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A bedroom is the place of your house which serves many functions to you. You can sleep, study, relax or just have fun in your bedroom. So this place is a very important part of your life. Think that you sleep nearly 10 hours a day, and this shows that you nearly spend half of your day in the bedroom. And when you add the dressing, studying, and getting ready time, it makes more than that. If a room is that important to us, then its interior design must be suitable and even. The most significant part of an interior design is the choice of curtains. Choosing the best kind of curtain might be really difficult for a bedroom. But we are here to help you.

The major functions of bedroom curtains are to keep your room warm by blocking out light and, of course, to give the privacy you need. Furthermore, the most appropriate match for a bedroom will be thicker, lined drapes that will minimize any sunlight leakage. That’s not to say you can’t go with a lighter linen curtain, but you’ll definitely need a blind or a thicker curtain to hang beneath. And when it comes to fabric, the most chosen one is cotton. But you can choose polyester, too. Because polyester is easier to clean and more affordable. By the way, colors that are relaxing and tranquil are an excellent choice for a bedroom. But choosing the curtain color can change according to your wants and needs. You should also consider the length of the curtains. It can change according to your window size and window shape, but the most common usage is longer curtains. Because the longer the curtain, the more insulation you will get. And the last important thing is buying a curtain rod that is suitable and sturdy and matches the bedroom curtains.

Therefore, according to those needs, we will cover anything you need to learn about the best curtains for your bedroom in this post: which type of curtain is more suitable for a bedroom, what type of fabric is good for a bedroom curtain, which color to choose, what should the length be, how to choose the curtain rod and some curtain ideas from Amazon just for you. So if you want a stylish and functional bedroom by changing or hanging curtains, you are in the right place. Now, let’s examine what you need one by one.

Privacy, insulation, and light management

Before talking about technical things, we need to mention how important privacy and insulation are. The first thing to think about is your privacy. You should purchase the curtain based on this need. You will never want to get disturbed in your room. Especially if we think that you spend your night times by sleeping in your bedroom, the curtains will be very important and effective. Curtains can even give you security.

Following that, you should think about the insulation. Curtains can assist to keep the cold and noise out. If you live in a noisy or chilly environment, you might consider utilizing curtains to help with insulation. This choice will assist you in selecting textiles or fabrics for your bedroom curtains. If you live in an extremely cold location, velvet is a good option, or you may get blackout or thermal curtains.

And when it comes to light management, consider thicker materials in darker hues for bedroom drapes to keep as much light out as possible so you can sleep better or choose a sheer curtain that will soften the light and prevent glares off your screens while still allowing you to enjoy natural light. For sheer curtains or tulles, we recommend you to use another layer under them which is thicker than the sheer curtains.

Which type of curtain is more suitable for a bedroom?

When choosing the best type of curtain for your bedroom, it is important to consider your needs. For a bedroom, you can choose a pencil pleat curtain, eyelet curtain, rod pocket curtain, blackout curtain, or sheer curtain.

Pencil pleat curtains are timeless. They can match your room very easily. They are just warm, cozy, and vintage. But if your bedroom is too modern you may see pencil pleated curtains a little bit old-fashioned. 

On the other hand, when it comes to eyelet curtains, they will add a beautiful modern look to your bedroom. They are also thicker than the other types. So they can provide the privacy and insulation you need for your bedroom. This is the most common type of curtain chosen for bedrooms.

Another option is rod pocket curtains. Since rod pocket curtains are often made of lightweight fabric, you may want to add a second layer to provide additional sun protection. Drawing these curtains is difficult. Because the pocket fits over the rod. Because of that reason, they’re best used in guest bedrooms. But they are also great for the children’s bedrooms. If you are interested in sewing your own curtain, then, this is the best style you can sew very easily.

And when it comes to the pleated curtains, they are classic-style curtains. Some may think them old-fashioned, but if you are able to use them in a suitable room and area, they can make your home warmer and even stylish. They are made of thicker fabrics. They are suitable for guest rooms and bedrooms.

There are also blackout curtains or thermal curtains. They are great to keep the room warm and great for insulation. They are one of the thickest curtains in the industry. If you are living in a very cold area you can opt for blackout curtains for your bedroom. But the problem is that blackout curtains will block out the light. So you won’t be able to enjoy the sunlight in the morning without opening it. Nevertheless, there is a solution to that problem. You can add a sheer curtain. By doing that, you will have a layered window treatment. You can open the blackout curtains whenever you want. The sheer curtain will allow you to have limited privacy in the morning if you need it.

