Curtain Extenders: Do You Need Them and How to Use

Since draperies mostly covering a huge family room window, you might need to adjust your present bar with curtain extenders to fit it as opposed to purchasing another one, especially if the window is only a couple inches more extensive than the greatest length of the pole. You can purchase extenders for certain poles, however, there are approaches to extemporize an answer utilizing wooden doweling. Adjusting a drape pole to fit a wide window may take some resourcefulness. Standard blind bars are expandable from 28 to 48 inches or from 48 to 84 inches, and for extra-wide windows, you can buy bars that stretch out similar to 159 inches.

Installing Rod Extenders

A few organizations transport extra-long bars in pieces, and they supply couplers to interface them. The coupler comprises a short length of line that slides over the two pieces you’re interfacing. It has a couple of set screws that you fix with an Allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver to make sure about the lines you’re associating. You can get the coupler and an additional length of the line by exploring the producer’s site or that of a wholesaler.

To introduce the connector, embed one bar until the end is mostly inside it, at that point fix the set screw. Addition the other pole until it contacts the first; fix the screw, and you’re finished. On the off chance that you as of now have an additional length of the pole and you’re simply searching for an approach to interface it to the current blind pole, think about utilizing a metal conductor coupler, accessible at any tool shop. Paint the connector with a jar of shower paint, and nobody will actually realize it didn’t come from the drape bar maker.

Maybe you simply need to add two or three inches onto your drape bar. In the event that you have an additional length of the bar, you can do this with wooden doweling. This procedure permits you to join the poles without the utilization of an outer coupler.

Stage 1: Purchase the Doweling

Find wooden doweling that has a similar width as the bar you need to broaden. Blind bars are for the most part 1/2 inch in measurement, so 1/2-inch doweling should work. Notwithstanding, just no doubt, it’s a smart thought to carry the drapery pole with you when you purchase the doweling.

Stage 2: Prepare the Doweling

Sand or shave the two finishes of the doweling to lessen the breadth enough to fit inside the drape bar. You can do this with a cushion sander and 100-coarseness sandpaper, a belt sander, or even a force scrubber. Eliminate enough material to permit you to embed the dowel to a profundity of 2 to 3 inches.

Stage 3: Insert the Doweling

Spread a little woodworker’s paste toward one side of the doweling and slide it into the finish of one of the poles to a profundity of 2 or 3 inches. Cut the finish of the doweling flush with the finish of the bar, utilizing a handsaw. At that point tap the doweling in another 1/8 to 1/4 inch, utilizing a mallet and screwdriver. Supplement the opposite finish of the doweling into the other pole similarly, and afterward trust that the paste will set.

Stage 4: Install a Double-Ended Screw

Drill a 1/8-inch opening in the focal point of every dowel. Screw a 1/4-inch twofold finished screw into one of the openings and fix it a couple of turns, utilizing pincers, to sink it at any rate 1/2 inch into the dowel.

Stage 5: Connect the Rods

Supplement the opposite finish of the screw into the opening in the dowel in the other pole, at that point screw the bars together by turning them with your hands. Since the dowels are recessed, you’ll have the option to continue fixing until the poles are really contacting. The value contrast between custom curtains and off-the-rack blinds isn’t slight – picking something instant saves you THOUSANDS of dollars! Obviously, the compromise is that you don’t have similar customization alternatives. Instant draperies will in general come in three standard lengths: 84″ 96″ and 108″ (not including the short length of 63″, which IMO just has a place in a child’s room.)

In a perfect world, a blind will hang around 1/2″ off the floor on the off chance that you are going for that floor-to-roof (magnificent) look. You can see an illustration of this in this venture we did utilize Pottery Barn shades here (I love grommet-top window hangings since they hang so perfectly!): Yet, what do you do when your window statures don’t fit one of those standard lengths?

We hadn’t committed an error in buying West Elm drapes (we source shades from West Elm, Box and Barrel, Anthropologie, and heaps of other retail sources constantly), however, she was unquestionably confronting a typical issue. Possibly developers and shade producers ought to have a little talk with each other in light of the fact that it seems like window trim is regularly hung at a stature that makes simply the circumstance Melanie is in – 84″ is too short, 96″ is excessively long. What do we do?

