The Curtain Exchange Store: Curtains Designed For You!

One of the famous and biggest curtain designers in the USA is “The Curtain Exchange Store”. Their shades are made in the THEMA by a group of prepared zephyrs. They’ve been making curtains since 1997 and their items are accessible through The Curtain Exchange retail locations, an organization of freely claimed establishment drapery stores. their Store Owners and their staff are glad for their items and their insight and everybody is devoted to helping you locate the correct window covers for your home.

How They Work

Their Approval Process is an attempt before-you purchase approach that helps eliminate worries about settling on a huge plan choice. For this reason, every one of their Stores offers blinds and curtain boards that you may bring home to hang at your windows on 48-hours endorsement, to see the completed impact in your room. On the off chance that you haven’t had a go at looking for window covers this route previously, you might be astounded, and mitigated, to find that their way to deal with window medicines works.

Every one of their stores offers the accompanying:

  • Around 100 instant blind styles and curtain boards (amounts and style change at every area). Blinds might be bought out and out, or brought home on endorsement and accordingly requested in the size you need.
  • Many textures, a huge number of decisions are redundant, they intend to furnish you with an altered choice to help you settle on the correct decision
  • Sheer textures joint as silks, cotton, woven textures from everywhere the world
  • A continually changing choice of textures and blinds so their window concealing styles are to the moment and state-of-the-art
  • Textures that might be made into custom blinds and shades (roman shade, assembled, expand conceal, London conceal, and numeroThem other styles)
  • Instances of specially crafted drapes, shades, and top medicines
  • Curtain equipment at all value focus and in all styling choices (posts, finials, sections, rings)
  • Large numbers of their stores offer window shades and blinds, including mechanized blinds.

Regardless of whether you live close to one of their stores or miles away, they can help. Find a drape store close to you and They’ll be glad to converse with you about their attempt before-you purchase measure.

The Curtain Exchange – Atlanta

Worked by: Jane and Jim Waddell (additionally Lori, Angela, Carol, and Karen)

1082A Huff Road, NW

Atlanta, GA 30318 United States

(404) 352-8849

The biggest of their stores, they offer fantastic, select cThemtom curtains. they have a broad scope of immediately made window ornaments for you to bring home and give a shot on endorsement, joint as many distinctive curtain equipment styles, shades, and top medicines. Have an inquiry? Email them today! [email protected]

Find the Best Curtains for Your Home!

The Curtain Company, their restrictive texture provider, has furnished The Curtain Exchange of Atlanta with a restricted load of limited textures. The deal is temporarily joint, while supplies last. Limited textures have been set apart in their store with a green speck, and the remaining textures in stock are housed in their workroom. They’ll get down on the workroom for inquisitive clients to discover if enough texture stays to create those custom window ornaments and curtains. Also, as usual, they have curtain and establishment administrations accessible.

The deal is genuinely temporarily joint, so hustle in to see their determination and check whether another texture example or drape configuration is ideal for you. They’ll possibly realize how much texture stays in stock when they contact the workroom to demand accurate yardage necessities for handcrafts. This is an incredible occasion to rearrange for these special seasons or the coming year without breaking your financial plan or the bank!

These top of the line and excellent textures are profoundly limited and can be created into custom window ornaments, top medicines, and different styles of shades including accumulated, inflatable, London, and Roman shades. Considering these textures are accessible in restricted amounts, it would be ideal if you see their Measuring Guide and have a thought of how long and wide your custom window ornaments, curtains, or shades should be. This will guarantee a smooth and effective cycle for you, their staff, and the tours in their workroom.

Their Elegant Curtains in Atlanta

Here in Atlanta, the biggest of The Curtain Exchange stores, they offer impressive and elite custom curtains just as wonderful decorator textures for your windows, entryways, and beds. they additionally offer a broad scope of prepared-to-purchase drapes just as roman shades. Notwithstanding conveying a wide range of equipment lines, from easy to expound, they additionally offer shades, top medicines, and cThemtom sheet material. As a component of their cThemtom, they likewise acknowledge quality transfer stock. This will be their seventeenth year in Midtown Atlanta and their clients visit them from everywhere the metro territory and encompassing towns in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. While you are here get some information about their home counsel and establishment administrations. On the off chance that you likewise need some window treatment thoughts, They’ll be happy to help.

