Can Curtain Rods Be Hung From the Ceiling?

Yes, it is possible to hang curtain rods from the ceiling. However, while the assignment of hanging curtains is basic, concluding how to hang them takes some idea. Blinds can be hung at different statures, for example, from the roof or over the window, to accomplish various impacts. The best stature at which to hang your blinds relies upon the style of window, window covering, and the tallness of the roof in the room.

The Factors You Should Pay Attention to Hang Curtain Rods From the Ceiling

Window Style

If your window style doesn’t go with the stylistic layout of your space, or you simply think that its unappealing, draping your shades at the head of the divider is one approach to viably hide them. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you have elaborate trim around your windows, hanging the bar higher spreads this trim except if you leave your blinds open, and you lose what could be a focal point and surface in your room’s stylistic layout. Elaborate or enriching windows ought to be flaunted, so balance the curtains inside the window outline utilizing a strain pole or inside mount to flaunt the building highlights of the window.

Roof Height

Roof tallness assumes a significant job in how high you should hang your window ornaments. In a stay with standard roof statures of around 8 feet, either strategy for hanging can work. The regular tallness for balancing curtain on a window that has more than 12 creeps of room between the head of the window and the roof is around 4 to 6 crawls over the window trim. If there isn’t at any rate 12 crawls of room, draping the blinds at window level may feature the restricted space. Balancing the shades at the head of the divider shrouds the trim, and can outwardly elevate the divider. Basilica roofs or roofs higher than 8 to 10 feet are other issues. It is regularly best to utilize the 4 to 6 creeps over the window trim principle here except if the windows stretch near the high roofs. If there is little space between the trim and the roof, at that point balance the window ornaments from the roof.

Enhanced Visualizations

Balancing your blinds at the roof level boosts the light that radiates through your window and it causes the space to feel bigger because the dividers look taller. This functions admirably in a little space, however may not be ideal in a room that is now excessively enormous. Putting the blind simply over the window trim permits you to utilize a shorter drape or to permit the texture to pool at the floor, which can make an engaging impact. To do this with roof-mounted drapes would require longer blinds than you’re probably going to discover at a store. Draping the curtains at roof stature, then again, can be a valuable method for offsetting a stay with windows of various statures or sizes.


On the off chance that hanging at roof tallness, you’ll need sufficient space between the roof and the sections to permit you to slip the pole into place. On the off chance that your curtains have an enlivening edge, where the material is marginally higher than the bar, take care not to join the bar straight facing the roof. Abstain from collapsing the material and making it look like it’s packed set up. Measure your window cautiously before choosing your curtains. Regardless of where the blinds are swung from, the stitch of the drape should fall past the base of the window outline. A blind hung at window level just needs to pass this point by a few inches, while a drape mounted at the roof looks additionally engaging on the off chance that it is sufficiently long to arrive at the floor.

Hanging Curtain Rods from the Ceiling

• TIME REQUIRED: 2-4 hours

• DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

Individuals for the most part anticipate that curtains should balance simply over the highest points of windows. Yet, did you realize you can balance curtains from the roof? As it were. If you have a higher roof, or regardless of whether you simply need to include a little intrigue or tallness to your space, think about draping curtains from the roof; or, all the more explicitly, hang shades sufficiently high that you radiate the dream of balancing window ornaments from the roof. In this guide, we will tell you the best way to drape blinds from the roof utilizing snares, and how to hang shades so they cause your space to seem taller.


  • Electric Screwdrivers
  • Force Drills
  • Drywall Screws
  • Wood Screws
  • Style Screws
  • Empty and Drywall Anchors
  • Stonework and Concrete Anchors
  • Tying Anchors

How to Hang Curtain Rods

Measure Your Ceiling

The initial step to balancing blinds from the roof is estimating how high your roof is, at that point choosing how high you need your shades to hang. Roof stature will decide how high you can hang your window ornaments, and how balancing blinds from specific statures will make various searches inside your space. On the off chance that you hang your blind sufficiently high that it covers the window trim, you’ll make the fantasy of a more drawn out divider. If you have a shorter roof, it’s suggested you essentially hang your shade legitimately onto the roof to abstain from making your space look excessively short.