3 Different Ways to Ensure You Get an Ideal Curtain Length With Extenders

1) Get the 96″ Length Draperies and Re-Hang Your Bar Higher on Your Divider, in the Event That You Have the Room. (Zero Expense)

There is frequently at any rate a foot of room between the window trim and the roof, so you can introduce the pole in that space, tackling your drapery issue and furthermore causing your space to feel taller. The key is that you need to introduce the poles with the fitting divider anchors to ensure somebody (like a little child) can’t yank on the draperies and pull the bar unusual. Utilizing anchors or molly bolts will put about dime-sized openings in your divider, yet IMO it’s well justified, despite all the trouble!

Simultaneously, as you hang the bar higher, you ought to likewise consider draping the bar about a foot more extensive than your window on the two sides. That allows the shades to curtains to the sides of the window instead of covering the window when open, bringing about a window that appears to be greater and allows in more normal light!

2) Purchase the 96″ Length Drapes and Trim/Sew Them to the Correct Length. (Medium Expense)

Why not slice and stitch your shades to the correct length? In the event that you approach a sewing machine, this is a proper DIY project (you can likewise look at the iron-on fix tapes as well… ) If that isn’t your range of abilities (particularly if the draperies are lined, which makes it an additionally testing project), a laundry/changes shop can typically do this for you at a moderately minimal effort.

TIP: In the event that you do go this course, you will initially need to hang your new drapes, steam or iron them so they hang appropriately, mark the length you need with a pin on both the privilege and left side, and afterward acquire them for a brisk stitch. Don’t avoid the steam/iron advance to get the wrinkles out – you need to fix them to the genuine length, not the wrinkled-up length.

3) Sew on a Boundary to the Lower Part of Your 84″ Shades.

(greatest expense of the three alternatives, yet way not exactly custom)

This strategy will take some sewing abilities or a sewer as well, yet is an absolutely genuine look. The cost will rely upon if your draperies have a covering (a plain, generally white texture on the rear of a more beautifying front) or on the off chance that they are unlined. To make this venture as simple as could reasonably be expected, search for a boundary texture that is a comparative load to the primary drapery – it very well may be most straightforward to get a similar window ornament in an alternate tone. This is an extraordinary arrangement particularly in the event that you discover a lot of “excessively short” shades on leeway!

Having a glad home seldom requires custom arrangements, however, it requires some inventive reasoning. In the event that you’ve been abhorring your “excessively short” blinds, I trust this gave you some extraordinary thoughts to address your certain situations! What’s more, in case you’re trapped, recollect that we are here to help! Give us an email with your circumstance and how about we check whether we can concoct an answer for your space, together!

How to Stick Together 2 Curtains With Extenders

Hanging window ornaments is an agony. Nobody realizes that better than us. You cautiously measure your windows to get the specific measurements, just to hang your drape poles slanted. Presently you need to start from the very beginning and spackle, sand, and paint the old drill openings to shroud them. Hours have passed by and still haven’t hung up your draperies. Sound recognizable? Fortunately, hanging shades and curtain doesn’t need to be so troublesome. Put your drill and spackle aside. Here are four innovative approaches to drape window ornaments without boring openings in your dividers.

Kwik-Hang Drapery Pole Sections

There are two significant obstructions to hanging drapes: precisely estimating them and harming your dividers. Kwik-Hang window ornament pole sections dispose of the torment of both those assignments. The progressive plan requires minutes to introduce, requires zero estimations, and doesn’t harm your divider. Simply position the sections on the sides of your window outline, tap them in with an elastic hammer or sled and they’re all set. No harm, nails or penetrates, and you’ll accomplish totally adjusted draperies without fail!

