, classical metal, and cleaned graphite tones and complete so there is something to coordinate everybody’s taste and style. On the off chance that you like to have the eyelet rings in a coordinating tone to your shaft, however, you could consider having your eyelet shades handcrafted from our immense choice of made to gauge blinds.

You might have your draperies made to the ideal width and drop for your windows at a serious and moderate cost with a decision of eyelet headings in three distinct tones.

Silver – to coordinate any of our silk silver, steel, or chrome finish window ornament shafts.

Classical Brass – to coordinate any of our old fashioned metal, metal, and sparkly metal window ornament posts.

Gunmetal – to coordinate any of our dark or cleaned graphite metal drape posts. Thus, having flawlessly dressed windows in the most recent styles and shades of texture, with current and adaptable eyelet headings and on perfectly organized drape posts, has never been simpler or more reasonable! View Curtains Poles and Tracks.

Blinds are regularly the last little detail in your style. What’s more, with the correct blend of shading, example, and surface, the correct pair of boards can truly set the state of mind in a room and impact how you and your visitors will feel. What you hang your blinds likewise means for the general feel, which is a regularly ignored detail. From blind clasps to curtain snares, we should investigate the various approaches to hang drapes and the contemplations that go into picking your most ideal choice.

Gold Eyelet Curtain Rings

On the off chance that you have a 35mm metal drape post, at that point you can in any case slide eyelets onto the shaft yet it will be a difficult situation and there will be little leeway for the eyelets to work appropriately. This will make drag or obstruction and pulling at the window ornaments to get them to move along the shaft will harm the blinds and perhaps the post as well. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are utilizing the drapes simply as dress shades and they won’t be drawn, you can leave them sitting at one or the flip side of a 35mm blind post with no drawback to either the window ornaments or the shaft and without the need to put resources into another shaft.

Wooden Curtain Eyelet Rings

We wouldn’t suggest utilizing full working draperies with an eyelet heading on a wooden drapery post. Eyelet rings are typically made of metal and if your drapes will be utilized and thusly drawn consistently, at that point the metal rings could scratch the wooden drapery post making mileage that won’t just influence the completion on the shade shaft, yet which could eventually cause enough harm to forestall the window ornament post from working appropriately. The unpleasant surface made by fine scratches developing throughout some stretch of time could cause drag and superfluous grinding on the post in this way exacerbating the impacts of the mileage much further.

What You Should Be Careful About While Choosing Eyelet Rings?

The solitary genuine contrast between an eyelet post and an ordinary metal window ornament shaft is the blind shaft rings. The shade shaft rings are not required for eyelet drapes so it is entirely attainable to eliminate them from your current drapery post and slide your new eyelet window ornaments straightforwardly onto the shaft. The lone thing that you should consider is the distance across your current shaft.

The measurement within an eyelet ring (or grommet) is typically 40mm. The ideal width of a metal drape post for eyelets is 28mm. So in the event that your post is 28mm breadth or somewhat more modest, at that point, it will be fine for your eyelet shades. In the event that your metal post is under 20mm in measurement, at that point the eyelets will slide on effectively however you should watch that the sections supporting a particularly thin shaft hold it far enough away from the divider to oblige the profundity of the folds that an eyelet heading makes in draperies. You preferably need in any event 90mm freedom from the post to the divider.

Hanging Pencil Pleat Curtains

On the off chance that you are aiming to put dress drapes on the post, however, that is not drawn regular and are there simply to dress the window and add tone and interest, at that point, there is no motivation behind why you can’t put an eyelet shade heading on your wooden shaft. Insofar as the shaft is thin enough in breadth for the eyelets to slide onto then it will be fine to leave your current wooden drapery post set up.

Pole Pocket

The most work of art and regular of all strategies for hanging curtain, a pole pocket is a sewn-in pocket, or packaging, at the highest point of a curtain board that effectively slips over a pole and hides it. Curtain boards hung this way pack pleasantly and have a basic, easygoing look. The entirety of our curtain boards can be hung utilizing this technique, and you needn’t bother with any extra pieces of equipment (besides your bar and finials) to make this look work. One interesting point is the manner by which frequently you’ll need to open and close your boards. For certain you’ll be opening and shutting a ton, you might need to consider either ring clasps or pin snares, as bar pockets will in general be somewhat difficult to change.