Purchasing Curtains in Atlanta by Pairs, not Panels

Purchasing window ornaments for your home or office in Atlanta is a great method to inhale character into space. Regardless of whether you pick a strong tone or a designed look, window covers decide the tone of a room. It tends to be an energizing cycle, one that finishes the final detail of your plan. Less fun, be that as it may, is the confounding estimating most retailers Theme, in which drapes regularly are valued by a solitary board and not all in all pair.

At The Curtain Exchange of Atlanta, they need the way toward picking your window dressings to be more energizing and fun than confounding and deluding with regards to cost. Accordingly, they value every one of their window ornaments as a total pair and not simply a solitary board. Your vision and (its cost) is less convoluted at The Curtain Exchange of Atlanta.

One of the different ways they endeavor to make your shopping experience simpler is by offering a broad custom transfer segment; their determination of top line, custom transfer curtain is one of the biggest in the Atlanta territory. their transfer drapes start at $300 and are estimated for the pair also.

They offer custom curtains in a broad scope of textures and varioThem alternatives in certain equipment, window conceals, top medicines, blinds, and valances. On the off chance that you need a few thoughts for the appearance of your room, their advisors have numeroThem thoughts they can share to kick you off. When you settle on your vision, they have snappy boat alternatives in both custom blinds and curtain equipment. At The Curtain Exchange of Atlanta, they can likewise give counsel on all parts of the shade and curtain plan. With their less confounded valuing model, they trust your experience is simpler and more direct. they accept delightful windows are something everybody can accomplish.

The Curtain Exchange of Oklahoma City

Worked by: Owner Jane Law

6478 Avondale Drive

Oklahoma City, OK 73116

United States

(405) 840-0090

Their area in Nichols Hills offers custom window medicines from a broad scope of textures. they likewise give bistro-style draperies, delicate texture conceals, top medicines, and custom window hangings to clients all through the region. They’ve been doing bTheminess since 2003 and offer master counsel to every one of their clients.

Beautiful Draperies in Oklahoma City

Since 2003 they have been gladly serving Oklahoma City joint as the Nichols Hills zone and environmental factors districts. their custom curtains are produced Theming a broad scope of textures. In the event that you are searching for rich silks or basic material bistro draperies, they can help. they additionally offer an interesting idea of instant planner drapes that are supplied coming up and prepared to bring home and give a shot at your own windows. Notwithstanding custom curtains, they offer equipment, conceals, top medicines, and custom sheet material.

They urge you to see the entirety of their window treatment thoughts for your home and on the off chance that you need any home meeting and establishment, this can be handily masterminded.

Observing Art in Style of Curtains

They are eager to be important for the First Thursdays, Celebrating Art in Style occasion at Nichols Hills Plaza this late spring! If you don’t mind go along with them on June fifth from 6-9 pm. they are offering incredible limits for Mom and Dad and face painting for the children. At The Curtain Exchange of Oklahoma City, they know tone, they know the surface, and they know work. Their storekeeper, Jane Law, and representatives are prepared to help you discover the look you want. they are not joint here to assist you with inside drapery, yet hardware conceals outside textures and custom sheet material.

Their store offers discussion as well. they need you to have an occasion to examine window covers in your home, office, or outside living space. they are pleased to manage you through the cycle of texture decision, equipment, and the correct search for your window. They will probably make it straightforward, and exceptionally successful.

Opening Hours

They are eager to be essential for the First Thursdays, Celebrating Art in Style occasion at Nichols Hills Plaza this mid-year! It would be ideal if you go along with them on June fifth from 6-9 pm. they are offering extraordinary limits for Mom and Dad and face painting for the children. At The Curtain Exchange of Oklahoma City, they know tone, they know the surface, and they know work. Their storekeeper, Jane Law, and representatives are prepared to help you discover the look you want. they are not joint here to assist you with inside drapery, however, hardware, conceals, outside textures, and custom sheet material. Their store offers conferences as well. they need you to have an occasion to talk about window covers in your home, office, or open-air living space. they are charmed to direct you through the cycle of texture decision, equipment, and the correct search for your window. They will likely make it basic, and extremely powerful.

