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My first encounter with the curtain was when I was a kid and I was taller than my mother. My mother is not very tall. She asked me to replace the washed curtains, as she was not tall enough to do it. This is how I first met with the curtain.

After a while, a curtain shop was opened on the ground floor of the building we live and we met this curtain maker. Then I started helping him in my spare time. Thanks to this, I learned a lot about curtain making from him. The curtain is an area that generally women are interested in. However, the fact that I spent a lot of time with the person who did the curtain job enabled me to get a lot of information. I also had the opportunity to apply what I learned.

It was a very nice feeling to explain this information to women in my mother’s environment. They were also surprised by this situation. Subsequently, I started meeting different people related to curtain making. I exchanged information with people and institutions that made this product on a large scale.

I decided to prepare a website where you can learn all the details about the curtain and share it with you. Enjoy reading.

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