Coat Snares

Coat snares are a shockingly flexible instrument. Other than holding overcoats and packs, they can likewise be utilized to hang drapes. To introduce them, blend the coat snares at an even distance across the window. Circle the openings through each snare to hang your shades. Coat snares are simpler to hang than conventional shade bar equipment and don’t need boring. The solitary drawback is that they require careful, exact estimations, and opening and shutting them is a torment. Shade snares are best for beautiful windows that don’t should be changed regularly.

3M Order Snares

Ok, Order Snares. There are endless articles committed to the different uses and little-known techniques for Order Snares, from hanging craftsmanship, photographs, and keys to mounting switches to the divider. Hanging shades is one of their numerous imaginative uses — similar snares you use for a jack of all trades undertakings can pull twofold obligation as blind pole holders. To begin, you’ll need at any rate two Order Snares (if your window is longer than 30 inches, you’ll need a third Order Snare to help the center).

Elective Approaches to Hang Your Shades Without Boring: Different Curtain Extenders

Order Snares come in brushed nickel and oil-scoured bronze, so you can blend and match as per your stylistic theme. Metal Order Snares are accessible in little, medium, and huge sizes. We suggest a huge one, so it fits the shaded bar.

While choosing a shaded pole, search for one with a slim measurement — not exactly ¾ inches. Any thicker, and it won’t have the option to fit in the Order Snare. After you’ve deliberately estimated the drapes, strip off the cement cover on the Order Snares. Individually, press the Order Snare solidly onto the surface for in any event 30 seconds. Rehash on the opposite side. Leave the snares for in any event 30 minutes prior to hanging your blinds.

Order Attaches can just hold to five pounds of weight, so they’re not appropriate for heavier shades or wraps (or the steady mileage of children and pets). While you can reuse them, Order Snares lose their tenacity over the long haul and aren’t the most solid arrangement. Pressure-bar blinds have poles that stretch from within one window casing to the next. They’re an incredible elective approach to hang drapes — you can introduce them in minutes with no muddled estimations or establishment.

Strain bar blinds have a couple of style choices. You can situate them at the highest point of the window or lower for a nation shade style. Strain pole shades are best for sheer, lighter textures. They’re not sufficient for heavier window hangings or power outage drapes. Contingent upon the size of the window, you may have to arrange custom sizes, which can get precarious.

In case you’re searching for the quickest, least demanding approach to set up your blinds without harming the dividers, realize you can generally rely on Kwik-Hang’s sans harm window ornament pole sections and holdbacks to take care of business instantly. Kwik-Hang’s no-drill equipment is accessible in an assortment of tones for both single and twofold blind bars. Focus uphold sections are likewise accessible for broadened window widths utilizing drape poles longer than 30″. Additionally, in contrast to Order Snares or pressure bars, Kwik-Hang sections can uphold as much as 20 pounds. You’ll have the option to utilize customary window ornament poles or balance heavier curtains without stress.

The Most Effective Method to Introduce Curtain Bars Extender

On the off chance that you have a curtain pole that is the length you can purchase, yet not as long as you need, an extender is an appropriate response. An appropriately planned extender requires minimal additional work to fit.

Stage 1 – Read the Guidelines

Peruse the guidelines that accompanied the extender.

Stage 2 – Fit to the Pole

An extender that is appropriately planned will be molded and designed so it will essentially slide inside one finish of the bar. Once set up the all-encompassing pole can be estimated and the excess length cut off. Continuously cut the excess off the pole expansion. This will decrease the separation from the finish to the joint and dodge any issues of the curtain getting caught in the event that it is moved along the bar.

Stage 3 – No Extender

In the event that can not accept an extender, you should make one. To do this you will require the accompanying materials

  • Unique drapery pole
  • Measuring tape
  • Bit of empty cylinder a similar outer measurement as the pole and as long as the important expansion
  • 18-inch dowel the measurement of the inward breadth of the bar and augmentation (or the more noteworthy in the event that they vary)
  • Pipe tape

Stage 4 – Clean finishes

Clean the closures of both the bar and the extender. There ought to be no sharp edges.

