Are You Confused About Curtain and Drapes: Are They the Same or Not?

At first sight, it might be difficult to differentiate the curtain and drapes. However, curtains are most known as the fabric panels mostly sold in pairs in a variety of widths, lengths, fabrics, colors, as well as patterns while drapes are more famous for being lined with fabric heavy and more formal look. You will differentiate after reading this with the similarities and differences between both. Also, you will find some tips to hang your curtain and drapes.


The fabric panels mostly sold in pairs are known as curtains in a variety of widths, lengths, fabrics, colors, as well as patterns. By having that many alternatives, curtains are very helpful to create a versatile and modern atmosphere in your living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

There are many types of curtains such as short and sheer curtains. They are so successful when it comes to covering only the bottom half of a window. That is why it is generally used for a kitchen sink. It creates a good decoration if it is matched to a valance across your window’s top.

You can also see some sources is as cafe curtains. At the same time, it can be used for bedroom and living room and they can be listed as blind and shade types. They help you to give some privacy since it is made of lightweight, and sheer fabrics that unlined. The feature of filtering out some light will help you to have a good night’s sleep when you feel so tired after a busy day.

When it comes to installing, you can hang your curtains from its rod. It is possible to hide your curtains and plain it but of course, it depends on how the curtains are hung. When you search about it you will find other options on how to hang your curtains such as metal grommets, metal rings, fabric rings, as well as a fabric sleeve on the top and the back of the curtain panels.

Do You Know How to Hang Your Curtains?

There are many things you need to mind when it comes to hanging your curtains. to begin with, you should mind the window treatment high if you want a good looking and attractive decoration in your home.

Furthermore, if you want to add a pole or valance, you should think of the distance which must be around 4-12 inches.

If you apply this rule and avoid making unnecessary holes in your walls, believe me, you will create a perfect decoration. Also, it is possible to create some illusion for the ones with a low window ceiling.

In order to make this type look taller, you should hang the pole at least twelve inches above your window frame. Sometimes it is also possible to combine the two window treatments adds so that you can have the panels to be hung high without a large space of blank wall and low ceiling.         

After that, you should know the importance of extending your curtain rod as placing beyond your window width.

It is needed so that you can create an illusion like your windows look larger, and therefore more sunlight enters your room easily. Secondly, you can prevent shadows on the sides of your window if you have glass, not a cramped curtain.

Do You Know How to Clean Your Curtain?

In terms of the material of your curtain, you should apply some different ways of cleaning, Here I give you some examples from some certain materials. However, in general, it is always better to start from seasonal cleaning before the maintenance cleaning of your curtain.

For instance, if the material of your curtain is garment fabric, the first thing you need to do is to remove all hardware and then you can shake it if you have enough and suitable place outside. Subsequently, you should wash two panels of your curtain at the same time but be careful since it must be on the delicate cycle with the cold setting. 

Otherwise, you might give damage to the texture of your curtains, which is quite an unpleasant outcome. After that, it is time to dry on a low heat setting but you should remove it as soon as possible from the dryer so that you can prevent the risk of wrinkles and rehang.

What about lace curtains which are also known as sheer fabric type. They are famous for being lightweight fabric so it makes you face the high possibility of facing wrinkling and snagging. It is valid especially when you put them as wet.

That is what it is always suggested to have hand wash for this type of curtains in a sink filled with cold water. Needless to say, you also need to add one teaspoon liquid dish detergent.

The rules you should follow can be listed as such; the first thing to do is to shake outdoors so that you can dislodge dust and pet hair if you have. After that, you need to wash one panel at the same time. It is also possible to sink it in the soapy water. You can keep doing this for 10 minutes. Only after that, you can start swirling in order to loosen debris.

The last step is to refill the sink with cold water and swirl the panel again and again otherwise you would fail in terms of removing soap residue. It will damage your and your children’s health because of the chemical ingredients.

I just want to remind you that if you want to restore a crisp feel for his type of curtain, you need to dissolve 1 cup of salt in a sink full of your cold water. After waiting for a long time, you can drain, and gently press out any water. Here you should be very careful not to rinse your curtains. It is a very critic point to mind for yours.

