Curtain Design in Home Decoration

What should we pay attention to when choosing curtains in our home? What kind of a curtain should be designed? When it comes to curtain design, the aesthetics decreases as the functionality increases. Both issues are very important. So balance comes to the fore. The correct curtain design should be made by considering the compatibility of the curtain with decoration, its usage, covering and ease of cleaning. Although the curtain is usually in the final stages in the decoration stage, if possible, its design should be considered with its rough lines and if necessary, it should be prepared in the ceiling and the wall in advance. Though leaving the curtain job to the end is a facilitating factor for fabric and model selection. After seeing the whole decoration, it is easier to decide whether it is a classic or modern design or what kind of fabric we should choose.

Window structure is an important factor for the curtain design and model. Glass up to the floor, french balconies, guillotine windows, wide and high windows, opening wings balcony doors play an important role in curtain design. For example, folding curtains cannot be applied to windows that do not have sufficient share between the opening and the ceiling. There should be at least 30-35 cm of space between the window and the ceiling. It is more correct to choose panels (Japanese) or fabric curtains instead of folding curtains in glasses up to the floor.

You can choose two kinds according to the wall color. First, fabric and tulle preferences can be made in wall colors. The second is to use fabric and tulle in contrasting shades. In the first option, although your curtains are not very obvious, it gives the impression of depth and softness in your home. Opposite tones make your curtains more prominent. Apart from the wall color, parquet, furniture, lighting systems, and carpet are also important factors. Seating group, armchair, sofa, dining room group, in short, all furniture models in your home are effective on the choice of curtains. When choosing curtains with modern designs along with your modern furniture, you should prefer designs with classic models with your classic furniture.

In modern decorated houses, you are more likely to encounter metal accessories than wooden accessories. Therefore, models designed with metal drapery can be preferred. Japanese, panel, folding and stretching curtain systems are among the designs that can be preferred for modern decorated spaces. Ready-made curtain groups are also among the modern curtain systems. The best example of these; blinds, vertical, duet, silhouette, pleat and roller blind systems. Another advantage of the ready-made curtain design is the convenience of use with its affordable prices.

Curtain Selection in Curtain Design

You can choose curtains designed with gold, brass and bronze curtain accessories in classically decorated areas. Fabric selection can be made according to the furniture and upholstery model. Curtain accessories, fabric preferences and decorations are important factors that determine the curtain design. Fabrics that can be used in classical spaces are bright or semi-matte silk, taffeta, organza, and similar options. Carpet, metal accessories, lighting, furniture models, fabric accessories are also important factors. Folding, background, wing, slice, balloon, stretching, Japanese, panel and many other curtains are called “fabric curtains”. Therefore, it is important what kind of curtain you will use when making fabric curtains.

Along with the curtains and tulle/fabric curtain models attached to the conventional rail or rustic, Japanese curtains are also a preferred curtain design. Mechanism depths are too high in Japanese curtains, the mechanism does not fit in the plaster drapery. Even if it fits, the curtain is damaged when it is opened and closed by attaching it to the window or door handle. The Japanese curtain is more suitable for large and floor-to-ceiling windows. French balconies, glass gallery facades, partition applications (eg for dividing the kitchen and living room passage into studio apartments, for dividing the room between the workplace and the meeting room) are good examples. When the Japanese curtain is set aside, it occupies a place of 50-60 cm. If there is not enough space on the edges, it causes loss of image in your window. These curtains have their own special fabrics.

Using these fabrics prevents the edges of the tape from curling and waving. If you want to use curtain fabric, not your own fabric, the tapes should be sewn in double and adhesive interlining should be applied to the edges of the tape. In this way, the fabric edges will not turn and you will have an aesthetic curtain. For Japanese curtains applied with tulle, you do not have such a chance to apply. Instead, you can spray tulle straps by stiffing. If the Japanese curtain will be applied for the house, for example, instead of using it in all the windows in the living room, using a single window, providing a combination of differently designed curtains with the same fabric gives a more aesthetic result. For example, Japanese curtains can be used in conjunction with folded curtains, especially in the glass window up to the floor. Using Japanese curtains throughout the hall makes the area look like a workplace.

In rustic curtain choices, if you use wood or metal pipes in windows with plasterboard (plaster drapery) or a similar drapery, it will look as if a drapery is made on the drapery. The truth is to remove the plaster or to cover the bottom with a plaster cover. My other recommendations for rustic curtains are as follows: Rustic size should be taken in the width of the window, the walls should not be covered throughout. The rustic applications should be avoided in places with low ceilings. Otherwise, you will print and shrink the space. High ceiling spaces are more suitable for rustic curtain applications.

Curtain Design by Space

Of course, the decoration and purpose of the environment also determine the choice of curtains and curtain design.