Stage 5 – Addition the Dowel

Supplement the dowel into the finish of the pole. In the event that the dowel is a free fit make it tighter by wrapping pipe tape around the initial 9 inches. When there is a tight fit, drive the dowel into the bar. Lock the dowel set up by driving a short nail through the cylinder into the dowel.

Stage 6 – Associate the Extender

Supplement the dowel currently standing out from the pole into the extender. On the off chance that the fit is free utilize more conduit tape to make a tight fit. Ensure that the finishes of the pole and extender are flush together and afterward lock the dowel set up by driving a short nail through the extender into the dowel.

Stage 7 – Sanding the Dowel

On the off chance that in stages 5 and 6 the dowel is too wide to even think about fitting into the pole or the extender, coarse sandpaper should be utilized to diminish the distance across the dowel. This is a greatly improved method of making sure about a decent join in light of the fact that there is no compelling reason to attempt to drive a bar and an extender of comparable measurements to mate. The dowel adds to the overall strength.

Stage 8 – Smoothing the Join

In the event that there is an observable edge at the go along with you should utilize fine glass paper to smooth it away. Making a participate in a pole and an extender thusly gives a significantly more satisfying appearance if the pole can be seen. Regardless of whether the curtain will be moved along the all-inclusive length of the bar, there will be no risk of an obstacle. With 18 crawls of fortification inside the pole and extender join there is no threat that the join will twist, even in the long haul.

A blind pole from the retail chain style division may turn out impeccably for typical window size, however, in your home, a “typical” window might be anything besides. Requesting a specially measured blind bar may demonstrate an expensive endeavor and take some time, for sure. As opposed to spending a fortune on something as straightforward as a shaded bar, go to one of the stunts utilized by decorators to broaden promptly accessible bars for a small amount of the expense of custom work.

Tips About Curtain Extenders

Slip and Slide

Some window ornament bar sets are really two bits of empty metal: one piece is marginally smaller than the other, sliding inside the first to make a customizable pole. Two of these poles together transform to shape one broadened pole. Eliminate the short cylinder from one pole – just as the finial on that side, assuming any – and afterward embed the short cylinder from the second pole into the principal, making one long bar made of three cylinders. Slide the more extensive cylinders around until the pole is the ideal length. Since this mix pole is somewhat more than initially planned, it might blow a little in the middle, particularly under the heaviness of window ornaments. Add a drape pole section at the focal point of the window to help the additional length if there isn’t one effectively set up.

A Turn of the Screw

For wooden dowel drapery poles, a connector screw – a screw with strings at each end – holds two indistinguishable poles together. Drill a pilot opening in one finish of every one of the two coordinating dowels, and afterward embed the connector screw. A bit of dowel bar or a stake can be utilized instead of a screw. Despite the association technique utilized, you’ll need a help section underneath the association to reinforce it when you hang the window ornaments.

Secure Sleeves

A sleeve-style connector joins coordinating bar pieces, regardless of whether they’re made of metal, wood, or even PVC. A premade sleeve intended for a genuine blind pole is accessible at curtain supply shops or home improvement stores; this style is normally a metal two-piece tube that braces over the association of two poles. Little screws fix down to hold the cylinder parts together and fix the sleeve over the shade bar association. Comparable gadgets are sold in the pipes branch of a home improvement store in arranged breadths; paint the connectors to coordinate the bar.

Internal Piece

Some shade bar producers sell connectors intended to fit inside the bar, permitting you to join at least two coordinating bars together to make one long piece. These inward cylinders screw into place, requiring openings bored at the closures of the drapery pole pieces to make sure the whole structure together. Sometimes, a wooden dowel or plug might be utilized to interface two bars. A drape bar section under every association point holds the structure securely set up.

How Far Do I Broaden Blind Poles Past the Window with Curtain Extenders?

Windows that sit near one another don’t leave a lot of space for extra drape bar width. When choosing how far to broaden your blind bars past your windows, there’s nobody size-fits-all answer. You need to move toward every window dependent upon the situation and think about a few distinct elements. Your answer will rely upon the window’s size, its vicinity to a divider or to different windows, and the completion of your drapes. Windows with a lot of divider space on either side can bear the cost of a more drawn out pole and bigger finials.