Lastly, acrylic bead curtains in my list to clean. If you ever see one of them, you might realize that they have brave patterns but unfortunately, it is problematic when it comes to washing. It is always better to wash this type of curtain in place.

The first step you should follow is to hang a bedsheet behind your curtain with clothespins. After that, you can lay some towels on the floor and start to fill a spray bottle with 2 cups of warm water and 2-3 drops of liquid dish detergent.

It will help you with perfect cleaning. After that, it is time to wipe them clean with a damp white cotton washcloth, and then you can let dry and remove the bed sheet backdrop at the end. All are sensitive points but it will be worth it.


Drapes are different than curtains in terms of its fabric panels. Just like curtains, you can also find curtains which are mostly sold in pairs. The thing you should know as the main difference between curtains and drapes is that while drapes are famous for being lined with fabric heavy. In other words, drapes are okay in order to block out all outside light so that you can easily use them for your bedroom window options.

When they reach from the top of the window to the floor, you will also become more satisfied, which puddles a bit beneath your living room window.

You might hesitate when you realize that they are heavy, you should remind yourself that drapes fabric has kind of materials such as luxury ones like velvet, damask, as well as silk.

You can find many options for drapes in a range of styles and colors in order to decorate your lovely windows. If you are looking for heavily patterned options, drapes are not the good alternatives but if you are looking for solid patterns, it is the correct address.

Apart from that, the panel part can be found as pleated along with the heavy fabric and the formal appearance. In terms of installing drapes, you can hang them from a rod on rings, hooks, grommets as well as a fabric sleeve at the top and on the back of the panel.

Do You Know How to Hang Your Drapes?

There are many things you need you to need to know about hanging drapes. For example, do you know where you need to put your curtain rod since it totally depends on your window selection like your window style, your window covering style, and lastly the height of the ceiling?

By doing this, you should also mind curtain rod replacement with its height. In order to place your rods, the things you should take into consideration include the cathedral ceilings.

For instance, it is needed to leave around 4-6 inches above your window trim. Or alternatively, you can hang your standard drapes on either side of your window. It is better to have 12 inches between the window trim and ceiling. 

What about the illusion of your drapes height. It is just easy if you mount the drapery rods close to the ceiling to create some illusion if your ceilings are low. There are also some other tricks to provide this for low ceilings, and therefore you can search for the details.

However, not everyone has a low ceiling but wider windows. To fix this condition, you need to be very sure about the fact that your curtain rod extends at least four inches on each side of your window frame.

Do You Know How to Clean Your Drapes?

When it comes to cleaning drapers, the tools you need can be listed as a handheld vacuum, step stool, garment steamer or steam iron depending on your preference, a washer, and a dryer. Yet, the list is not limited to them.

You can also use some soft brushes, foam upholstery cleaner, a clean sponge, as well as old cloth. If your purpose is to rescue your valances, you should know that the first drapes are just simple in order to take to the dry cleaner so you can use them for daily cleaning. Even your small children can do it for you.

If the time is more like valances and swags, they might tend to mount on boards as some dust magnets. It is still okay but you just need to be more careful. You can have a handheld vacuum and a step stool to do it easily. All you need to do it to climb up and start by sucking dust from the flat.

Subsequently, you need to hold the fabric taut with one hand, and o get into the folds and pleats at the same time. You can also revive it with a handheld garment steamer according to your specific condition.

When you need to clear the sheers, first of all, you should know that there are some types of time. The material they made can be nylon, polyester, as well as cotton. In other words, these materials are the ones that you can wash in your machine. Is it not just easy? You can have a machine wash and dry it in your machine as well.

You need to set it as low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes until dry to the touch. After that, you should remove them promptly and when it comes to rehanging time, luckily you do not need to have them ironed.

Last, of all, it is time to spot clean shades, you need to know that they are mostly nonwashable fabric shades, so you need to apply a dusting. You can vacuum them and use a lint roller for smooth shades. If you have a soft brush, it is also okay to use it.

For those with crowded families and children, they must face many stains and fingerprints problems. I know well that it is very annoying but as a solution to clean you can mix a squirt of mild dishwashing liquid into a cup of warm water and then foam into the stain.