Imprint Your Ceiling

When you’ve allotted the stature of your floor to your roof, add 1 or 2 creeps to your drapery length on the off chance that you need your blinds to contact the floor when hung. On the off chance that you rather the closures of your drapes rest just underneath your window or just before the floor, try to gauge your window and divider length with care. Doing this will guarantee you get the correct length drape boards.

Utilizing a pencil, mark the regions on your divider or roof where you intend to introduce your blind bar sections or roof snares. Ensure your imprints are balanced and dispersed such that will uphold your drape pole. Additionally be certain your pole, when introduced, isn’t squeezed facing the roof. Adequate space between the pole and the roof ensures you’ll have the option to drape your shades with no issues.

Introducing Curtain Rods

Hanging a drapery bar from the roof doesn’t need to be hard. In case you’re introducing roof window ornament bars, you’ll need a force drill.

• Use the force drill to introduce grapples. Grapples are significant for heavier bars, as they will be utilized to keep the sections set up.

• Next, connect the roof shade bar sections utilizing screws and a force drill.

• Once this is finished, slide the drape you’ve picked onto the shaded bar.

• When the drape is on the pole, place the bar on the mounting sections and fix the section tightens to bolt the pole place.

• If you’re utilizing a shade with curtain snares, essentially slide the snares onto the bar at that point lock the drapery set up.

Introducing Curtain Hooks

If you intend to utilize cement snares hung legitimately from the roof to hang your drapes, it is significant you introduce these snares on a roof with no surface. If you have a popcorn roof, scratch away the surface before introducing the roof snares.

• To start, clean the regions where you intend to stick your snares, at that point let dry.

• Once dry, eliminate the glue backing the press the snares onto the roof where you’ve made markings.

• Place the poles onto the snares. Review your work, ensuring everything looks how you need it.

• Pick up the bars and spot the curtains onto the shade bars, either sliding them onto the bars or clicking them set up.

• Place your bars back onto the snares and you have roof curtains.

Try Not to Go Too Narrow

Select a shaded pole that is more extensive than the width of your window. This will permit sufficient space for the boards to hold tight either side of your window and will drive the boards to cover the window consistently. It likewise fools your eye into speculation the window is a lot bigger than it is. The dependable guideline is to go 8″-12″ more extensive than your window.

Use Enough Fabric

You need your blinds to feel full, not meager. If you plan to close your drapes every so often, the curtains ought to be generally somewhere in the range of two and 2.5 occasions the width of the genuine window.

Pick drapery texture that suits both the state of mind of the room and its capacity. Lighter mixes feel easygoing and channel light, while denser textures feel more formal and give more protection. Take a stab at something like hefty velvet for drafty windows, or cloth for a breezier vibe throughout the mid-year.

Hang High

The higher the shaded pole, the taller the window will show up, so fix your drape bar nearer to the roof than the head of your window, on the off chance that you can. One general guideline is that they ought to sit 4-6 creeps over the window outline.

Try Not to Go Too Short

Except if you are utilizing bistro-style drapes, the texture should tumble to the floor. These are the highwater jeans of drapes and not a decent look. A bit of puddling (as observed here in different shots) can be pleasant on the off chance that you need a sentimental vibe, in any case, on the off chance that you would prefer not to stress over them hauling and getting grimy, at that point stop the texture not long before they hit the floor — a little under an inch is acceptable.

Use a Template

A basic layout guarantees you hang the drapery bar at a similar stature for each window, and that your poles won’t be abnormal. The one above was made utilizing several bits of cardboard and spared time, in any case, spent estimating from the side of the windows. (Utilize a level as well, particularly on the off chance that you live in an old house with not exactly immaculate dividers).

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