The Curtain Exchange of St. Louis

Worked by: Owner Ellen Ross

8119 Maryland Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63105 United States

(314) 863-1112

Situated in Clayton, they give their clients a profound determination of instant drapes to give a shot on the endorsement. their accomplished staff will likewise help with custom curtains, delicate shades, top medicines, blinds, and curtain equipment to make a special style for you. they likewise offer Peacock Alley bedding.

Gorgeous Curtains in St. Louis

The St. Louis store, situated in Clayton, has gladly served this district and encompassing zones since 2005. they offer elite draperies that might be brought home and given a shot before buy. This special idea of instant, originator shades is the thing that sets them apart from the rest. In addition to the fact that they carry a broad scope of textures, numerous selective, yet they are ready to make custom curtains joint as blinds, conceals, top medicines, and bedding—all made in the THEMA. they additionally offer equipment lines to suit all plan styles from conventional to contemporary.

Their St. Louis store additionally represents considerable authority in window medicines for skyscraper private structures, condominiums, and lofts. At the point when you stay with them, they would likewise gladly educate you about their home interview and establishment benefits that might be masterminded. they additionally have numerous thoughts for instant drapes or different alternatives that may intrigue you. At long last, meet the proprietor of this remarkable store, Ellen Ross, as she shares her enthThemiasm and interest in window medicines.

Sales in All Curtains

This winter season, they’re offering thirteen days of Black Friday arrangements and limits! Beginning November 29 through February 14, all in-stock shades and equipment will be marked down. All in-stock instant window ornaments will be 30% off. They’ve never offered this profound a rebate, so rThemh in to shop for the best choice! Also, spending brand Curtain Studio draperies will be 10% off and all curtain equipment will be 10% off, as Theyll. (Uniquely crafted and transfer window ornaments are excluded from this deal.)

Different Color Options in Curtains

Changing from happy fall style to stormy cheer can be distressing. Here are straightforward recommendations to help you deck their lobbies effortlessly. Select impartial hued or designed curtains. Changing window medicines with the seasons can undoubtedly revive a rooftop. Pick tones for the fall and winter season that will match Theyll with both hearty fall tones and frigid whites. Think about ivory, gold, or beige.

Pick your shading palette. Straightforward shading trades can flag the progress from tumble to winter. Move away from earthen tones of earthy colored, goldenrod, and burgundy and pick naval force, gold, green, cranberry, or ivory. Brighten with basic pieces like shaded candles, toss pads, or even happy Christmas lights.

Utilize common accents. This season is plentiful with shading. Enrich with new cranberries or new spices like rosemary and sage for a fly of shading and fragrance! Splash paint pine cones in your picked shading palette for fast, simple accents. Find new Themes for decorations. Sensitive, glass, or legacy adornments don’t need to be consigned to your tree. Gathering like shaded glass bulbs together on a plate or in a bowl for a complement piece on the footstool. Balance brilliant adornments on lace and tie the strips along your flight of stairs railing for splendid, fun enrichment.

They desire to see you at The Curtain Exchange of St. Louis soon to shop their vacation deal! For more data and motivation, similar to them on Facebook or visit their store at 8119 Maryland Ave. They as of late finished the custom window ornament plan and establishment in the wonderful Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, situated on Lindell Blvd. You granted the work since they furnished the congregation with the best esteem and have gained notoriety for administration.

Dazzling Textures in Curtains

They had the option to furnish the basilica with a few texture tests, permitting them to pick a shading that consummately praises the stone and marble of the hoTheme of God and the delightful, luxurioThemly hued mosaics. The basilica is home to the biggest mosaic assortment on the Western side of the equator! The blinds They’re made of green velvet in their workroom here in St. Louis. They’re introduced by an establishment master in the church’s confession booth. they estimated the space to guarantee the window ornaments they’re the perfect fit.

Finished in 1914, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis was worked as a trade for the first Cathedral of St. Louis along the Mississippi River. The house of God fills in as the mother church of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and it is the seat of its diocese supervisor. In 1997, Pope John Paul II assigned the hours of prayer a basilica — a position of love of exceptional differentiation.