The Differences Between Curtains and Drapes

There are some conditions when you need to choose a curtain or drapes. In this section, I have listed one by one of these conditions. To begin with, if you want to make a formal, dramatic statement and to block out light and noise, you should hang a drape for your room. Curtains might not be a good choice at all.

However, when it comes to funny options creating a light space and looking for a sheer option, and it is a curtain. Apart from that, when you need versatile, and washable window treatments standing up to your pets like your cats and dogs, and at the same time, if you want to adjust your windows throughout the day that can easily open and close, I definitely suggest you use curtains in your daily life.

Apart from that, while drapes are most famous for being more formal and so-called boring window covering we see curtains as more colorful forms and suitable for more daily use in a sincere atmosphere.

In fact, curtains are used generally for offices, dormitory rooms, restaurants, and homes, and drapes are more likely made of heavier fabric for more formal places. Lastly, for those with a limited budget and financial concerns, curtains are also good options. when Only if your main purpose is to invest in window treatments that will last a lifetime, then you can prefer drapes.

The Similarities Between Curtains and Drapes

In addition to differences between curtains and drapes, they have some similarities for sure. First of all, you have a variety of styles, patterns, and colors for both of them as I mentioned above. Needless to say, both have the function of being opened and being closed in front of your window.

Second of all, you can cover them in different lengths and widths so you can design your windows according to your taste by matching them with your pieces of furniture. The top construction alternatives can be listed as pinch pleats, back tabs, tie top, as well as some types of window coverings.

Alternatively, you can decorate your curtain or drapes with some accessories such as some decorative ties. Actually, it is not only for decoration but it will give you a great opportunity to enter the sunlight inside your room. Hence you will provide from more sunshine for your health and your budget.

Curtain and Drape Suggestions From the Amazon Website

Here are some curtain and drapes suggestions for you from the amazon website. You should visit the link for more information to decide the best alternative to decorate your lovely windows.

Sometimes people can not understand how it looks like from the picture so I strongly suggest you visit the curtain store itself it you have an opportunity to go and near to your home. The sellers there might give you some new and different ideas as well to decorate your windows.

  • Simple Valance Curtain Polyester Clean

Here are a short curtain alternative uses for the kitchen, and it is called at the same time as the cafe curtain type. This product named Snapshots Clean & Simple Valance Curtain is made of 20% linen and 80% polyester. It measures 58″ weight and 14″ length together with 1.5″ rod pocket.

If you are a fan of a neutral color option, this product suits you very well. You can gently wash this product by using only non-Chlorine bleach Only. You should be very careful when pressing with low iron. 

It has just a reasonable price which you can afford for perfect home decoration. The price of Snapshots Clean & Simple Valance Curtain product is $16.99.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details:

  • Window Curtains Tier

The second suggestion from me is again for a kitchen with a super attractive pattern you will love. It is designed perfectly for the kitchen with fruit details. The fruit design will make your kitchen design more attractive.

When it comes to cleaning and caring, you should not worry about it. You can wash it with your machine and cold water gently. You should be careful if you use bleach normally since it is forbidden for this product. 

Do you know how to care for it to use for a long time? You can iron it warmly if you want. Lastly, you should know that tiers, swags, and valances all sold separately, and therefore you should arrange your budget and plan accordingly.

It has just a reasonable price which you can afford for perfect home decoration. The price of Strawberries Tier Window Curtains product is $13.89.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details:

  • Jacquard Floral Curtains Soft Patterned Window Drapes

Here is a drape suggestion for you. This product made of 100% polyester is in the category of Deconovo curtain drapes which is very successful in terms of resisting to wear. Hence, if you have this kind of problem because of your children, your pets, or some infrastructure problem of your home, you might think of having one.

In addition to that, this certain type is designed with high-quality fabric. If you hesitate about caring for it, you should know that it is possible to instantly change from a plain to a spectacular room.

You can do it when adding the lush set of curtains, which will create your home an attractive and lively appearance. I am sure you will feel more comfortable and fascinated by this curtain pattern. At the same time, this curtain product is okay for those who are looking for some privacy since it arranges the level of sunlight getting into your room. 

You can use it on your wall and frame your living room, bedroom, as well as your office window. It has just a reasonable price that you can afford for perfect home decoration, which is $24.99. 

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details:

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