About Good Curtain Guide

The Good Curtain Guide site is our project, which includes hundreds of articles about curtains. You can find a lot of information such as what kind of curtains you need to purchase when buying a house, installation of curtains, color harmony, and accessories.

I am trying to share the information on this site that I have learned over the years. This website exists thanks to my childhood acquaintance with curtains and our curtain-maker neighbor right below our house.  I express my appreciation to him here.

Project Details

Curtains play an important role in home decoration. In this site; there is information about beautifully designed curtains and how to get these curtains. In addition, mounting is a laborious task in itself. I took care to explain a lot of information like this in a way that people who have no knowledge can be comfortable.

I will continue to share all I know with you on this site in order to make your home look beautiful and to keep your energy high at home.