Shrouded Tabs

Concealed tabs are a simple method of hanging boards while giving you a perfect, creased look. They include a line of concealed level tabs, or circles, sewn along the back top of the curtain board that strings over the bar, causing the blind to seem to coast on the pole. The creased look that concealed tabs make is incredible for individuals who love a custom-fitted look without equipment, and on the grounds that the tabs are divided separated, you’ll have more in any event, creasing than with a bar pocket. Like a pole pocket, shrouded tabs are incredible for boards you will not be moving frequently. Since the texture contacts the curtain pole straightforwardly, it tends to be a smidgen harder to move in contrast with a ring clasp or pin snare.

Ring Clips Size

Quite possibly the most well-known strategies for hanging curtains is ring cuts which are cut to the top edge of the curtain board with rings sliding over the bar. You can utilize this technique to balance any sort of curtain board since you essentially cut the ring to the board. In the event that you need somewhat more length out of your board, ring cuts are an incredible method to add 1-2 inches, since the clasps imply the texture balances just beneath the curtain bar. We like ring cuts since they’re simply so natural to move, which implies that on a window where you may open and close the board day by day, you will not have an issue moving the board.

We’re eager to now offer boards that can be hung utilizing hanging curtain pins. This technique has a too custom-made look because of the plastic string that makes circles on the rear of the board. Utilize a pin that circles through the plastic string and snares onto the ring. You can see the reasonable plastic circles that safely hold the board. Pins circle through the plastic string and afterward snare to our standard ring cut, but since of the plastic string, you will not see the fasten and the heaviness of the board is more upheld. We favor utilizing balancing pins for boards that are particularly substantial (like Velvet boards), as they’re safer.


Tie top boards have a sentimental look, made by the texture that is tied at the highest point of the curtain board straightforwardly to the drapery bar. The ties at the highest point of the board have a pretty, natural look that works actually pleasantly in rooms where you need to make an easygoing vibe. Since you see how every one of these strategies functions, how about we talk about the various subtleties you ought to consider prior to choosing a treatment


In-room where you’ll be opening and shutting your curtain consistently, we firmly recommend utilizing hanging clasps or ring cuts. Since you’ll need to control the measure of light, you’ll need to be capable to easily slide the shades along the bar. Shades hung by tabs or bar pockets are harder to move to and fro. Be that as it may if the sole reason for your curtain is to add a layer of non-abrasiveness while outlining your window, at that point any of the alternatives will work.

Shade Weight

In any case, before you bet everything with hanging cuts, ensure the heaviness of your curtain can deal with it. A heavier drape, for example, velvet, may not be completely upheld with ring cuts, which can pull or fly off the edge of the texture. For this situation, you’ll need to hang your curtain by either pin snares or bar pocket strategy, which is intended to hold the full weight of the texture without listing.

Shade Length

The different hanging styles can allow you to swindle an inch or two long one or the other way. (In a perfect world, you need your curtains to simply brush the floor.) If you discover your blinds are a smidge excessively long, balancing them from the shrouded tabs or pole pocket will raise the sew up a piece. Alternately, draping your window ornaments with cuts brings down them underneath the pole, cutting the hemline down.

Wanted Look

The enriching component of hanging curtains is clearly a tremendous thought. You need the style of your draperies and the manner in which they wrap to repeat the look and feel of your room. Need a more loose and blustery vibe? Consider tie-top boards, as in a simple, blustery room above. Conversely, bar pocket and shrouded tab styles offer a more formal, or dressy, presence, with pole pocket being the most customary. The two strategies will bring about delicate, vertical creases that are satisfying to the eye.

Someplace in the center is hanging cuts. Window ornaments joined by ring cuts freely slide to and fro on the pole, making a less uniform wrap simultaneously. The outcome is normally a more easygoing, lived-in feel. However, remember, you can immediately change the turn and dress things upward or make it current with a showstopping pole since the shades will hang underneath it.