When introducing shade poles, hang the pole with the goal that it stretches out in any event 3 or 4 crawls past the window on each side, which permits your drapes to cover both the window and the divider to keep light from spilling in around the window’s edges. On the off chance that your windows sit intently together and there isn’t sufficient space to hang singular bars one next to the other, drape one long pole across all the windows on the divider.

Stacking Width

One end to the other drapery bars rules out space on the sides. At the point when you push your blinds open, they “stack” on each side of the window. “Stacking width” is a term utilized in the enlivening business to depict the measure of bar space you need on each side of your window to oblige open drapes. While flimsy, dim, unlined blinds won’t require much stacking width, weighty, full draperies with liberal creasing or assembling will require a lot of stacking room so they don’t hinder your window’s view in any event, when they are open. As per the specialists at Iron Inflections, producers of custom iron shade poles, a decent guideline to follow is to utilize a pole that is 33% more extensive than your window while considering stacking width.

Slender Windows

On the off chance that your windows are smaller than you like, you can give them the vibe of more extensive windows by utilizing poles that broaden well past the windows’ width. At the point when you open the draperies, stack them so they are totally off the window yet no divider is appearing between the window and the stacked drapery, which will give the deception that your window reaches out to the most distant edge of the stacked blind.

Different Contemplations

Survey each window in your home separately when deciding shade pole length. For instance, in the event that you have a mass of windows, you’ll need a pole that stretches out from one finish of the space to the next, and you may have no room at all for stacking width. In the event that you are balancing blinds over a French entryway or sliding glass entryway, take into consideration extra stacking width so you can push the draperies totally out of the entryway to appropriately access or open and close the entryway.

Bonus: 3 Amazon Products

Weoxpr 48 Pack Clear Plastic Shower Curtain Rings Hooks for Bathroom Shower Window Rod

Price: $10. Buy on Amazon

Great Material: These window ornament bar sections are made of rock-solid, thick steel.

Flexible Length: These bar sections snares acclimate to oblige the greatest bar breadth of 1 inch while the level casing reaches out from 4.5 to 6.5 crawls from the divider.

Simple Installation: These sections accompany 6 coordinating anchors give all you require to introduce an enduring and strong apparatus for your dividers and windows.

Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks with Double Different Heights, Stainless Steel Easily-Glide Shower Rings for Bathroom Shower Rods Curtains, Polished Chrome, Set of 12 Hooks

Price: $15. Buy on Amazon

Free plating activity – No catch; no exertion; no problem. These snares highlight uniquely designed round balls to lessen grinding and permit easy coasting across the bar with for all intents and purposes no exertion by any stretch of the imagination.

Distinctive twofold shower snares – The twofold shower blind snares with various statures may hang on the lower side of the shower liner which is the higher side of the shower window ornament. The shower drapery rings are sufficiently able to carry a substantial shade and a liner and furthermore can secure the ornamental shower blind.

Treated steel – The rock-solid metal and sturdy hardened steel development permits long periods of utilization in the cruel restroom components. The tempered steel shower window ornament snares, non-attractive metal, which means it may last inside and outside without dusting.

Sumnacon Set of 3 Adjustable Curtain Drapery Rod Bracket Holders for 1 Inch Rods, Extendable Wall-Mounted Metal Single Rod Bracket – Black

Price: $10. Buy on Amazon

Absolutely 48 packs shower blind rings snares in the bundle, huge quality enough to introduce and supplant.

Material: made of silicone elastic which is adaptable and simple to bend(can twist 180°), lightweight, solid, and never corroded.

Size: inside length and width are approx. 1.7 x 1.1 inches, the complete length is 2.16 inches, useful for 1-inch distance across the shower bar.

C-shape oval molded plan can undoubtedly float fluidly. The rings are open and simple to introduce and eliminate.

Consummately suit for the tub, washroom, evolving room, changing area, etc. If you don’t mind ensure this ring fits your drape bar before you get it!

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