They’re ready to finish custom window ornament and curtain plan and establishment for any style and any space, including wraps, delicate shades, blinds, and top medicines. Also, they have an incredible choice of instant window hangings and draperies and they offer a 48-hours in-home endorsement measure, which implies you can take these blinds home prior to buying to ensure they’re an ideal choice for your home.

Whenever you have picked your blinds, they have the curtain equipment to coordinate and offer establishment administrations. they give in-home interviews also to guarantee you’re finding the best item to suit your space.

For more data about custom curtain alternatives or to plan an arrangement or in-home meeting, kindly call their store at (314) 863-1102.

Get Discounted Designer Curtains While Supporting Charity

Incredible news for those of you who need to get enormous reserve funds while supporting a reason that benefits youngsters needing clinical consideration: The Curtain Exchange of St. Louis is taking an interest in the Glennon Card shopping program this year. That implies that when you buy a Glennon Card, you could get 20% off of your acquisition of window ornaments, blinds, equipment, bedding, or whatever else you may discover at The Curtain Exchange!

Here are the means by which it works:

You can arrange your Glennon Card online at for $50. Basically having this card in your ownership enables you to save 20% at in excess of 285 shops, eateries, spas, and salons in St. Louis. Since the card joint expenses $50, you could undoubtedly make up the cost by utilizing it to buy products and enterprises from partaking stores. Acquisition of new window medicines at The Curtain Exchange would more than compensate for the cash spent on the card! The limits are accessible at The Curtain Exchange and at different stores for a multi-day time frame, October 25 through November 3. You can see the other taking interest stores here: of-vendors by-type.

Each and every penny of the $50 you spend on a Glennon Card goes towards the work that the SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center does. A year ago, for instance, the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation raised $147,250 by selling 2000 Glennon Cards, which empowered the clinical focus to purchase heart and lung observing gear and improve mental imbalance programs. They are glad to be a partaking store in the Glennon Card shopping program. This is a noble purpose for an incredible program that benefits youngsters who are needing clinical consideration, so they truly expect that it will be a Theyll-known program this year.

To get some answer concerning another way that you could help uphold this foundation, see their blog about their cooperation in the Ladue News Show Home!

The Curtain Exchange of New Orleans

Worked by: Owner Elaine Cullen

3936 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70115 United States

(504) 897-2444

Magazine Street was the area of the primary TCE Store and they carry on a long convention of offering their clients sumptuoThem instant window ornaments in long lengths, joint as custom curtains made to gauge. they likewise give texture conceals to top medicines and a determination of certain equipment.

In-Home Consultations

After you have seen the creator draperies that they have available and taken a couple of boards home to test, think about exploiting their master in-home experts. An advisor will visit your home to help assess the spaces for which you are intending to purchasing shades. During this cycle, the advisor will talk with you about current and likely arrangements for the room and the ideal Themefulness of your window medicines. The person will likewise decide significant factors, for example, the bearing that the room faces when the light will be the most extreme, regardless of whether there are creatures or little youngsters in the home, and the favored enriching style.

Subsequent to getting a comprehension of what you are searching for and the Themefulness that you require, their advisor will offer you guidance about the style of drapery that would best fit the room and other functional elements—for example, which alternatives would give the most security, which would allow in the most measure of light, or which choices would permit the most adaptability between these two. It would be ideal if you note that they do charge for their home meetings. Costs range from $100 to $150 contingent upon the area, however, this cost is charged towards your buy. This is significant assistance that can make the way toward making custom window medicines a lot simpler, so they urge you to talk with them about setting up a home counsel as a component of your buying experience!

Meet Their Drapery Consultant: Renee!

Renee Garrett is their New Orleans drapery store’s in-house planner and specialist. She is such a resTheirce for their store, so they figured they would respect her this month with her own element post! Initial, a tad about what Renee does at The Curtain Exchange of New Orleans: as their in-hoTheme originator, Renee is liable for the in-home interviews that they offer.

During an in-home interview, Renee actually visits clients at their homes to help them select the ideal curtain by helping with estimating, concocting answers for troublesome plan components, and posing inquiries to decide the general look and Themefulness that mortgage holders need to accomplish with their windows. Probably the most significant part of an in-home meeting is that Renee can help property holders work around plan components like narrows windows, twofold stature windows, and other non-standard windows, which can be very hard to dress.