  • Living rooms

For example, in areas used as a living room, a hobby room or playroom, tulle and fabric options should be used, dominated by dynamic colors and patterns. This proposal is even more important for areas with modern lines. In these areas, you should be able to enjoy your hobbies, as activities such as watching TV, painting, reading books, playing games and so on are carried out. In order to enjoy this taste to the full, it is important to choose the right curtain design and color as well as the furniture. The practicality of the curtain, its ability to meet your needs, are among the details that need attention. Shader-type sunshade curtains can be used to prevent light reflections while watching TV or reading a book. The roller blind is the ideal option for this function. It is practical and it has many advantages. The shaders are located behind your fabric curtains.

The important criterion you will consider when choosing curtains for the living room is the harmony of the curtain you choose. If we explain this with an example, let’s say you have a minimally decorated living room. For this living room, it would be more convenient if you choose Japanese, folded or zebra curtains rather than go and buy Italian curtains. The fabric of the curtain you choose for your living room is also linked to your decoration style. You can use heavier fabrics such as velvet for your living room in classical design, and curtains with linen fabric for your modern style living room. You can find usage suggestions about curtains in living room decoration on the internet. If you need detailed information about living room decoration, you can take a look at the living room decoration examples shared by many people.

  • Baby and child rooms

It is your first priority that the curtain you choose for children’s rooms is suitable for the child’s soul. Although the color of the furniture that is chosen generally in children’s rooms leads you to simplicity in choosing curtains, you should not forget that you have options. You can have a curtain you get in light color tones colored with digital prints. Digitally printed curtains do not create color complexity. Another kind you can choose for the children’s room is zebra curtains. Patterned zebra curtains will cheer your child’s room as well as ease of use. You can find detailed information about children’s room curtain models and children’s rooms online.

If blinds, roller blinds, and folding mechanism curtains are to be preferred in baby and child rooms, great attention should be paid to the length of the rope and chain. In order not to cause an accident, the curtains and chains of your curtains should be adjusted at a height that your child cannot reach. For quality sleep, blackout blinds or fabric type blinds should be chosen. The colors to be preferred should help your child develop healthily. Curtains should be designed in window widths, this contributes to the room’s appearance.

  • Teen rooms

Ease of use, color and pattern are important when it comes to curtain design in teen rooms. The most important thing is that young people can find their own traces in the room. Therefore, they should definitely contribute to the selection of curtain-type and color. Curtains should serve this purpose while working, reading or having fun. Curtains with roller blinds, wooden blinds, blinds or folding curtain-type mechanisms are among the suitable options. Since this type of curtains is made in the width of the window, it also contributes to the spacious appearance of the room. To increase the functionality and aesthetics, tulle or fabric can be used up to the floor, two pieces on the right and left of the window width. As we suggest in all bedrooms, blackout fabrics should be used as a lining or sunshade for quality sleep.

  • Parent bedrooms

When choosing curtains for your bedroom, pay attention to the thickness of the curtain. If your bedroom, which is your sleeping area, is in a position that receives very good sunlight, a thin curtain causes you to wake up with the light entering. Since thick curtains will darken the environment, you can also benefit from tulle curtains during the day. The color and style of the curtain you choose for your bedroom should be in accordance with the general atmosphere of your room.

If your bedroom is not too wide, use curtains with window width. In this way, you will show the area wider. Its invisibility is also important in these areas, so permeability on the curtain is important. You can solve this problem with darkening lining and blinds. Blind curtain options also include blackout fabrics. Aesthetics and functionality should be considered together in the bedrooms and the design should be done accordingly. Slice, pendant-type curtain decorations can be used in classically decorated rooms. However, if your room is narrow, half-curtains with window width and mechanism are more suitable than curtains up to the floor. The most important detail is the integrity of your curtain and bedspread. So choose curtain fabrics in combination with your bedspread.

  • Kitchens

The general rule for the selection of curtains also applies to kitchens: Curtains suitable for your decoration style … Kitchens are among the areas decorated according to different styles. Therefore, if you have a Country kitchen, you should choose a different curtain according to it and you should remember that there should be different curtains for a traditional kitchen.

As a curtain design, kitchens are the areas where we can be freer, designs such as in bedrooms that do not block the sunlight even in the foreground should be preferred. As the choice of fabric, depending on the closeness of the window to the sink or stove, easily cleaned fabrics should be preferred.

Suggestions for Curtain Design

Curtains are your assistants that complement your room. In addition to its basic functions such as controlling the light coming from outside and ensuring the privacy of your home, it should not be forgotten the color they add to your decoration. When choosing curtains for your home, your first priority should be the decoration style. You should use curtains, which are varied in sports and classic styles, in accordance with your own style. You have many choices to choose from about curtain models. When determining the color of these, you should set out from the furniture and accessory colors you use in your home. If the area where you will use the curtain is decorated with simple tones, the curtain you will use may be better in terms of contrast effect.