And the last suitable curtain type is sheer curtains or tulles. Sheer curtains are lighter and thinner than the other types. So it won’t help you in the sense of privacy and insulation. But, if your bedroom is too small, sheer curtains can create an illusion that can make your room seem bigger and fresher. Nevertheless, we recommend you add another curtain that is thicker than the tulle under the sheer curtain. This solution will give you what you need. This thicker curtain can either be a pencil pleat curtain or an eyelet curtain.

What type of fabric is good for a bedroom curtain?

When it comes to choosing the best type of fabric for a bedroom, the most chosen one is cotton. But cotton is hard to clean and hard to handle sometimes. So you can choose polyester instead of cotton. Because polyester is easier to clean and more affordable. Most of the eyelet curtains are made of polyester in this industry. That means you can find the best curtain very easily.

But there is another fabric type that can be great for a bedroom which is velvet. This thick, heavy material is the most popular choice for insulation. They also lend a sense of grandeur and elegance. One of its disadvantages is that it collects more dust than other materials. But it is definitely one of the best fabric types for bedroom curtains.

There are also silk curtains. Silk curtains have a soft look and give any space a sweet and magical feel. They are extremely hardy and remarkably long-lasting. They are great matches for a bedroom.

Which color to choose?

The color and pattern of your curtain should match your bedroom’s design and decor precisely. But most importantly you should think about the room. Do you want the curtains to be the main attraction in the room or just a backdrop? This question is very important. According to your answer, you will choose the color and pattern, and this will change the whole atmosphere in the room. So let’s look at these two situations one by one.

If you want the curtains to be the main attraction in your bedroom, you should choose a curtain that contrasts sharply with the nearby walls. Creating contrast is the best way to achieve this. For example, if your bedroom walls are white, then you can opt black curtains. Or if your bedroom is full of dark colors, you can choose a light-colored curtain. You can also choose very vivid colors for the curtains such as yellow, red, and green. If those types of colors are not available in any other furniture in your bedroom, then your vivid curtains will be the first thing to realize. Another way is to choose a patterned curtain. If everything in your bedroom is too plain, you can opt for a very chic patterned curtain, and this will make the curtains the main attraction.

On the other hand, if you want your curtains to be a mere backdrop, you can choose nearly the same colors with the bedroom furniture. For example, if your bedroom is full of white, gray, and black colors, your curtains can be white, gray, or black, or you can opt for a more neutral color such as beige. Choosing earthy tones for your curtain will also help you to have a neutral bedroom. You can also buy a curtain which has the same color as the walls. With the help of that way, your curtains will not disturb the eyes. You can also have a monochromatic bedroom by using different tones of a single color on the combination. That means you can choose a curtain darker or lighter than the wall. For example, if your bedroom walls are blue, then you can choose light blue or darker blue for the curtains.

What should the length be?

Curtains are available in three lengths: 84 inches, 96 inches, and 108 inches. They are also respectively called apron-length curtains, floor-length curtains, and puddle-length curtains. To choose the best length for your bedroom, you should consider the size of the room, the length of the window, and the length of the walls.

84 inches standard curtains are called apron-length curtains. They are shorter than the other ones. Unless your ceilings are really low, you should avoid using 84-inch conventional drapes. It will make your room seem smaller than the actual size. The best part is that apron-length curtains will gather less dirt and dust from the floor.

96 inches standard curtains are called floor-length curtains. Because of the length, you should hang your curtain rod somewhat higher than your window. This attracts the eye upward and makes your ceiling look higher. Floor-length curtains are the most chosen ones.

108 inches standard curtains are called puddle-length curtains. They drape on the floor and add a romantic and casual look to the bedroom. They are great for master bedrooms, very large areas, and tall windows.

How to choose the curtain rod?

A curtain rod, also known as a curtain rail, curtain pole, or traverse rod, is a device that suspends curtains, generally above windows. Rods are very important. Because they will carry your curtain. They must be sturdy and well-attached. Rods should be 6 to 12 inches wider than your window. So your curtains don’t cover any of your views when they are open. Single rods allow you to hang just a curtain or sheer panels. On the other hand, double rods allow you to hang both a curtain and sheer panels. So you should decide on whether you will use a single panel or a double panel.

Match the finish of your hardware to the color of your curtain. A matte finish, for example, will look great with warmer-colored drapes. Use a double rod to hang a set of opaque panels atop transparent panels if you want the effect of layered window coverings. This allows you to be more creative with color and pattern combinations, as well as have greater control over privacy and light. So when choosing your curtain rod, you should consider the measurements and the color that will match the curtains.

What about hiding the hardware window treatments?

We are talking about a smooth and stylish way to hide the sturdy rods and brackets over the window. It is, of course, not a must. But hiding the hardware will make your bedroom look more aesthetic and classic. You can use a valance, swag, or cornice box to achieve this. They will add a beautiful overall look to your bedroom.