Renee has as of late been chipping away at a couple of intriguing tasks with regards to the Garden District of New Orleans. She made some aTheysome memories of working in these lovely homes due to the sensational engineering that this area is known for. The late Victorian and mid-nineteenth-century homes give a special space that Renee loves to work in. Renee started building up her mastery with these sorts of homes since the beginning when she invested quite a bit of her energy visiting notable southern homes with her folks, who showed her the workmanship, engineering, and history of the spots they visited.

Renee likewise as of late had the difficult occupation of dressing the windows in a room with a 24-foot roof! The property holders had as of late raised the roof a whole floor, making a twofold story window in the room. They feel that Renee is so acceptable at her specific employment since she is a normally inventive individual. They’re so pleased with her in 2011 when she distributed her introduction novel, The Lost Degas. Normal for all that Renee does, she emptied her substance into the composition of this book, and an enormous measure of energy independently publishing it in a computerized design prior to having it printed later on.

What’s Your Design Style of Curtains?

While there are numerous window treatment alternatives at The Curtain Exchange of New Orleans, one, specifically, is starting to drift. Theming a half-inch break – or draping blinds without any than a large portion of an inch of texture on the floor – has a few points of interest over a more extended style, for example, puddling texture. Window ornaments that puddle leave a few crawls of texture laying on the floor, for the ideal puddle impact.

The bit of leeway to utilizing an inch break is less (or no) drape with which to fight during clearing, wiping, vacuuming, or steaming floors, as some report that the shades get tidy and must be cleaned more frequently than window ornaments that don’t lay on the ground. ObvioThemly, all drapes will, at last, require to be cleaned, so the issue is actually how regularly you are eager to have them cleaned.

Puddling draperies remain a famous choice, however, for those searching for a sensational pizazz for their windows. Puddled window ornaments can differ long of texture hung on the floor, yet the normal puddle is around their crawls of material on the floor. For something in the middle of a puddle and no puddle by any means, attempt a break of a couple of inches, with the texture simply collapsing onto the floor.

Puddling is a customary window treatment choice once used to represent abundance by utilizing over the top materials and to forestall cold drafts that are wont to saturate the spaces around a window because of incapable protection. Puddled window ornaments make a striking, extravagant look that would be suitable in more customarily styled rooms.

When choosing the length of your window ornaments, the significant thing is to go with your general vision of a room and to remain consistent with it. Simply make sure to consistently consider the texture cleaning necessities, and pick a style that you will have the option to keep up.

Creator Drapery Services

At The Curtain Exchange, they convey an exceptional determination of certain equipment, including finials, end covers, shafts, sections, rings, and post connectors. their instant equipment comes in current and momentary styles that are accessible in an assortment of completions. their completions incorporate dark, bronze, old fashioned gold, chestnut, and brushed nickel, to give some examples. Notwithstanding their instant curtain equipment, they additionally offer custom iron equipment (counting return poles), which empowers you to modify your window medicines down to the absolute last detail.

Curtain equipment may appear to be a little piece of your window medicines, however, it can largely affect the presence of your room, contingent upon how you Theme it. Your equipment can be utilized to:

Make Height: If utilized effectively, you can utilize your curtain equipment to stress the tallness of your roofs, or make the hallucination of stature in rooms with their roofs. To make the presence of higher roofs, hang your curtain pole, at any rate, a couple of crawls over the window outline. Your roof will show up the tallest if the bar is situated as near the roof as could reasonably be expected.

Make Space: You can make the hallucination of a more extensive window by utilizing a more drawn out bar and broadening your drapes farther past the window outline.

Make Unity: If your room has varioThem windows, this gives you a phenomenal occasion to make solidarity in the room. All bars ought to be hung at similar tallness, which will add fascinating even components to your inside plan. Likewise, by utilizing similar finials on each set of windows, your plan will look bound together and thoroughly examined.

Visit their fashioner curtain store today to see their wonderful equipment face to face, and to talk with an expert about your alternatives for custom iron equipment.

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