Another factor that is as important as the choice of your curtain is the size of the curtain. When determining the dimensions of your curtain, you should base your window shape. Instead of using a curtain that completely covers a half window that stands too high, it would be better to take advantage of not too long curtains in the form of zebra or roller blinds. The same situation is the opposite of long windows. If you have a long window, you should make use of long background curtains, through-length rope curtains or panel curtains. You can find different curtain models and how they are used on the internet. The technical details you will pay attention to when choosing curtains include the following. No matter which part of your house you choose for curtains, the width of this curtain should be 2.5 times your window. You should place it on the top of your curtain cornice so that the area where you use the curtain looks long.

Curtain Design Models

I have said that you have a lot of options for curtain decoration. Let’s take a look at these different options.

  • Zebra Curtain

Zebra curtains are very popular. It is possible to see that zebra curtains are used in many houses. If your decoration style is suitable for using Zebra curtains, you can use this curtain model. Zebra curtains are curtains with a more sporty appearance. Therefore, if you have a house decorated in a classical way, you should stay away from this kind of curtain. Zebra curtains are the most preferred curtains in kitchens and children’s rooms.

  • Roller Blind

Roller blinds, which are mostly used as office curtains, are now used frequently in homes. Roller blinds are also sports-like curtains like zebra curtains. Therefore, you can easily use these curtains in your children’s rooms. Especially if you decorate the roller blinds with digitally printed options with a character that your child loves, you can ensure that your child has a pleasant time in his room as well as a good appearance.

  • Double Breasted Curtain

Double-breasted curtains are one of the curtains that are quite stylish with their appearance. These curtains, which can be shaped thanks to their special mechanisms or placed threads, are especially ideal for living room decorations. Double-breasted curtains, which are among the classical curtains in their appearance, can also be used in modern styles to provide an eclectic look. You can reach detailed ideas for double-breasted curtains through different models.

  • Rustic Curtain

Rustic curtains, which are the essentials of authentic houses, also provide a modern look. Rustic curtains are fabric curtains hung on a cornice in the shape of a metal or wooden bar. Rustic curtains can be the solid color as well as patterned options. Rustic curtains can be used in long or shorter shapes depending on the size of the glass used.

  • String Curtain

If you want to have curtains in the house and get the light coming from the outside as much as possible, you can choose string curtains. String curtains are curtains created by using strips of rows together. Intermittent images of these curtains allow light to enter through them. String curtains are generally among the types that suit long glasses. You can both benefit from the light and provide your privacy, especially if you decorate the sections such as balcony doors with rope curtains.

  • Blind Curtain

Blind curtains, which are mostly used in offices, started to be tested in homes. Blind curtains with their own mechanisms have varieties in the form of wood and metal. Although the cleaning and price of the blinds curtains create a question mark on the minds, they add a difference to the environment they enter with their appearance. They do not have a structure that traps the smell and makes blinds curtains attractive for kitchens. You can get help with suggestions on using blinds curtains on the internet.

  • Folded Curtain

Folded curtain, as the name suggests, is a type of curtain that can be folded. If you are going to use folded curtains, you should choose your curtain fabric in accordance with your decoration style. This type of curtain, in which horizontal laths placed inside the curtain fabric are folded over each other, are in a structure that can adapt to many decoration styles.

  • Japanese Curtain

Japanese curtain, also known as panel curtain, is one of the curtains that have attracted the attention of many people recently. Japanese curtains, stretching in the form of a vertical and flat panel, have a solid color and patterned options. The light tones you choose for French balconies, where Japanese curtains suit best, add refreshment to your environment. The important point you will pay attention to the use of Japanese curtains is that there is no cornice in your home. Since the mechanism of Japanese curtains is placed very deep in the wall, if the papier-mache is made, it becomes difficult to install the mechanism.

  • Italian Curtain

Italian curtains are the curtains that center without closing the window completely. These curtains, which are generally decorated with tassels and fringes, give a stylish look to the environment in which they are used. The Italian curtains, which are widely used in the halls, can be used as with or without a mechanism.

  • Backdrop Curtain

When it comes to the curtain, the backdrop curtains found in many houses should also be mentioned. Backdrop curtains are more preferred because they give a decorative difference to the environment rather than being used functionally. Curtains on the tulle, in the form of two wings, can be used in different colors and patterns. When choosing a backdrop curtain, you should choose a product that will suit the color of the furniture you use.