Bistro shades have a straightforward look that functions admirably in kitchens, restrooms, and on little windows all through the home. Some bistro window ornaments have a pocket or packaging at the top, where a spring-pressure or bistro blind bar slides through the pocket. Other bistro draperies are considerably easier, with no pocket. This style utilizes bistro rings to hang the window ornament. Bistro blind rings might be a strong piece of metal bent into an oval circle with a paw at the base, and some are roundabout rings with a little, turning cut joined to the lower part of the ring.

How to Use and Install Your Curtain Eyelet Rings

This is a guide for how to place eyelets into the texture with our new clasp on eyelets. These clasp on eyelets can be utilized without eyelet pincers or exceptional apparatus. The rings are intended for use with lightweight to medium textures. They are a 2 section ring set suggested for use with shafts of 28mm measurement.


Spread out the window ornament on a table or another level surface with the top edge of the drapery toward you.


Crush a bistro shade ring or clasp to open it. On the off chance that the ring is a strong piece, press the circle of the ring to open the hook. In the event that the ring has a different clasp appended to the base, press the highest point of the clasp to open it.


Slide the opened paw or clasp onto the upper edge of the shade and delivery the pressing factor. At the point when you discharge, the hook or clasp will get the texture. Join one bistro drapery ring at the upper left and right finishes of the blind, and attach the rest across the highest point of the shade.

How Many Eyelet Rings Are Needed?

While putting the 36mm Eyelet Rings we suggest 9 rings for each meter (approx. multiple times completion) yet remember while computing the number of rings you require, you ought to consistently amount to a much number for each blind. In the event that you utilize an odd number of rings the external edges of your blind won’t hang effectively on the post.

The rings are intended for use with lightweight to medium textures. While choosing your texture and covering kindly think about the general thickness, as it will be harder to cut the eyelet together the thicker the mix of texture and coating. Try not to put the eyelets on a crease. With these DIY cut on eyelet rings, there is no requirement for eyelet pincers or an eyelet device.

Presently the ring is isolated, utilizing a sharp pair of scissors (and with the correct side of the texture confronting you), painstakingly remove the textures and eyelet support whenever utilized away from within the eyelets. Try not to stress over fraying, the rings will conceal any messy edges.

Spot the side of the ring with the spikes on to the front of the texture. Spot the opposite side of the ring at the rear of the texture and clasp immovably together, ensure the texture is level and not tucked up anyplace. Rehash across the window ornament. Adhering to the consideration guidelines for your blind texture. Prior to cleaning, delicately eliminate the Eyelet Rings from the window ornaments by backing the rings away with a little level head screwdriver, applying delicate influence.

Bonus: 3 Amazon Products

JushengXMX 48 Pcs Black 1.5-Inch Inner Diameter Metal Curtain Rings with Eyelets, Fits Up to 1 1/4-Inch Rod

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  • They are thick strong steel with a smooth level ring plan.
  • Set of 28 drape rings. You can use them for a couple of their standard sizes for window ornament.
  • Measurements: 1.5″ internal breadth; viable up to 1/4″ curtain bar.
  • Accessible in 5 completions: Dark; Oil-scoured bronze; Glossy silk pewter, nickel, and Gold.

MERIVILLE 28 pcs 1.5-Inch Inner Diameter Metal Flat Curtain Rings with Eyelets, Fits Up to 1 1/4-Inch Rod (Set of 28, Pewter)

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  • Drape Ring Size: Huge ring Internal width 38mm/1.5″; Little Ring Inward breadth: 0.27″; Thick: 0.11″. (Point by point size as Image 2)
  • Viable With: Simply fit 1.4″ outside breadth of curtain bars.
  • They are solid metal.
  • 36 Packs 36 mm metal curtain eyelet shade rings.
  • Top-notch: Made of thick strong steel.

MateOne 36 Pack 1.5 inch (38mm) Inner Diameter Metal Curtain Rings Drapery Eyelet Curtain Rings – Black

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  • Set of 28 shade rings; Enough for a couple of standard size drapery.
  • Measurements: 1.5″ internal width; viable with up to 1/4″ curtain bar.
  • Accessible in 4 completions: Dark; Oil-scoured bronze; Silk nickel and Gold.

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