The simplest and most informal solution is using a valance. It is a shorter fabric fastened to the curtain rod with clip rings or even a rod pocket can be used to attach it. Valances will add richness and brightness to your bedroom. There are a lot of valances with nice designs and choices in the markets. But be aware that a valance’s design, pattern, and color must be complementary to the curtains.

Swag is a textile that is slung and hung over or around the window rod to give a touch of beauty and a feeling of romance to your bedroom. This is especially great for master bedrooms. It is simple and modern. If I have to reiterate, the color of the swags should match the curtains and bedroom’s interior design. They are made of sheer and light fabrics.

The last one is the cornice box. A cornice box has a box shape. It is actually a valance that is made of wooden and then painted, wallpapered, or covered in textile before being attached to the wall well above the window and over the curtains. This is more resistant than the other two window accessories because of its material. A cornice box is great for classic master bedrooms.

Don’t forget that a valance, swag, or cornice box by themselves cannot provide much privacy, therefore, they need to be combined with other window treatments such as curtains, blinds, shutters, or shades especially in a bedroom. But if you want to use them for another room, you can use just those window accessories to create a more formal atmosphere in the room.

Curtain ideas for bedroom

Now, in this part, we will share some amazing curtains you can buy for your bedroom. All of them are available on Amazon. You may choose the most suitable one among them for you.

  • DANADESK 2 Panels Solid Color Blackout Curtain, Thermal Insulated Window Curtain Panels Darkening Window Treatments Curtain ( Color: Coffee, Size: 138 x 106 in)

You can see it on Amazon.

  • Linen Solid Color Curtain, Sheer Voile Window Window Drapes Semi Sheer Blackout Rod Pocket Drapery Great for Living Room Bedroom Balcony, 1 Curtain Panel – 6 – 84 x 102 in ( W * L )

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  • DANADESK Jacquard Blackout Curtain Hook 2 Panels, European Style Darkening Thermal Insulated Window Treatments Curtain Bedroom ( Color: A, Size: 138 x 106 in)

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  • Exclusive Home Curtains Catarina Layered Solid Blackout and Sheer, Window, Curtain Panel Pair with Grommet Top, 52 x 84, Rose Blush, 2 Count

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  • Lazzzy Linen Curtains Floral Embroidery Window Treatment Set Linen Textured Farmhouse Curtain Light Filtering Drapes for Living Room Bedroom Grommet Top 2 Panels 95 Inch Long Blue on Beige

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  • Window Treatment Curtains Insulated Thermal White Curtains Blackout Back Tab/ Rod- Pocket Room Darkening Curtains, Pure White, Solid Curtains for Living Room, 52″ W x 96″ L inch ( Set of 2 Panels )

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  • 4 Pieces Grey Blackout Curtains & Elegant Rose Floral Lace Sheer Curtains for Bedroom Farmhouse Mix and Match Double Layer Or Single Layer Gray Room Darkening Grommet Window Drapes, 52″ W x 84″ L x 4

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  • Fantasy Staring Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain for Bed Room- Orange Brown Gray Paint Art Graffiti Darkening Blackout Curtain with Grommet, Set of 2 Panels, 52″ x 96″

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  • LORDTEX Mix and Match Curtain – 2 Pieces Moroccan Print Sheer Curtains and 2 Pieces Faux Dupioni Silk Curtains for bedroom Living room Grommet Window Curtains Set of 4 panels (27 x 84 / Panel, Light Grey)

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  • Elrene Home Fashions Athena Faux Crushed-Silk Window Curtain Panel and Valance Set, 52″x84″ (2 Panels) & 1 Valance, Gold

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The Last Words

In this post, we tried to share every information you need when deciding on your bedroom curtains. The first thing you should consider is privacy. You should buy the curtain according to this need. And after that, you should consider the insulation. Curtains can help you to reduce the cold and sound. If you live in a very loud place or a very cold area, you should think about enabling the insulation by using curtains. This decision will help you when choosing the fabrics for your bedroom curtains. For very cold areas you can opt for velvet or maybe you can buy blackout curtains or thermal curtains. The other important thing is the color of the curtains. The color can either match bedroom furniture or create contrast with them. This is all about your want and creativity. And when it comes to the length of the curtains, you should consider the size of the bedroom, the length of the window, and the length of the walls. The most preferred one is the longer curtains. Because they will help you in the sense of insulation and create an illusion as if you have a bigger room. And lastly, when choosing your curtain rod, you should consider the measurements of the window area and the color that will match the curtains. And now, it is high time for you to go and buy your dreamy curtains for your bedroom.

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