Curtain Design Ideas

Curtains are the number one modifier for our furniture. Since the curtains are hung in front of all the windows and glass doors in our homes, they cover a very large area, so when a person enters a room, they are the first decoration elements that stand out. There are dozens of different types of curtains for different tastes and different decoration types, both in terms of color and pattern, and in terms of material and shape. Different types of curtains are used with various decoration styles from pleated classical curtain models to folding types such as blinds, roller blinds, and Japanese curtains. In the following paragraphs, I will examine the curtain ideas that have different decoration styles and express different tastes.

  • A Classic: Tulle Curtain and Thick Curtain Duo

Curtain sets not only provide privacy for your home but also make the house look decorative and stylish. A properly selected, beautiful curtain can change the air of your room, making your room look gorgeous. When you use the right curtain, the furniture and decorative products in your room come to the fore. In the choice of curtain, the color of the curtain is as important as the model. When choosing a color for your curtains, you can use a tone similar to your furniture or from a range of contrast colors.

  • Curtains Matching Furniture

Another option is to use the exact same tone of the color you use in the furniture on the curtains. However, this is a risky decoration choice and a bad result can be obtained, as it is not in the hands of a professional such as interior designer or decorator. For example, white furniture with light blue dining chair upholstery and light blue curtains is a perfect example.

  • The Curtain of the Same Color as the Wall

In order to make the space look spacious and wider, curtains with the same color and no pattern should be preferred. This appearance draws attention not to the curtains, but to the other decoration of the house. This kind of curtain design is perhaps one of the most preferred types, especially in modern styles. The aim is to provide the integrity of the space and the privacy of the interior rather than using the curtain as a decorative element.

  • Flashy, Romantic Curtains

Balloon folded curtains are ideal for giving a romantic atmosphere to the spaces. They can be used in decorations in classic or eclectic style and can be combined with classic thick curtains.

  • Roller Blinds

Whether plain, zebra-patterned or flowered, roller blinds are also one of the trendy curtain styles with their ease of use and simple looks.

  • Details

When it comes to curtain design, the curtain itself should not be considered. This is a highly developed and detailed industry. It contains many elements from the hanging style of the curtains to the way they are assembled, and each element appears as a decorative accessory on its own. There are models for every taste and every budget, from dozens of rust to dozens of curtain collection apparatus.

  • Folded Curtains

The folded curtains work with the chain control with the rollers on them. Folded curtains, which can also be made with thick fabrics, offer a unique elegance when made with fine tulle. It looks much more elegant when applied with patterned tulles, usually in the form of lines or columns. Pleated folding, which is bar-free as well as bar-folding, also looks very aesthetically pleasing. Folded curtains stand out with their modern and decorative style. They can be applied to many fabrics, including organza, silk, tulle, taffeta, and linen.

  • Bold Pattern Curtains

The people are generally conservative in the selection of curtain fabric. Even if dark colors are occasionally fashionable and preferred, light tonnes without colors are generally in vogue. Of course, the main reason for this is that our rooms are small and our ceilings are low, so the choices we made under these conditions are quite correct. However, if you have a large room and your furniture and carpets are not patterned, you can turn to use different colors and patterns on the curtain. But beware! When choosing curtain fabric, make sure that it is compatible with the upholstery in your home.

Modern Double Breasted Curtain Designs

Double-breasted curtain designs have been prepared with the thought that princes and princesses will live in the room in which they are used, or at least leave such a feeling. These magnificent curtains prepared from thick and generally velvet curtains change the air texture and even light of the rooms. Even the designs of these double-breasted curtains that have been used since ancient times have changed over time. These curtains, which are not very useful due to their extremely heavy structure and air, have also become more simple, softer transitions under the name of modern double-breasted curtain designs. Modern double-breasted curtains of modern times are produced from linen and similar light fabrics instead of velvet fabrics. Likewise, fine-textured curtain organizers are used in thin fabrics.

Modern double-breasted curtain designs are generally designed in lighter shades. Apart from being light, there are also sports patterned ones. Curtains of old times consisted of plain designs without patterns. Nowadays, small floral designs are among the most preferred patterns. So, for which rooms and hanged decorations are double-breasted curtain designs suitable? Double-breasted curtain designs can be used in all room decorations. If you have a suitable window, you can use these curtains even in your bathrooms.

The delicate curtains of modern times are not as thick and heavy as before. That’s why you don’t really need a very heavy and classic decoration to use these curtains. It is only necessary to pay attention to color harmony. Of course, it would not be appropriate to use double-breasted curtains in decorating a very sports living room. No matter how its style changes, double-breasted curtains still remain more classic than many other curtains. Modern double-breasted curtain designs are divided into two types within themselves, the first one is long and reaches to the ground, the second one is shorter. Especially short ones are used as kitchen curtains. If your windows are too high from the ground and it is small, you can use this kind of curtain if the space is also small.

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